Genoa Superyacht Hub

Home port heaven in Genoa

At the heart of the Mediterranean with its beautiful historic centre and maritime tradition, Genoa welcomes a new initiative that has transformed the city’s superyacht offering

Ask any captain what the key to a successful superyacht cruise or charter is, and most will cite a handful of core facets – great support, access to maintenance facilities in case of problems, and a hidden destination or two to surprise and delight the guests.

The irony is that these facets can also apply to home-porting. It’s why Genoa, best known as the Italian Riviera – is such an ideal base for superyachts and crew. Its ideal location in the heart of the Med and its dedicated crew services – including sports facilities and crew training – make Genoa a hidden gem that offers so much more than you thought.

From its UNESCO World Heritage listed historic centre to its international airport, and from its revitalised waterfront to its location as a hub to the best cruising grounds in the western Med, Genoa has it all. Just a stone’s throw from Portofino and the glorious Cinque Terre coastline and villages, and within a short seaward cruise, you can find Corsica, Sardinia, Elba and the islands of the Tyrrhenian sea waiting to be discovered. It’s no wonder superyacht captains and crews are turning on to the possibilities of Genoa not only as a place to visit, but as a place to stay.

This what has led to the development of Genoa Superyacht Hub – a brand with two souls – which is an initiative by Amico & Co and Pesto Sea Group. Genoa Superyacht Hub’s mission is to let the world know how attractive the location is and at the same time improve what Genoa offers the superyachts and their crew. Not only do superyachts have on hand Amico & Co, one of the world’s most modern and most capable superyacht refit and maintenance yards – complete with 4,000 ton ShipLift – and the expertise of Pesto Sea Group, one of Italy’s most renowned yacht and ship agents, but also more than 50 other superyacht related businesses in the immediate area together with easy access to superyacht contractors, services and suppliers in the nearby yacht building district.

“There’s much more to Genoa Superyacht Hub than those supplemental services, however,” says Alberto Amico, CEO of Amico & Co. “We went out of our way to consider what crews want and need from a home port, and what we offer is second to none. For example, we have developed a brand new facility for superyachts up to 110 metres LOA called Waterfront Marina, which offers crew sports and leisure facilities and a dedicated crew concierge, and we also organise crew socials and events.The crew concierge is there also to assist with things such as advice on visas, financial matters and other elements that affect the crew.

These are the service offerings that set Genoa Superyacht Hub apart other home ports in the region – and they are key to ensuring crews don’t just see Genoa as a great place to stay, but as a home away from home.”


That’s not all. Genoa Superyacht Hub also offers crew training courses that not only allow crew to keep on top of core skills but to also learn new ones by partnering with the Professional Yachting Association (PYA). “We actively collaborate with the PYA by creating opportunities for crews such as Career Days, where crews can boost their careers by networking with trainers and recruiters,” Fabio Pesto, CEO of Pesto Sea Group, explains. For the training centre, we collaborate with the best professional training providers such as Bluewater and their vast array of specialist crew courses.

“Genoa Superyacht Hub is more than just a home port – it’s a real community,” enthuses Alberto Amico. “From our facilities and opportunities for upskilling to the world- class superyacht services on offer. Isn’t it about time you rethought your home port?”
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