Chase Boats


There was a time when the small boat that attended to a larger boat, was called a tender. The initial use was to simply ferry owners and guests from the mothership ashore. The tender with need to carry out multiple tasks; take the guests skiing, or drop them and the BBQ gear on to a secluded beach and even assist the crew in bringing provisions on board. However, as the yachts themselves have got larger, so has the storage options for tenders increased. We now see a multitude of specialist tenders on board the mothership from ski boats to laydown the perfect wake, to limo tenders that are fancier than Rolls Royce to pure action boats that allow the boss to let down his hair as he scoots over the waves at an impressive 60knts. As explorer yachts become more de-rigueur, so the need for specialist tenders becomes more apparent. But the chase boat is slightly different in that it is seldom hoisted aboard a mothership.

Traditionally the chase boat was a fast open boat that chased after large sailing yachts competing in regattas. Back then it was quite legitimate to land or take on extra sails or crew to suit the weather and therefore the racing conditions. Today rules prevent such legitimised tactics but the chase boat name has evolved to cover boats that, while too large to be hoisted upon a superyacht, choose instead to chase it to the destination getting there long before it or following up slowly behind it, depending on the owner’s use.

Ironically, it is the smaller superyacht that is embracing the use of the chase boat rather than the larger money no object 100 metre plus yachts. Yachts in the 30 to 60 metre grouping seem to have embraced the concept of the chase boat with great gusto. They realise that if designed well enough the chase boat can act independently of the mothership and still provide a useful function in both guest entertainment and yacht operation scenarios. We know of one Captain who sends his chase boat way ahead of the slower mothership instructing the chase boat crew to bag the best anchorage spot at the destination. As the yacht’s Captain approaches so the chase boat vacates the spots and hovers around until the mother ship is safely at anchor and then it comes along side. Equally, we know of owners who prefer to travel at greater speeds than their yachts can comfortably cruise at. They, and their families, typically board the chase boat and enjoy it as a day boat returning to the mothership each night in much the same way as a family out motoring returns to their roadside hotel. But what this means is that the chase boat needs to cover many functions.

Chase boats work well for single season yachts. Yachts that cross oceans to enjoy a second season can find the cost of shipping the chase boat far outweighs their economic usefulness. And, believe me, you do not want to tow a chase boat across the Atlantic. For the Captain of a single season yacht, it is important to consider whether the yacht crew can handle the additional maintenance and logistics that come with operating a chase boat. Many skippers will hire additional crew just to operate the chase boat, so normal operations on the mothership are not interrupted.

So, let’s look at some of the market leaders in this growing segment of superyacht tenders….. I mean chase boats.

Pardo Yachts entered the market in 2017 with a spectacular nautical proposal. Its motor boats combine the best Italian design with the comfort and know-how of the stature of the Cantiere del Pardo shipyard. Pardo Yachts are timeless elegance, dayboats, weekenders and cruisers to live on board in style and enjoy the sea. If you wish to buy a yacht, they offer a wide selection of Pardo yachts for all types of owners. After the great success of the Pardo 43 and 50, Pardo Yachts presented the Pardo 38. This model completes the walk around range of Cantiere del Pardo. The Pardo 38 is a

synonym for power, elegance, quality and comfort, with endless customisation possibilities. The walk around deck plan ensures safety, easy movement and well-being on board. The T-Top is built in pre-preg carbon technology covering the wheelhouse area with an optional electrical bimini that can cover the dining lounging area at stern. And, keep your eyes open for the soon to be launched Pardo 60.
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Fairline Yachts Design Studio and 2018’s World Yacht Trophies Yacht Designer of the Year winner, Alberto Mancini. It draws on Fairline’s heritage of producing fun and exciting day boats, and is the perfect chase boat. It has been highly praised around the world for its sleek and stylish looks, and its impressive 48 knot performance. The 33 foot (10 metre) express cruiser features a design with one-piece windscreen and innovative pantograph side doors, offering ease of access. Available with either inboard or outboard engines, the award-winning boat is configured with twin Volvo Penta V6-240 petrol

engines, but for even greater performance choose twin Volvo V8-430’s or twin Mercruiser 8.2 litre petrol V8’s. A diesel option utilising twin D3-220s from Volvo is also available.
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Whitmarsh High Performance Ribs design, manufacture and deliver the finest bespoke, luxury superyacht tenders, performance sports RIBs and chase boats. Whitmarsh RIBS we are renowned for considered innovation. They don’t seek novelty for the sake of differentiation. Rather they pursue new proven thinking for the future protection of their advanced design, development and implementation. The ST115 is the new flagship of large superyacht tenders, combining style with function for a perfect partnership. Ideal for use as an individual luxury powerboat, or as a chase boat accompanying

a superyacht. With up to 1200hp, and the confidence of a proven open ocean racing hull, you can travel safely at over 60 knots exploring new destinations. The Whitemarsh models range from 6.25m to 12m including inboard and outboard Solas tenders. The company philosophy is clear, longevity in build and relationships. Deliver on that promise and history becomes the future.
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Saxdor is a revolutionary new brand of premium power yachts designed by Sakari Mattila, original designer and founder of award-winning boat brands Axopar, Paragon and XO. It was his ambition to build a new generation of premium affordable boats with contemporary styling and innovative technology. The Saxdor 200 Sport is a 5.94m outboard powered boat that combines the fun and power of a jet-ski with the safety and comfort of a compact boat. With a starting price from just €22,320, powered by a 100hp Mercury engine, the scooter’s attractive starting price makes it more accessible to new

boaters. Coming shortly is the Saxdor 320 GTO, the first of three models in Saxdor’s 32ft series to have been announced, delivering fast, powerful outboard performance and a refined, economical hull shape. Maximum power with a twin 300hp Mercury option will achieve a top speed of over 50 knots. The starting price based on a single 300hp Mercury V8 outboard is €90,900. Both models are available through Argo Yachting, Saxdor’s distributor for Southern Spain, the Balearics and North Germany.
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The D38CC is the game changer to this exciting range. Forget all your experiences and redefine your expectations! The D38 Centre Console is the new benchmark for cruising, anchoring, fishing, relaxing and everything in between. With surprisingly large interiors including 2 cabins and a head, you will not believe this is a centre console. With a length overall of 10.55m and a good sized beam of 3.6m, the D38CC really does offer you all you need. With speeds of over 50knots and a versatile aft deck, the D38CC really can tick nearly all the boxes for you. Feel the speed, enjoy the stunning performance, choose from

a range of variable layouts and cool down with a splash of champagne at your favourite anchorage.
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Olympic RIBs have been designing and manufacturing RIBs since 1987. With an extensive range of models from 4.3m to 9.5m Olympic RIBs has developed a premium RIBs line in collaboration with MEKY/VELOS design office. The 30SR & the cutting edge BM28 are based on the in house developed offshore racing hull. Always ready to provide thrilling trips whilst never coming short of amenities provided to their passengers. The deck layouts have been carefully designed using advanced ergonomics utilising every part of the deck, which coupled with the vast customisation options create the perfect chase boat.
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The legacy of Chris-Craft can be seen on the water across the globe, in a peerless range of sports-cruisers, day boats, launches and bow riders from 7m to 10.93m. Maintaining the same levels of craftsmanship and quality, this Sarasota based manufacturer remains an industry leader in the production of recreational boats that define agile performance and traditional craftsmanship. With a wide range of custom options these chase tenders bring elegance, speed and comfort in equal portions. Argo Yachting is the appointed distributor for Chris–Craft in the UK and Balearic Islands.
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The Scout 530 LXF S-Class, the luxurious flagship model, is built on the carbon fibre epoxy-infused, double-stepped fuel efficient hull. The Epoxy-infusion process utilising Carbon/E-glass is used throughout the 530 (a process used frequently in the aerospace industry), and provides a Class A finish, with more stability in the hull while reducing the overall weight in the boat. LOA is 53’ 5” and the beam sits at a stable 14’ 8”. The beam is extended to an even wider 17’ 6” when the electronically-actuated dual beach platforms are engaged port and starboard. The 530 LXF is a world class mega centre

console experience. Standard features include a Seakeeper 6 gyro stabiliser; a unique glass helm enclosure with electronically-sliding windows port and starboard; a smartly-designed cockpit island with a forward-facing bench seat, aft facing bar stools that retract and stow away, kitchenette area; an electric sliding sun roof, just to name a few. It showcases premium upgraded ultra-leather upholsteries, timeless styling, sleek aesthetics and a full technology throughout.
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The Scorpion’s class-leading capabilities come from the unique Scorpion hull design that has been proven over 20 years of coastal cruising and ocean passages to deliver a soft, comfortable and safe ride with outstanding performance and fuel efficiency. It’s regarded by many as the best handling boat they have ever experienced. Scorpion’s unrivalled capabilities provide the driest, safest and most stable ride of any RIB in the world. That promise of freedom with safety makes Scorpion the first choice for creating memorable experiences with family and friends or giving your guests the most exhilarating

time of their lives. The three models in the current Scorpion range are differentiated by their overall beam; Serket at 2.75m, Sting at 3.1m and the Silurian at 3.25m, and are available with a range of power options, including inboard, outboard and waterjet. Additionally, the Sting is available with a cabin option as well as open cockpit. The handcrafted models span from 8.8m to 11m in length, but the dedicated facility in Lymington can custom build to an owner’s specifications.
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Ribeye Tenders specialise in Inboard, Outboard and Jet propulsion and their unrivalled build quality and highly engineered ease of maintenance solutions have garnered them a global reputation as the RIB tender specialists. With an extensive portfolio of RIB tenders from 5-12m, Ribeye offer proven hull platforms that can be customised to the exact service requirements of the mothership. Both petrol and diesel options are available for all outboard platforms as well as jet and sterndrive options available on platforms from 6m. Dependent on the tender’s service requirements they broadly

fit into the following categories: rugged explorer yacht specification, utility-based crew tenders, versatile chase boats, luxurious guest tenders, and from 5-8.5m; MED SOLAS Rescue tenders carrying the MED wheel mark. The Beachlander solution is available on all platforms. Ribeye Tenders are in service on some of the most iconic fleets in the world and maintain the highest customer satisfaction levels.
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The Axopar 37 Sun Top with its multi¬purpose characteristics when launched in 2016, immediately proved itself to be a perfect combination of open and enclosed boating. Enjoying a great day in the sun with family, savouring ‘al-fresco’ dining, having a party with friends or for those who love the feeling of running an open boat but still being protected from the weather. The A-37 Sun Top has proved to be the perfect choice, easily justifying its position as a true game-changer. The new 37 ST version, however, with its full-length shaded roof, is loaded with a myriad of innovative functionality and

creature-comforts. The extended roof offers the best shade and weather protection possible; this without compromising on the space and versatility of the walkaround sides and aft-deck area. The optional new roof-rack and multi-storage compartment gives you the possibility to bring and transport all your adventure gear with you.
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