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Dave Clarke describes the advantages of the new Charter Guest App: The all encompassing digital companion for your busy yacht charter season

Welcoming guests aboard your yacht with bulky folders can soon be a thing of the past! Let’s face it: Leather guest folders are beautiful, but they take up prime space in guest cabins and can be ruined in an instant by a hand smeared with sunscreen. Even worse, they become out-of-date the moment a wine goes out of stock, spa service availability changes, or a crew member goes on vacation—which means someone has to reprint the relevant pages and physically change them in each of many folders.

The Charter Guest app is a modern, interactive digital platform that provides guests with everything they need in the palm of their hand. It’s the latest creation from the Superyacht Operating Systems team, who specialise in digital solutions for both crew and guests.

The app offers a comprehensive guide to the yacht, crew, amenities, and services available, as well as a wealth of information about the schedule and places of interest. With it, your guests can access interactive deck plans, cruising schedules, and itineraries that are always up-to-date, without wasting trees, ink, or time.

The Yacht Specifications tab introduces guests to the yacht’s details, build history, and specs. Yacht Information has everything they need to know about communications, Wi-Fi, voltage, toilet systems, smoking, and so on. Dialing In, Dialing Out and Internal Phone Extensions can all be found in one quick reference location.

Charter Guest AppGeneral Arrangement provides an interactive map of the yacht’s layout. Detailed cruising maps with immersive itineraries offer a wealth of information, including automatically calculated distances and cruising times between destinations. The Services & Water Toys tab can entice guests with all you have to offer. All-important Emergency Procedures are readily available for guests to browse and they may be more likely to do it when it’s so accessible.

It’s easy to keep important details saved including rotational crew bios and simply ‘Show’ or ‘Hide’ profiles, services and water toys (like the infamously time-consuming water slide) for different regions or guests.

Update cruising schedule, menus, and phone numbers as often as you like. You can even update the breakfast offerings each morning with a photo of the table setup. Changes are simple and synchronise to all devices with a click. The accent colour can also be changed easily to suit the yacht’s branding or the holiday season, with images that can be turned into hyperlinks, creating a more interactive guest experience.

With the Charter Guest app, you can offer your guests a seamless and stress-free charter experience that is truly second to none. Whether you’re an owner, crew member, or guest, the Charter Guest app is the ultimate digital companion for your yacht charter. Download it today and see the difference it can make. The first month is free for yachts, so you’ve got nothing to lose!

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