RIB superyacht tenders


ONBOARD takes a look at some of the latest RIBs to hit the growing market of tender manufacturers looking to lure the new generation of adventure seeking superyacht owners, with some innovative hull designs and plenty of style.

Recalling the era when RIBs were merely standardised orange rescue crafts mandated by SOLAS requires either a sharp memory or a seasoned perspective. Yet, through the ingenuity of designers and forward-looking manufacturers, these vessels have transcended their utilitarian origins to become the epitome of versatility in the realm of yacht tenders.

Regardless of the scale of the mother vessel or the particular requirements of the owner, the modern RIB market offers a dizzying array of options, ranging from compact, agile crew tenders propelled by jets to fast and rugged adventure tenders aimed at the new generation of owners to expansive chase boats exuding a luxury reminiscent of the niche limousine tenders.

These vessels come in an astonishing variety of shapes, sizes, and price points, catering to every imaginable need and budget, from the modest to the extravagant. Characterised by their rigid hulls adorned with inflatable collars, RIBs boast unparalleled buoyancy and stability, making them indispensable for docking manoeuvres and adept at navigating rough seas – a feature that resonates strongly with a new generation of yacht owners seeking thrills and adventure in the more un-chartered waters.

Powered by petrol, diesel, or the increasingly popular electric engines or inboard and outboard options, RIBs offer reliability and adaptability, ensuring seamless integration with the power systems of their parent yachts. However, it is the diversity of their designs that truly sets them apart.

Some RIBs feature ingenious drop-down bow ramps, facilitating effortless beach landings and enabling the transportation of vehicles or recreational gear ashore, or even amphibious options, thereby opening up a world of exploration and excitement for adventurous guests.

Beyond their practical use, RIBs are also coveted for their versatility and numerous design options.

Whether you are leisurely cruising through tranquil anchorages or hurtling across open waters with adrenaline-pumping speed, RIBs offer a captivating blend of comfort and performance, appealing to thrill seekers and water sports enthusiasts alike.

While traditional propeller- driven models remain
popular, there is a growing demand for water jet-powered RIBs, prized for their enhanced safety and manoeuvrability, particularly among aficionados of high-speed aquatic pursuits. Moreover, as environmental consciousness drives the shift towards cleaner, quieter propulsion options, RIBs are embracing the latest advancements in electric technology, promising a more sustainable future for luxury yachting.

In the ever-evolving landscape of yacht tender design, brands are capturing the imagination of the elite superyacht market with their innovative approach to satisfy the owners and yacht crew alike.

Catering to the desires of modern adventurers, these vessels are ordered alongside the construction of the main yacht, ensuring seamless integration into onboard storage and launching systems, while offering bespoke craftsmanship tailored to the individual tastes and preferences of their discerning owners.

In essence, RIBs represent not just a means of transportation, but a gateway to boundless adventure and exploration, embodying the spirit of discovery that defines the modern yachting experience.

With over 56 years of boat building, RING Powercraft is a testament to innovation, craftsmanship, and unwavering dedication to excellence. Having crafted and delivered over 1700 high-performance boats and RIBs, RING has established itself as a cornerstone of the marine industry, renowned for its exceptional quality, performance, and durability. At the heart of RING’s success lies its commitment to designing hulls that excel in performance, strength and rough water handling. This dedication has earned RING hulls widespread acclaim and trust among enthusiasts and professionals alike. Catering to the diverse needs of the maritime industry, RING offers a comprehensive range of enclosed and open boats, specifically tailored to serve as superyacht tenders and chase vessels. Whether navigating serene coastal waters or tackling challenging offshore conditions, RING boats are engineered to deliver unmatched performance, reliability, and comfort. The high speed DNA exists in all of the vessels and facilitates efficient solutions for outboard, sterndrive, surface drive and jet drive set ups. They offer a blend of off-the shelf and bespoke builds with an extensive list of options with
equipment from the World’s leading marine manufacturers.


At Arksen, they are passionate about crafting iconic outdoor adventure products that inspire and empower a new generation of explorers. Whether navigating the most remote oceans, exploring untamed wilderness landscapes, or conquering the urban jungle, every Arksen product is a testament to their unwavering pursuit of quality and innovation. The products are statements of intent, enabling their community to go further, for longer, and to achieve more. The all-new Arksen Discovery Series is a fleet of premium open adventure RIBs ranging in size from 6 to 12 metres, crafted with an obsession for detail and built with the capacity to handle the harshest conditions. Blending performance, safety and comfort the Discovery Series can be customised with versatile layouts and colourways.

Arksen Discovery SeriesArksen Discovery Series

Rib-X specialise in superyacht, SOLAS and custom tenders. Exclusivity comes as standard. Every one of the tenders is designed to accommodate the distinct requirements of each owner and is developed in partnership to reflect their individualism and style. Rib-X also offer a range of British designed and British built SOLAS tenders ranging from 5.0 to 7.5 metres. The SOLAS Rescue Boat is designed to act as a man-over-board recovery vessel and provide marshalling for life-rafts in the event of abandonment. The rescue craft are built to the same finish and build quality as their regular tenders, offering the same functionality and giving yacht owners the capability of carrying less tenders while fully complying with safety regulations. The smaller end of the Rib-X International range, which starts from 4.3m, is perfect for smaller garages, foredecks or bathing platforms. The Phantom 6m, is a hard-sided tender offering sleek lines, making for a perfect small guest runabout. The Phaeton 7.6m is ideal for water sports. They also manufacture larger vessels up to 13m. With an extensive range of optional extras available to suit your specific needs and budget, they are confident that the team can build the ideal boat, whatever your requirements. Rib-X International are truly passionate about partnership and close working relationships with all clients. Rib-X International is always at the forefront for luxury tenders.


Isle of Wight based manufacturer Island RIBs have earned a reputation not only for the outstanding sea-keeping properties of their hull design, but also for the exceptional build quality of their RIBs. The Island RIBs team have extensive experience in production and product development for leading manufacturers, both within and outside the marine industry, as well as an impressive number of sea miles between them. This experience has led to the adoption of a progressive approach to product development through the application of acquired specialist knowledge and meticulous attention to detail. The result is a range of vessels that not only look good and offer excellent sea-keeping, but are also functional, durable, reliable, and easily maintained. Island RIBs are the choice of yacht owners and recreational customers looking for a good- looking yet highly capable and sea-kind RIB that can take them further whilst keeping them dry and comfortable. Their popularity amongst a growing high-latitude customer base is testament to the ability of these craft to withstand extensive use in difficult conditions. Island RIBs are in operation with the British Antarctic Survey and Falklands Conservation among others, fulfilling a wide variety of functions from search and rescue to crew transfers and diver support.


When pioneers and believers come together, truly great things can happen. So it has been with German company eD-TEC, pioneers of a new dawn for high-performance all-electric boating, alongside a growing Believer Team of partners, which has unveiled an all-new, high- performance, all-electric RIB, the first of which is currently undergoing sea trials. To realise this extraordinary new vessel, eD-TEC has formed a strategic alliance with additional Believers, each bringing special capabilities in e-mobility. The team was able to develop and build the performance carbon monohull with eD-TEC’s revolutionary propulsion system in just nine months, enlisting the expertise of renowned boatbuilding pioneer Sven Akermann. Named the eD 32 c-ultra, the new model – the first of which is nearing completion in Germany – is based on a proven Akermann design, modified in the aft section to cater to eD-TEC’s revolutionary eD-QDrive 1 propulsion units, surface drives, eD- Technology Stack and battery pack. The boat will be delivered in early summer this year.


Enigma Powerboats may be a new brand name to enter the global boating marketplace, but with World Powerboat racers, renowned naval architect, and longstanding established boat craftsmen, Enigma is a well thought out, completely British built brand that takes nothing for granted in its serious entry to market. Getting the basics in build quality, strength and standard right allows this CAT B Offshore level Super RIB to command extreme weather conditions, at the same time its specific hull design, combined with advanced applied technology, affords the driver and guests onboard the most enjoyable, safe ride without the so often endured wave slamming effect from many performance craft. Enigma Powerboats can move at speed or cruise in style.


Lightweight, extremely stable, emission-free: these are the key features of the new Ribcat tenders. With the catamaran RIB, Yachtwerft Hamburg offers an innovative tender for owners of large motor and sailing yachts. Tenders are often a problem when equipping large yachts. On sailing yachts, the size and weight of tenders are often detrimental to performance; motor yacht owners prefer stable tenders that lie well in the water and are also compact enough to fit in the yacht’s garage. Johannes Malzahn, Managing Director of Yachtwerft Hamburg and its new Ribcat brand, says: “Finding the right tender for a large motor or sailing yacht is a challenge for many owners or their captains. That’s why we decided to make life a little easier for them and develop our Ribcat tenders.” Ribcat tenders are made of carbon composite, are tailored to the needs of owners of large yachts and weigh just 170 kilograms at a length of 3.65 metres and 230 kilograms at a length of 4.30 metres. They are available with both electric drives and conventional outboards at the stern.