Custom Carpet Company

Claire Taylor looks at the world of handcrafted luxury carpets and the endless possibility of designs

Custom Carpet Company have over 40 years’ experience in servicing the superyacht industry, offering their luxurious carpets and professional services. Working worldwide, we have built great relationships with our loyal clients, captains, and crew members, alongside yacht designers and naval architects.

Over the past four decades, projects have included yachts from 30m through to 144m in the UK, USA, Europe, Turkey, Middle East, Asia, and Australia, all of which had custom designed carpets. In the same period, we have produced carpets for many locations, including luxury private estates, apartments, villas, hotels, offices, and retail shops. We have also made carpets for private jets and helicopters.

Much has changed in the industry, and therefore we also have adapted to the requirements the industry dictates. Our latest development being the introduction of laser scanning the areas to carpet, rather than traditionally measuring and templating. In times past a yacht could take days to survey accurately, now we can complete the work in a matter of hours. The scanning is accurate to less than 1mm and allows the information to be translated into plans and artwork accurately and quickly for client approval, meaning minimal disruption onboard for the crew during the survey process.

Custom Carpet CompanyOur custom-made carpets are primarily of a handtufted construction, using the finest New Zealand 100% wool. We also manufacture in silks, viscose, tencel, bamboo and linen fibres, plus nylon and acrylic, if required. The flexibility in a handtufted manufacture allows us to design and produce any shape or size, from small rugs to large, fitted carpets in any combination of custom dyed colours and textures. The possibilities are truly endless.

In addition to handtufted construction, we also have a passmachine production that allows us to manufacture custom made to size plain carpet in various 100% wool velvet cut pile and 80/20 wool/nylon qualities. These carpets can then have handtufted designed motifs, panels and borders inset or hand carved into the plain base carpet. We also offer custom designed Wilton and Axminster narrow width and broadloom woven carpets, for those requiring a more traditional décor, again these carpets are custom dyed, and designed to your specification. The narrow width carpets can be handsewn to the room size before shipping to your destination.

Our fitting teams are highly skilled in all aspects of the installation process, which includes our specialised velcro installation system, allowing easy access to hatches and service points onboard. Our fitting team travel internationally to ensure a complete streamlined service from design to supply and installation.

Whether we are assisting you with a refit programme or a new build project, meticulous notes are retained in our archive for future reference, whether it be years or decades ahead.

Through our connections across the globe, we can airfreight or sea freight your new carpets to meet you dockside. Our team will fly out to your destination in preparation of the new carpets’ arrival, ready to work with your crew for a seamless install.

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