Lease it, Love it, Leave it.


Buying and owning helicopters are not decisions taken lightly. Buying the right helicopter for your needs whilst also considering its future use requires careful planning and advice. Helicopters are capable of being multi-sector machines operating across very different markets; Offshore Oil and Gas, Emergency Medical Services, other para public agencies and Corporate VIP.Planning for alternative uses by a new sector user is the smart way to think today when it comes to making acquisition decisions. This foresight also opens up opportunities we as a sector have not had before, that of leasing.

The traditional method of ownership has always been to buy the helicopter outright, use it and then hope to sell it attractively. This method is complicated by the fact that all models of helicopter have differing residual values depending upon the popularity of the type, its configuration and the buoyancy of the market sectors referred to earlier. The VIP sector has traditionally been a challenging resale area and it is not uncommon to sell into a different sector as a result. This leads to an unpredictable residual value and financial insecurity regarding pricing. There is also the potential for the helicopter to remain on the market for an extended period of time, adding unwanted ownership costs.

The ownership experience needs to be positive. I am excited by the prospect of being able to offer helicopters to the luxury VIP sector through a new VIP leasing model; a partnership between the manufacturers, our leasing partner and my operating company, Luviair. For owners seeking flexibility of short-to-medium term ownership to allow them to benefit from developments in safety and technology as well as aesthetics, the leasing route makes perfect sense. The lease period is ideally five years, and at the end of it you have simple choices; give the helicopter back, enter a new lease for the latest and greatest of the same model, trade up to a larger, faster type from the same manufacturer or switch completely to a new manufacturer. The leasing model offers predictable costs throughout the ownership cycle and removes the headache and probable delays associated with selling the asset. You are in control and your financial controller loves you.

Helicopters are complex machines; their management can be divided into administrative, financial and operational parts. Each part requires engagement with an organisation, be it the manufacturer, the registration authority, the financial controller, the operator or the maintenance companies. Collectively, the whole process needs oversight, this is where a management service adds value and peace of mind to the ownership experience. Luviair has been offering this management service to our VIP helicopter owners for many years. We are also your operator specialising in the VIP heli yacht experience.

Helicopters provide comfort, security, safety and fun. They free up that commodity money cannot buy – time, allowing you to spend it with your family, friends or business colleagues whilst your yacht or remote private estate finds a newfound freedom in terms of operational efficiency.

Luviair manages a fleet of twin engine Airbus Helicopters from bases in London, the South of France, the Caribbean and embarked on some of the largest yachts in the world. We look forward to introducing you to our helicopter acquisition and ownership services in the near future.

To learn more about helicopter leasing opportunities contact Nigel Watson at [email protected] or +44 (0)7765 444043.
For Luviair’s management services contact Mairi Lockwood at [email protected] or +44 (0)1624 811365