Atlas Carbon davits

Jeremy Rogers looks at the davits that deliver strength, quality and style

The Atlas Carbon davit is the product of a team steeped in yachting heritage. Its roots lie in the UK-based Jeremy Rogers Ltd, renowned in the marine industry as the mastermind behind the classic Contessa sailing yacht brand. Jeremy Rogers himself was a successful, respected and much-loved figure on the 1970s and 80s yacht racing scene. As a boat builder, Jeremy was always an innovator, keen to trial new materials and technologies to use in marine manufacturing.

Atlas Carbon davitsThe concept of the Atlas carbon davit was originally the brain-child of Jeremy’s yacht designer son, Simon Rogers, with the company spearheaded by another of Jeremy’s sons, Kit Rogers. Over the years, the business has expanded to supply the most prestigious shipyards across Europe and the UK.

Recently the company brought davit sales and support in-house, with the vibrant and approachable Sophie Robertson handling all enquiries and sales-related matters. Supported by a highly skilled build and design team, including an in-house engineer, the Atlas customer service experience is something the company takes great pride in.

The journey of the Atlas davit began in 2002 when the first model was sold to the Royal Navy as a swimmer-of-the-watch rescue davit for the Type 45 destroyer. Initially a prototype, the potential of carbon fibre as a lifting material, due to its impressive strength to weight ratio, was immediately apparent. This marked the beginning of the company’s proud and ongoing relationship with the Royal Navy, supplying davits and other composite products.

Since then, the company has seen significant growth, with its elegant designs now adorning the decks of the world’s finest and largest superyachts. A key advantage of the Atlas carbon davit is its versatility – each davit can be used in various locations on deck by installing multiple sockets. When not in use, the davit can be easily disassembled and stowed away. Most often, the Atlas davit is designed before the build stage but retrofitting to existing vessels is also possible.

After more than two decades, the Atlas carbon davit continues to be the market leader, and for good reason. Unlike other carbon fibre manufacturers, Atlas specialises in carbon lifting products and davits in particular, ensuring a team that is dedicated, focused and expert. Not only are Atlas products built to the highest standards and certified by RINA in line with REG A Yacht Code, they are also elegant, versatile and simple to use. Above all, Atlas takes pride in its history of excellent customer relations, always striving to solve problems and maintain transparency and integrity in all customer interactions.

You can find Atlas Carbon Products at the Monaco Yacht Show and METS Amsterdam as well as at the manufacturing base and office in Lymington, UK – Always ready to assist you in finding your carbon lifting solution.

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