Ullman Dynamics


With over 19,000 seats in professional use, Ullman Dynamics reduce fatigue and mitigate both lateral and vertical impact

There are two main reasons to fit suspension seats to any hydroplaning boat: firstly to reduce the risk of wave slamming injuries, and secondly to reduce fatigue. The best suspension
seats both increase safety and improve comfort.

The benefits of a more comfortable ride are that passengers feel more secure and arrive at the destination in better shape, thus increasing the endurance of both crew and passengers and the craft’s practical range (operational envelope).

The market offers a wide range of suspension seats with very different performance. It is not enough to just fit any suspension seat or a “suspension unit” to any seat.

The critical aspects of suspension seats are:

  • The suspension unit, which ideally can absorb most of the dangerous impact forces
  • The shape of the seat, which determines the posture of the spine and where and how the body is supported. The seat must allow for a natural posture of the spine and a balanced position head, avoiding slouching even under impact

Ullman Dynamics, leading this field for two decades, offer several unique features:

  • Several independent scientific studies prove that Ullman seats reduce both injury risk and fatigue
  • They are based on medical science designed to optimise body posture
  • They require no maintenance, service, or spares for the lifetime of the craft
  • They require no adjustments or pre-ride setup
  • They mitigate both vertical and lateral impacts
  • They mitigate even the worst impacts, up to 20g

Ullman seats are the new standard for the high-end yacht- and superyacht tenders and chase boats. Goldfish, Anvera, Windy, Rafnar, Boomeranger, Ribcraft, Scorpion and Marell Boats and many more have long ago realised that Ullman Seats add not only cooler/more excellent looks but real value to their customers.

Many boats still in service lack this technology. Upgrading existing boats by retrofitting Ullman seats is easy and normally takes the crew less than a day’s work.

“Ullman deck insert-bolts” are often used to ensure a good hold, even in lightweight composite decks. Alternatively, interface plates can be made to match the hole patterns of the previous seats.

Ullman Dynamics pioneered the field of marine suspension seats and still leads the way. Ullmans have helped thousands of boat owners retrofit seats to existing boats, and they take pride in ensuring every installation is optimised for each boat.

Customers are generally asked to provide pictures and measurements of the console or cockpit. Ullman’s engineers then create a 3D drawing of the boat with the seating arrangement, sight-lines, and control reach optimised for that very craft. This ensures that all upgrades are successful.

Carl Magus Ullman, CEO of Ullman Dynamics, says, “Every customer, whether they kit one boat or build 200 new craft, is equally important. Our name on the seats guarantees they will be happy and stay safe. This was true over 20 years ago and still stays true today.”

For more details Tel: +46 31 7082600 or visit www.ullmandynamics.com