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To round off the 2024 Superyacht Technology Show, I had the pleasure of exploring with Len Davì his inspiring journey to create DAVÌ luxury headphones. Read on to learn how his uncompromising quest for excellence brought personal audio to new heights.

Torsten: Len, you have made quite an impression on the yachting industry so far, but for those who have not yet heard about DAVÌ, what do luxury headphones have to do with mega yachts?

Len: It’s a great pleasure speaking with you again, Torsten. DAVÌ was born out of the desire to create extraordinary personal audio products for the most discerning clientele in the world, and that certainly includes mega yacht owners.

Nowadays, headphones are an invaluable addition in virtually any environment. There are the obvious benefits of privacy and isolation – noise- cancelling headphones can create a secluded environment to conduct business or private calls without distractions from environmental noise or external conversations. They also help with concentration and relaxation.

The noise level on mega yachts varies significantly as they navigate different environments, and a set of superior-quality, noise-cancelling headphones will help ensure serenity, comfort and enjoyment for all passengers.

Finally, the headphones will ensure that everyone onboard can engage in different activities, including exercising, working, or watching a movie on the big screen without interrupting others. The headphones easily connect wirelessly to the home theatre system onboard a yacht.

Torsten: Thank you, Len. My next question is why DAVÌ? What makes your brand more suitable for the mega yacht environment than other audio brands?

Len: In short, DAVÌ offers a combination of exclusivity, timelessdesign, superiorperformance, exquisite materials and personalization that the mega yacht owners have come to appreciate and expect. Most everything on a luxury yacht is carefully curated and custom made using only the finest quality materials, and now, with DAVÌ, this can also be true for personal audio. Yacht owners often seek unique, exclusive, custom products that reflect their lifestyle and preferences, and this makes DAVÌ a natural fit.

Torsten: Yes, there is a very high level of customization in the super yacht industry. Does DAVÌ offer any customization?

DAVÌ luxury headphonesLen: Every set of DAVÌ headphones is made to order, and in addition to several DAVÌ Signature design options, the headphones can be custom designed to complement the interior of a luxury yacht, or the aesthetic preferences of the owner. Our designers work with owners, or their interior designers to devise a unique creation for each client, utilizing bespoke, unique and precious materials and finishes to seamlessly integrate the headphones with the opulent surroundings of a yacht.

Torsten: Excellent. What was the inspiration behind creating the brand? What are the origins of DAVÌ?

Len: Throughout my career managing several significant audio brands, I was always limited by price points and timelines, and always wondered “What if there were no constraints?” This led me to envision a brand that transcends the limitations of time, cost, and existing technology to deliver truly extraordinary, multi-sensory experience. I quickly realized that luxury was the only realm that could accommodate and even expect the level of excellence and sophistication I was aiming to achieve.


Torsten: Can you walk us through the process of bringing this amazing vision to life?

Len: Absolutely. True luxury is grounded in uniqueness, innovation and excellence, and demands solutions beyond the existing, and so I began with assembling a team of the world’s best audio engineers, mechanical engineers, and industrial designers. I tasked them with pushing the boundaries of what’s possible – where technology didn’t exist, the team invented it, where existing acoustic solutions fell short, we created new ones. No compromises were allowed. I also collaborated with the world renown Italdesign to translate my vision into a stunning, timeless design that would seamlessly integrate our ground-breaking technology. Today, I am proud to say we have achieved our goal. DAVÌ headphones are not just engineering marvels, but also works of art.

Torsten: Congratulations to you and the team. Could you briefly talk about the audio performance that sets DAVÌ headphones apart?

Len: Certainly. We have several patents pending in the categories of audio, acoustics, and noise cancellation. It is this innovative, proprietary technology that allows us to deliver the never- before-possible audio performance. But it is not just about electronics. Everything about the headphones, including the advanced ergonomics, cutting-edge materials, the design, precision of build and the military-grade noise-cancellation technology that preserves sonic purity – all of it together contributes to the extraordinary and immersive auditory experience.

Torsten: Thanks Len. That’s impressive. Finally, when will the headphones be available to order?

Len: We will begin fulfilling our Signature series orders around July/August of this year. We do expect the first year’s production to be sold out before then, which is why I would like to extend an invitation to your clients and readers to pre-order the DAVÌ headphones ahead of the official launch.

Torsten: Fantastic. Where can people learn more about DAVÌ?

Len: Prior to our official launch, readers can visit our password-protected website, detailed below, to learn more about the product.

Torsten: Thank you, Len. It’s been a pleasure speaking with you.

Len: Thank you. The pleasure was all mine.

For more information and to pre-order DAVÌ headphones,
please contact Qualtron: T: +49 4331 43 79 057
[email protected]
daviaudio.com/preview (Password: exclusive)

DAVÌ luxury headphones