Hempel and sustainability

Sustainability – Turning ambition into action

Our society is facing environmental challenges on a scale and at a pace the world has never seen before. The time for talk has passed. History will remember us for the actions we take now. At Hempel, our purpose is to shape a brighter future with sustainable coating solutions.

As a trusted global producer of paint and coating solutions, we have a responsibility to advance our own performance and standards in the field of sustainability.

Our customers demand it too, through products and services that help them achieve their own sustainability goals and through partners who can prove they have embedded sustainability in their value chain.

At Hempel, our strategy to double by 2025 makes our commitment to sustainability even more important. We will grow as a company, while reducing our environmental footprint and amplifying the benefits we create for society.

Futureproof is the framework through which Hempel will deliver on our strategic goal of sustainability leadership, turning our ambitions into actions.

Our ambition is to radically advance our environmental and social performance so our company, customers and employees thrive now, and in the future.

It’s about developing the products and services that will proof and protect our customers’ assets for the demands of the future. It’s about delivering the proof to back up our performance and progress, and the reassurance that must underpin our innovations. Always ensuring we earn the trust of our customers and partners. To achieve our ambition we must integrate sustainability into every aspect of our business.

Obviously products are an area where Hempel can make significant positive impacts on sustainability and achieving our ambitions. As such we have some key statements of intent for this area; For our products we will:-
• Make sustainability a key driver of all product development and innovation
• Reduce customer emissions with at least 30 million tonnes CO2e by 2025
• Ambitiously reduce customer waste
• Introduce comprehensive circularity roadmap in 2022
• Achieve 50% recycled content in primary plastic packaging by 2025
As sustainability isn’t a new concept to Hempel, we already have many products that are contributing significantly to these targets. Two such products in the Yacht Professional range are Hempaguard X7 and the new Yacht Interiors coating system.

Hempaguard X7
Hempaguard uses groundbreaking Actiguard technology in a unique fouling defence coating. It has been applied to more than 2,000 vessels, including over 20 Superyachts, with unmatched performance results.

Hempaguard X7 delivers best-in-class fuel savings and performance, even during during idle periods. It delivers an average of 6% fuel savings from smoothness of the technology and maximum 1.4% speed loss over five years (which is longer than most traditional antifoulings last), with correspondingly lower CO2 emissions. You can also expect the same exceptional performance in both warm and cold waters or when switching from slow to fast speeds, giving you the same performance anywhere and anytime.

With its unique combination of silicone hydrogel and biocide diffusion, Actiguard technology gives you all these benefits and can be applied on any Superyacht currently using another hull coating meaning it is suitable for both new builds and refits without the need for expensive coating removal first.

Interior Coating System
Interior yacht surfaces, although not always visible from the outside, are as equally important to be protected as external hull surfaces, in order to prevent corrosion or damage.

With many more internal square meters to be coated than external, choosing the right coating for the interior can make a significant difference to the environmental footprint of each and every yacht.

Hempel’s new and innovative Interior coating systems significantly reduce VOC emissions, paint consumption and material wastage, but also ensure that the yacht looks exceptional for years to come.

Our fast drying, high solids epoxy interior primer, with its great abrasion resistance, excellent anti-corrosive and mechanical properties, not only gives great aesthetics and long term corrosion resistance, but gives significant savings in VOC emissions. Hempel’s Interior Primer 17950 has full Surface Spread Of Flame Certification and long overcoating times giving you confidence that the surface is fully protected with the least impact on the environment.

Hempel’s Interior Topcoat 57970 gives a high gloss, highly chemical-resistant, durable finish. With higher solids allowing one coat application and less VOC emissions for the system compared to other interior systems, it delivers performance and sustainability without compromise. Applied over Hempel’s Interior Primer 17950, as a complete system it has full Surface Spread of Flame Certification, saves paint, reduces emissions and gives long-term protection making this system suitable for use in all yacht interior areas.

“Hempaguard X7 is a superior product than all of the others I have ever known. Even the colour (which at the time was a source of discord) the owners like much more now.”
Captain SY Missy 33