Electric Superyacht Tenders


Over the past few years we have seen more and more exciting electric tenders hit the market and are confident this much needed trend will continue.

Each year we see more electric tenders hit the market which is very encouraging for the industry. To be fair, I believe most of this innovation is coming from our Scandinavian brothers and sisters with northern Europe also putting in a good show. We believe that some lakes and inland waterways in these regions actually ban gasoline or diesel engines on boats, so this seems to be a main driving force. However, I would think that these regions are also up on the use of most types of electric vehicles.

That being said, there are British and western European designers coming forward and offering electric packages on some of their traditional platforms.

What the world wants now is a solid state lithium product. But that is about 4-5 years away. In the interim, the scientists at MIT are working on ways to come up with a different answer. Until then, in the consumer watercraft world, lithium batteries as we know them will continue to propel us. The good news is that the battery capacity to deliver the travel range boaters want, increases every year. And as result, the price per kilowatt is also decreasing.

Whilst talking to some prominent designers and electric tender manufacturers, we hear that the next big thing is super-charging up to 150 kW, similar to speeds available for advanced cars today. This will allow boats to charge in something like 30 minutes.

Today, most boats have onboard chargers that convert the AC- power from a regular 3-phase outlet to DC-power for the battery. Super-charging, or DC-DC charging, can remove the bottleneck of the onboard charger and charge the boat at a speed that is five times faster, if not more. We know that Vita Yachts in cooperation with Hydro CIRCLE have installed power units in some dock areas around the Cote d’Azur, in a way taking the lead from the Tesla charging stations you see, but this technology needs to be more visible in the marinas around the globe.

Another comment that we are hearing is that while the electric tender industry has already made fantastic progress when it comes to speed and range, technology is evolving so quickly at the moment, that we predict the coming generation of electric tenders will not only be customisable, but also a lot faster and able to travel even greater distances.

But let’s face it, the average tender needs to ferry guests for about 10 minutes from the mothership to the quay side, deliver them in a dry and comfortable state and then toddle back to base camp. Then when the radio comes to life, scoop the guests up and deliver them back safely for another night cap in the mothership. Keep the RIB for the fun water sports, or if you are that good maybe look at the new electric Super Air Nautique GS22E. Instant torque delivered straight to the prop and about 2-3 hours of fun.

So, the answers are there but will our owners buy in to this new and much needed revolution? How many owners drive an electric road car I wonder? Have faith though, there is serious enthusiasm and some brilliant minds at work to make this happen.

Pixii® is a ground-breaking new brand of British built and designed electric tenders that deliver clean technology, elegant style, and impressive performance. 100% electric, the tenders are built using recyclable materials to deliver guilt-free enjoyment on the water. Propulsion from state-of-the art waterjet deliver a fast, efficient, and near-silent driving experience with no exposed propellers and exceptional shallow water access. Remote anchoring via a smartphone app allows passengers to disembark at the shore before anchoring the boat in deeper water.

The hull has been designed by Whitehouse Yacht Design; the elegant lines combine the practical attributes of a tough, reliable SUV for the sea with the style and comfort of a cutting-edge tender. The 7.5m Pixii® SP 750 has an estimated top speed of close to 40 knots and a run time of 8-10 hours at 12-14 knots – enough for a full day out on the water.
For more details Tel: +44 (0) 7545 487203
or visit www.pixii.co.uk

Lanéva Boats is a creator of 100% electric, custom-made and exceptional boats. With respect for craftsmanship, attention to details and the philosophy towards sustainability, Lanéva Boats has chosen to combine rare and exceptional skills to define their own identity and design not only beautiful but high-performance electric boats. They reach 30 knots and can navigate for 3 hours. Boats are built from noble and sustainable materials with a structure in modern wood, a deck including flax and volcanic fibres, a cork floor and a 100% recyclable luxury leatherette.

Lanéva Boats caused a sensation in April 2019, thanks to the inauguration of her first boat by H.S.H. Prince Albert II. Since then, Lanéva Boats has received the CSR Prize from Bank CMB in Monaco, the Lanéva Dayboat has been labeled as a Solar Impulse Efficient Solution and Lanéva Boats won the first Luxury Innovation Award™ in the cars, yachts, travel experience, real estate, beauty, food and lifestyle category.
For more details visit www.laneva-boats.com

Ribbon Yachts’ objective is to give enthusiasts a boat of their dreams, a boat that is fun to use as a day boat while still being practical as a tender. A must have boat with unique styling and design for use on both lakes and the sea. A boat which is completely prepared for the future. The team are focussed on environmentally friendly solutions for the range of tenders. Ribbon managed to develop a completely new approach to hybrid technology in the drive line. This new approach leads to a drive line that will allow the Ribbon to operate fully electrically for a couple of hours, and in addition to that, the 

electrical motors also support the main engine / generator while accelerating, reducing emissions along the way in this range by more than 30 percent. With its zero emission possibility, the Ribbon is completely prepared for the future. The Ribbon 28 MONZA with the #hybrihyperyacht package will be ready for sea trials summer 2021.
For more details Tel: +31 (0)65 5887244 or visit www.ribbonyachts.nlFRAUSCHER BOATS
The Frauscher shipyard started with the production of wooden electric boats in 1955, mainly for boat rental on the lakes. In 1971 a ban on combustion engines during the summer months at Lake Traunsee and most lakes in Austria and Southern Germany was issued. This boosted the demand for electric propulsion systems: low maintenance combined with a silent ride made it possible to enjoy the lakes once again. This new technology was rapidly enhanced: fibreglass and carbon fibre have replaced wood and modern lithium

batteries are now in use. The new electrical engines are becoming more and more powerful and are beginning to compete with combustion engines. The usable range is also steadily increasing, allowing greater independence and more practicality while on the water. The 740 Mirage Air delights with lots of space, perfect fit and finish and a flexible layout. The 740 Mirage Air has breathtaking style and design.
For more details Tel: +43 (0) 7612 636 55 – 0
or visit www.frauscherboats.com

Protect your playground and streamline deckhand errands with this carbon-neutral, zero-emissions electric RIB tender from RS Electric Boats. The world’s first electric RIB with a fully integrated electric drive, is designed to make crew work simple and maintenance free. The RS PULSE 63 is driven by a 46kw or 56kw battery pack that provides up to 104v of power to the RAD hub-less rim drive, resulting in quick acceleration, speeds of up to 20 knots, excellent manoeuvrability and ample range for deckhand duties.

Plus, the virtually silent electric drive provides complete discretion at all times, allowing crew to carry out tasks without disturbing guests. There’s no need to store fuel onboard – just plug it in overnight. And it’s quick to clean too – just give the decks a quick rinse, and you’re done – no oily mess! Furthermore, all RS Electric RIBs can be customised to suit the mothership’s unique style and requirements, including colour, seating layout, sound system and battery configuration. A single-point lift for garage/deck stowage is also available. RS Sailing has drawn upon 25 years of design experience to bring this revolutionary electric superyacht utility RIB to market.
For more details Tel: +44 (0)1794 526760 or visit www.rselectricboats.com/onboard

Designboats Switzerland has many years of experience in the development and construction of high-quality, high-performance and customised boats – from 6m jet boats to luxurious mega yacht tenders. The latest addition is the Tender08-e – a superlative all electric tender. The new ‘Cabin Version’ is based on the successful open tender variant and complements the electric range with a high-quality dayboat version with comprehensive functionality and high comfort features. The result is a dayboat with exhilarating performance, elegant design and high customisability to match

the mothership – paired with the comfort, luxury and safety for carefree hours on the lakes or as tender to megayachts. On the other hand, the almost silent and above all exhaust-free and vibration-free drive spoil the guests with a driving experience in a class of its own.
For more details visit www.designboats.ch

the mothership – paired with the comfort, luxury and safety for carefree hours on the lakes or as tender to megayachts. On the other hand, the almost silent and above all exhaust-free and vibration-free drive spoil the guests with a driving experience in a class of its own.
For more details visit www.designboats.ch

The innovative Danish electric boat manufacturer RAND Boats offers 8 unique tender models ranging from 18-30ft – all incredibly lightweight, available with electric engines, and based on the ground-breaking RAND design maximising space on board for up to 12 people. Among the four models, the luxurious Play 24 is the perfect companion for superyachts, and can easily be lifted onto the deck due to its low weight, or be used as a chase boat with its strong off-shoring capabilities. RAND Boats focuses on creating and bringing to market the most innovative, intuitive, and socially oriented products

Nest is an electric vessel designed for a relaxed and pleasurable ride. Developed as an eco-friendly boat, it’s equipped with high-quality LiFePO4 batteries with built-in BMS powering the ePropulsion Pod Drive electric motor. This combination allows 4-5 h of driving at maximum speed of 12 km/h. A great addition is the added solar panels that will charge the batteries during the drive. With this vessel, navigation has never been easier – it can be controlled with a mobile app even from a 6km distance. Nest has two built-in speakers and ice boxes enhancing the overall enjoyment of

the lounge area at the front or sitting area at the back of the boat. The company are also expanding their range to include a larger vessel capable of holding eight people within 35m2 of space, that can be used in marinas and ports for passenger transport.
For more details Tel: +381 (0)62 8702935 or visit www.comoboats.com