Sealegs amphibious boats


Using patented technology, Sealegs amphibious boats drive on land and with the push of a button, swiftly transform into high performance powerboats

With the world’s largest range of amphibious boats, Sealegs has proven to be market leading and consistently at the forefront of new innovations and development of new models within its range to include craft from 3.8m to 12m, to luxury RIBS and weather toughened aluminum craft with cabins. Since its inception in 2001, innovative technologies including patented hydraulic solutions and ground breaking electric innovation has given Sealegs a pioneering reputation.

All Sealegs are proudly designed and made in New Zealand, having been continually enhanced and refined over the past 15 years. Sealegs designed and developed patented amphibious technology which in turn exposed a new market in both the recreational and commercial marine sectors. With over 1500 Sealegs craft spread throughout more than 55 countries across the globe, Sealegs is the world’s most tested and trusted amphibious system.

Sealegs have the ability to drive on land, and with the push of a button they can be swiftly transformed into uncompromised and high performing powerboats on the water. This means that your Sealegs can be tendered straight to the shore, driven on land and back into the water. While all occupants in the craft remain completely dry and can disembark safely onto dry land.

Owners report up to 4x more use from their boat after switching to Sealegs, and it’s easy to see why. Sealegs remove all the hassle and time involved in launching and retrieving boats. One of the biggest solutions Sealegs solve is the ship-to-shore challenges faced by many boaties. The team here at Sealegs are excited to meet that need which has been so passionately expressed to us by many aspirational amphibians.

Not only are Sealegs the ideal vessel for getting you ashore, for a bit of shopping or a bite to eat but they are also the perfect way to travel and explore surrounding areas. Perhaps there are remote islands, or locations that you want to venture out to but can’t reach by yacht. With Sealegs it is easy, simply jump on your craft and venture out, drive around the beach, and explore. The adventures that await are endless and there are lots of new areas to explore with ease thanks to the amphibious technology of Sealegs.

Sealegs come with a range of features and customisable options, so that your Sealegs is built to meet your personal wants and needs. The acclaimed creator Philippe Starck designed his custom made Sealegs in collaboration with the Sealegs team in order to perfectly fit his needs and use. Starck quoted, “I love that moment, it’s real magic, when you’re on the ground there’s some turmoil, we feel substance, and then we’re in liquid. It’s an extraordinary feeling when you move from one state to the other.”

One of the latest innovations in the Sealegs range is the electric on land drive system. It is undoubtedly the way of the future in amphibious boating and is currently offered on select models across the Sealegs range. The first production units are being delivered to customers in New Zealand, with a plan to be able to offer the electric drive system worldwide by 2024. Powerful, high-torque, hub-mounted, brushless electric motors effortlessly drive the Sealegs Electric amphibious craft out of the water, up beaches and through difficult terrain. The high density 7kWh lithium battery delivers up to 20 return launch and retrieve journeys on land between charges. The Sealegs Electric System allows for 1.5 hours of on-land drive time at 10kph. Providing a near silent amphibious experience, and taking advantage of additional sensors and software, our electric technology provides more power and greater control.

Part of the Sealegs electric range, includes the smallest amphibious tender on the market. The Sealegs 3.8 metre tender, designed to promote amphibious boating in the yacht tender market. At 3.8m in length, 1m in height and weighing less than 450 kilograms, it means the craft can be stowed in most yacht transom garages, lazarettes or on a deck.

Sealegs is the industry leader and gold standard for even the most discerning of superyacht owners, and it’s easy to see why. The high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail, coupled with the unique, go anywhere with “less hassle and more fun” amphibious ability, allows superyacht guests and owners to go from ship to shore and further while remaining safe and dry inside the vessel at all times.

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