Imagine the thrill of seamlessly gliding across the ocean and inland waterways then effortlessly transitioning from land to water and back again

Twenty one years ago a small New Zealand company had a dream to simplify boating – their answer was the development then subsequent commercialisation of amphibious technology for the marine sector. Over 20 years, and 1700 delivered craft later, Sealegs continue to innovate in this marketplace.

Back in 2004 the first craft comprised of an aluminium hulled rigid inflatable boat (RIB) fitted with a patented amphibious enablement kit – the Sealegs Amphibious Enablement System (AES) – the result being the first commercially available Sealegs amphibious craft.

Today the Sealegs range spans 10 separate models including a range of all-aluminium cabin and centre-console models as well as their ever popular range of alloy-hulled rigid inflatables.

Blurring the lines between land and water, amphibious craft make accessing our oceans and lakes seamless enabling the user the ultimate flexibility to come ashore at will to explore areas that before now were often inaccessible. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, an adrenaline junkie, or someone who simply loves to explore, a Sealegs amphibious craft offers an unparalleled experience.

From humble beginnings Sealegs have continued to innovate and expand. Today their range spans from their 3.8-metre ‘electric’ (on-land drive system) amphibious tender through to their range-topping luxury 12-metre cabin RIB.

Continual developments have seen the range extend to multiple commercial applications from search and rescue to firefighting to coastguard operations and on water policing. The tourism sector has also welcomed this unique technology and vessel to facilitate easy and comfortable guest transfers from larger craft to shoreline locations in an ever-increasing number of remote areas.

SealegsSo, what are the benefits of this proven technology… let’s dive in and explore some of the latest features that make these amphibious wonders a must-have for today’s modern adventurer.

Seamlessly transition between land and water
Amphibious boats are designed to effortlessly transition between various terrains, providing you with the ultimate flexibility in your explorations. Imagine cruising through serene lakes, navigating rugged off-road trails, then seamlessly gliding back into the water – all in a single journey. With their advanced engineering, these boats make the transition between land and water hassle free and smooth, allowing you to explore places that were previously inaccessible in complete comfort and without getting your feet wet.

Unmatched versatility
One of the most significant advantages of amphibious boats is their versatility. Equipped with powerful engines and innovative propulsion systems, these boats can reach impressive speeds on water and tackle challenging terrains on land. Wherever your adventurers may take you, amphibious boats will easily adapt to your every need at the touch of a button.

Eco-friendly technology
In an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, amphibious boats are leading the way with eco-friendly technology. As part of their ongoing development, Sealegs have now released a range of craft available with electric on-land propulsion (as opposed to traditional petrol /hydraulic) internal engines.

These electric models, as well as being eco-friendly are near silent providing more torque and run time than traditional models.

Cutting-edge features
The latest Sealegs amphibious craft come loaded with cutting-edge as well as luxury features – from premium upholstery and flooring to in-craft wet-bar complete with fridge/icemaker and running water, to state- of-the-art navigation and entertainment systems. All models offer the latest in Sealegs patented innovative amphibious drive systems allowing for precise control both on land and in the water, ensuring
a safe and enjoyable journey.

Amphibious craft continue to redefine the way customers experience boating and the great outdoors. The ability to seamlessly transition between land and water, unmatched versatility, eco-friendly technology, cutting-edge features, and endless adventure opportunities make this form of boating a game-changer in today’s marine environment. Sealegs are rightly proud, having developed and commercialised amphibious technologies – adding a whole new dimension and freedom to recreational as well as commercial boating.

Embrace the future of exploration and embark on unforgettable journeys that only amphibious boating can truly offer and experience firsthand the world of unparalleled adventures that awaits. Sealegs – Less Hassle, More Joy!

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