Rapid Marine


Mike Evers of Rapid Marine explains how safely stowing tenders and toys can be made easy without cluttering up the decks

The hectic demands of charter schedules and owners’ visits mean there is more than enough for crews to think about without worrying about deck fittings and jet ski attachments. You simply want to know you can trust them to be secure and that they will work well, be easy to operate and look good. It also helps if these fittings are easy to remove, or sit flush, so that guests can enjoy a clear deck for bathing and water sports.

The Rapid Marine team have been working hard to develop innovative products that perfectly meet these needs. By working closely with jet ski and tender manufacturers, yacht builders and crew, we understand the specific requirements of superyacht use. This lead the team to create the DAME Award-nominated padeyes and self-adjusting universal chocks, as well as our four-point rapid lift and recovery system for jet skis.

We realised tenders rarely sat on their cradles correctly and hydraulic platforms were becoming the norm. Starting with a clean sheet, we took a long, hard look at the requirements for an off-the-shelf universal product and 18 months later we launched our DAME nominated solution – Rapid Marine’s Universal Chocks.

Complementing the clean aesthetics of high-end superyachts, these self-adjusting chocks are hand crafted in iroko with integrated, cushioned support pads made of non-marking, non-slip thermoplastic elastomer (ETP). Able to support any tender or jet ski up to 1000kg in weight, they can be supplied with a selection of different flush and low profile padeyes to secure ratcheting lashing straps. With a simple push to fit attachment system, the chocks are designed to remain in place when submerged yet are easily removed. All chocks come with a transparent fitting template and drill bits, with router jigs available.

Gone are the days of kicking or tripping over traditional eyebolt padeyes. The DAME nominated Rapid Padeyes leave the bathing platform clear once the tender has been launched. There are three different options: flush, caulk-lined flush and low profile, for GRP decks when routing is not an option.

Manufactured from corrosion resistant stainless 316, and with a weather tight, spring loaded mechanism, the padeyes are designed to be retrofitted to decks or bathing platforms. The padeyes have a snap toggle with a pivoting head which, once inserted into the deck, produces a backing plate that cannot be pulled out. The padeye attachment key, sewn onto the ratchet strap, is inserted into a retaining slot and rotated 90 degrees to secure before ratcheting. To remove, simply release the strap tension, push down, rotate and lift.

Traditional hook harness systems have been prone to misuse, leading to slippage and potential damage. To create a more secure, well balanced system and easy to use system, we’ve developed brand specific kits for Sea-Doo, Yamaha and Kawasaki. Attaching the Rapid Marine lifting sling is quick and straightforward using permanently fitted jet ski brackets, with a simple insert and turn keyway system, while the sling strops are strong and fully adjustable. Naturally, each kit is supplied with a Certificate of Conformity.

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