Silence please

Leave nothing behind with the Q30 zero emissions electric day cruiser from Q-Yachts. The future of the electric superyacht tender is here

Mr. Janne Kjellman, the founder of Q-Yachts and a keen sailor, set out over a decade ago to develop a silent and sustainable propulsion system for boats. The Q-Yachts project was developed with the clear vision of designing a motorboat which can offer the same experience of speed, relaxed voyage and silence, that you will experience when sailing a performance day cruiser sailing yacht.

At the heart of the Q-Yachts concept is the silence. Thanks to the innovative electrical propulsion technology and the hydrodynamically optimized hull, the boat produces minimal noise, wake and zero emissions. This means that you can actually speak with a normal voice while driving. Hence, with the Q-Yachts Q30 electric day cruiser, the journey truly becomes the destination!

Having worked in stealth mode with the project for several years, Q-Yachts launched the first model, the Q30, to the world market in 2018. The Q30 fully electric day cruiser is a unique concept, where design meets state of the art technology and environmental sustainability to give a revolutionary boating experience.

The goal has also been to develop a boat which is easy to use and own, and which puts the focus on enjoying the ride with minimal hassle. The Q30 boasts the following features such as:

  • Easy charging with 110V/20A or 220V/10A
  • Minimal maintenance
  • 5 hour drive time at 9 knts
  • Easy to use custom App installed in the iPad supplied with the boat for monitoring the boat’s systems
  • The boat fits onto a trailer or into a 40’ container (for longer shipment)


In addition to the unique, silent and relaxed boating experience offered with the Q30, one key challenge addressed in the Q-Yachts project was the charging requirements of the batteries. The efficient battery banks (only 30kWh), allow charging to be done pretty much anywhere with 220V/10A (or 110V/20A) and using a standard plug. This opens up the possibility to use the boat much more widely than most other electric motorboats currently on the market. Charging time is still only approx. 12h from 5% to 95%, so you can “Drive by day -Charge by night!”

The challenge for any electric motorboat is the issue of range. Thanks to the extremely energy efficient electric propulsion system, the light composite sandwich construction and the hydrodynamically optimized hull, the Q30 is very energy efficient and offers a respectable range of 10 hours continuous driving (or 60NM) at a comfortable and completely silent speed of 6 kts.

Even at a speed of 9 kts (still with next to no noise from the propulsion) the Q30 offers a driving time of 5 hours or approximately 43NM. Hence you can really drive all day without the need to recharge.

However, should you need to feel some speed, the boat still offers a top speed of 15 kts with 1.5 hours of continuous driving. More than enough for your average superyacht tender.

Based in Helsinki and with production located in Finland, the production of the Q30 is already up and running. Several boats have already been delivered to their customers around the world, and more boats are currently in production awaiting delivery to their owners. To ensure the highest of quality, the boats are built by experienced Finnish craftsmen.

Since the launch of the Q30 to the market, the unique concept has been met with great enthusiasm and praise with
enquiries on the Q30 coming from all around the world. Further developing the Q-Yachts concept, the next step is to create a technology assisted driving experience with the ultimate goal of an autonomous driving option in the coming years.

In addition, Q-Yachts is currently developing a version of the Q30 aimed for commercial use as a water limousine, with an option for hydrogen/fuel cell power. This Q30 eLimo is scheduled to be out on the market very soon within 2020.

With the unique concept and the innovative technological developments, Q-Yachts has its sights firmly set on becoming the global market leader in the electric motorboat market – the Tesla of the Seas!

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LOA 9,3m
Beam 2,2m
Draught 0,6m
Displ 1600 kg
Motor 20kW continuous power
Batteries 30kWh lithium batteries

Relaxed cruising speed 6kts/11kmh
Range 10h/60NM
Fast cruising speed 9kts/17kmh
Range 5h/42NM
Full speed 15kts/28kmh
Range 1,5h/22NM