Hempel Yacht Coatings


How much difference can interior coatings make? The experts at Hempel look at the need for the right protection in those not so visible, but highly important areas on board

Interior yacht surfaces, although not always visible from the outside, are as equally important to be protected as external hull surfaces, in order to prevent corrosion or damage.

Whereas external areas can easily be accessed for repairs and refit upgrades, interior surfaces of a yacht’s hull and superstructure cannot always be easily reached. Without a suitable coating solution, significant corrosion could occur, leading to major failures well before visible signs are evident.

You can tell a lot about how well a yacht is built, maintained and cared for by looking at the interiors. A yacht engine room is full of heat, humidity and toxic chemicals, so a well maintained and quality paint protected engine-room is a must. An engine room that’s finished in high-gloss white paint will reflect the available light into hard to reach areas so they can be more easily seen and maintained.

Hempel Yacht CoatingsWith many more internal square metres to be coated than external, choosing the right coating for the interior can make a significant difference to the environmental footprint of each and every yacht.

A crucial aspect of Hempel’s Double Impact strategy is being aware of the sustainability and environmental impact of our coatings and so our new and innovative Interior Coating Systems have higher solids, and thus less physical paint is needed, leading to less emissions to the environment. Therefore, not only are we able to significantly reduce VOC emissions, paint consumption and material wastage, but also ensure that the yacht looks exceptional for years to come.

Hempel’s Interior Primer 17950, our fast drying, high solids epoxy interior primer with its great abrasion resistance, excellent anti-corrosive and mechanical properties, not only gives great aesthetics and long term corrosion resistance, but also gives significant savings in VOC emissions. It has full Surface Spread Of Flame Certification and long overcoating times giving you confidence that the surface is fully protected with the least impact on the environment.

Hempel’s Interior Topcoat 57970 gives a high gloss, highly chemical-resistant, durable finish. With higher solids allowing one coat application and less VOC emissions for the system compared to other interior systems, it delivers performance and sustainability without compromise. Applied over Hempel’s Interior Primer 17950, as a complete system it has full Surface Spread of Flame Certification, saves paint, reduces emissions and gives long-term protection making this system suitable for use in all yacht interior areas.

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