CMC Marine

Steady partnerships

CMC Marine ups its game by partnering with industry giants Wärtsilä and Gyro Marine to expand the product offerings

CMC Marine is entering a new era of innovation and excellence in the marine stabilisation sector, positioning itself as the standard-bearer for Italian innovation and excellence worldwide.

The company is the leading supplier of stabilizers for yachts and superyachts ranging from 40 ft. to over 80 metres, with a rich legacy of over 2,500 installations spanning the past 15 years. Renowned for its Stabilis Electra and Waveless STAB electric fin stabilizers, CMC Marine was the first company in the yachting industry to introduce an electrically actuated stabilization system in 2008.

Its mission is to excel in the field of yacht stabilization, implementing the latest technologies to create products that foresee and exceed the market’s demands. CMC Marine is in fact the preferred choice for prestigious shipyards globally thanks to its wide offer of products.

In addition to the Stabilis Electra and Waveless STAB electric fin stabilizers, the product portfolio includes the acclaimed Dualis electric thrusters and Directa, the industry’s first fully electric steering system. As part of a strategy to implement the company’s offering of electric products, CMC Marine recently signed an agreement with leading companies in the industry namely Wärtsilä and Gyro Marine.

Starting from 2022 CMC Marine has been the distributor contact for the technology group Wärtsilä covering its mid-sized waterjet series. The Italian based company is responsible for the sales, distribution, installation, and after-sales service of the Wärtsilä waterjets in Italy, Malta and Monaco. The applications to be served by CMC Marine include commercial high- speed vessels, workboats, fast yachts, and high-speed ferries. All markets where the company is already well established, thanks to a successful range of sophisticated stabilization systems and thrusters.

CMC Marine e Gyro The Wärtsilä high performing waterjets have been designed to meet and exceed the competitive operational levels required today. They ensure optimal efficiency, excellent hydrodynamic performance, less maintenance, and minimal environmental impact. Wärtsilä offers two main waterjet executions: a pre-assembled skid mounted range and a modular jet range.

By integrating Wärtsilä’s axial flow waterjet solutions with CMC’s stabiliser systems, high-speed vessels will benefit from increased operational efficiency, passenger comfort, and excellent sea-keeping capability.

To achieve the maximum compatibility on the pleasure boat and superyacht CMC Marine has also formed a partnership with Gyro Marine, resulting in the inclusion of gyroscopes in the product range and further extending the brand’s offer.

It is a partnership that brings multiple benefits: customers have an even broader, more comprehensive and more customisable range of innovative solutions to meet any need, plus the advantages of both technologies (CMC Marine and Gyro Marine) combined in a single range that delivers the best stabilization both under way and at anchor, as well as the undisputed advantage of only having to talk to one supplier.

With this new partnership, CMC Marine and Gyro Marine are gearing up to redefine the marine stabilization industry, offering cutting-edge technical solutions that will satisfy the needs of top shipyards in world markets as part of a collaboration that will be a standard bearer for Italian innovation and excellence around the world.

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