Designer DNA

Clapot Design From the smallest addition or conversion to the largest new build, Clapot Design will assist you along the entire project journey

Clapot Design is a design and engineering studio that focuses on creating yachts and superyachts. Whether it’s a minor refit or major new construction or conversion project, I devote my expertise, my love for yachting, and my enthusiasm to bring our clients’ extraordinary projects to life. Generally described as an exterior designer, our scope extends well beyond mere yacht exterior styling. From initial concept to final delivery and beyond, we meticulously define and enhance every aspect of the design, from space planning to the tiniest details, endeavoring to surpass the expectations of our clients.

Cooperation with owners reps/yards
Collaboration is paramount in every endeavor, particularly in the intricate construction process of a yacht. Just as the complex mechanisms of a luxury automatic watch require every part to function in harmony, cooperation between all stakeholders within the project is essential to ensure the seamless integration of various components on a yacht from conception to delivery, which is a vastly complex entity.

Consequently, my involvement extends beyond the close and constant interaction with owners, their representatives, and shipyards; I also liaise extensively with interior designers, suppliers, subcontractors, and the operational crew of the yacht, to the greatest extent possible.

Our shared objective goes beyond the creation of a visually stunning vessel; it is to provide the owner with a fully operational yacht that facilitates unparalleled experiences on the open seas. Achieving this entails meticulous attention to detail in every aspect, even those unseen “behind the scenes” elements.

Active cooperation is the sole means to realise this ambition. Moreover, these professional collaborations often blossom into enduring friendships that endure beyond the completion of a project.

Forward thinking to new designs – challenges and how to overcome these ?
The breadth of this topic matches its fascination. Numerous factors shape our lifestyles, thereby impacting design: societal, economic, political, and technological influences all play significant roles. Hence, typical yachts from the 1960s have nothing to do with modern yachts. As global warming and environmental protection have nowadays become deeply integrated in our societies, people increasingly feel the need to be respectful to nature and connect with her, particularly since the onset of Covid. As a result, I believe that the major challenge yachting is facing is its impact on the environment and on the public scene. To overcome these, I believe that more cooperation, education, and innovation in the industry will be key. Various factors, including advancements in technology are poised to address these challenges. Additionally, the dimensions and functions of yachts are likely to evolve. We may see a rise in exploration yachts and dual-purpose vessels in the future, serving not only recreational purposes but also educational ones. Undoubtedly, design will play an important role in shaping these developments, heralding a thrilling era ahead.

Hull designs (mono/catamarans) your views ?
I am firmly convinced that catamarans offer a multitude of advantages and represent one of the many solutions to the challenges outlined earlier. Similar to the transformation of the ugly duckling in our childhood tale, catamarans were once overlooked.

However, I believe that evolving lifestyles and continuous innovation in catamaran design are rendering them increasingly appealing.

Twin hulls design for superyachts offer an exceptional living platform with virtually limitless design possibilities, comfort at sea, and unmatched fuel efficiency when compared to monohulls of similar volume. Despite the majority of the global fleet being under 24 metres in length, I foresee a rise in the use of catamaran hulls for superyachts in the future.

Recently, I had the opportunity to design a 78-metre superyacht project featuring a catamaran hull design, named Breeze. The spaciousness achieved both indoors and outdoors for a vessel of such size is truly remarkable. I consider this to be a groundbreaking development in yacht design.

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