Superyacht Software

Streamlining the yacht’s finances, its operational journey, crew management, or planning a refit has never been
easier with the latest software on offer

iBOS celloplus

iBos Limited, based on the Isle of Man has been supplying superyachts with class leading software for almost two decades. The CelloMarine crew management application covers crew details, crew certification, crew scheduler, payroll, and much more. Web-based, CelloPlus is designed specifically for the yacht manager, captain, or purser who can access crew data from anywhere and provides all the above with real-time information to the right users .– iBOS also provides Workflow, The financial management solution. All departments onboard a yacht can create and manage purchases through customisable forms. Budgets, APA, and spending limits can be integrated into the system allowing for spending authorisation. Invoices can be processed, and payments made directly by bank or card with realtime reporting.

NiDAR X-COMPACT is an advanced, air surveillance and security system, crafted by MARSS for use on mobile platforms including ocean vessels and superyachts. Powered by NiDAR CORE, an AI driven IoT system, X-COMPACT is equipped with radars, IR camera and radio frequency monitoring for trusted protection against drones and unmanned vehicles. NiDAR X-COMPACT boasts the capability to detect drones and quadcopters at ranges of up to 2km, leveraging a state-of-the- art PTZ camera to feed visual data into NiDAR. The AI within NiDAR swiftly classifies threats and issues alerts with minimal false alarms, ensuring a highly efficient and accurate response. Integrated seamlessly into the NiDAR ecosystem, X-COMPACT can effortlessly connect to various sensors, providing operators with enhanced monitoring and control of countermeasures through a user-friendly touch screen interface. An ideal choice for comprehensive air surveillance and protection on the move.


Voly is the market leading yacht and multi-asset financial management platform designed for superyacht captains, crew, owners, management companies and family offices. It helps crew free up time to focus on creating world class guest experiences. With seven platforms in one, you can eliminate tedious tasks, reduce financial errors, and improve budget visibility for management companies and owners. Use Voly for: accounting, card, cash, banking, foreign exchange, approvals and APA charter management. Awarded Best Superyacht Software by 30,000 captains and crew for three years running, Voly’s multi-currency software streamlines accounting, budgeting, and comprehensive reporting. It has become the trusted solution that empowers crew and management companies to take control of all onboard finances. For more information about the industry’s leading superyacht financial management platform, contact the team at Voly today for a demo.

Total Superyacht

In the realm of superyacht management software, Total Superyacht stands as the pinnacle of innovation and reliability. Offering an all-encompassing solution, it seamlessly integrates into every facet of superyacht management, from watch schedules on crew phones to planned maintenance, payroll, crew familiarisations, vacation tracking, charter itineraries, and cruising maps. Total Superyacht delivers unmatched value to every department. What truly distinguishes Total Superyacht is its unwavering commitment to safety and compliance. In a maritime landscape filled with regulatory intricacies, Total Superyacht stands out for its ability to simplify compliance tasks for Mini ISM, Full ISM or the PYC vessels effortlessly. The software’s robust features provide real-time insights, proactive alerts, and automated reporting, transforming compliance into a strategic advantage rather than a regulatory hurdle. Total Superyacht’s interface reflects a commitment to user experience. The software is designed with intuitiveness at its core, ensuring that even the most intricate tasks are executed with ease. Beyond functionality, Total Superyacht takes pride in being the most interior-friendly system on the market. We recognise the critical importance of the hotel operations by seamlessly integrating built-in on-charter features that enhance the guest experience and the superyacht lifestyle.

A Voly Group Product – Pinpoint Works is a project management platform used by yacht crews, project managers, shipyards, and owner’s representatives. The platform transform a vessel’s general arrangement (GA) into an interactive work list and communication solution. With the desktop platform and mobile app, log, share, and track tasks using a precise onboard location, streamline communication, standardise reporting, and increase efficiencies. Key features include: your project simplified in one platform, customisable for individual user’s project needs, collaborate effectively, keeping teams informed, communicate clearly with multiple third parties, prepare work lists effectively, track tasks and add accountability, view real-time updates instantly and increase professionalism. It is perfect for new builds, warranty periods, paint surveys, refits, and day-to-day maintenance. Everything you need to communicate and coordinate projects faster.

Pinpoint WorksPinpoint Works

IDEA Data Solutions is a marketing-leading yacht management software company, providing a full range of solutions for superyachts. With a hands-on approach to continuously meet and exceed your needs and requirements, the vastly experienced team work hard to understand pain points, providing intuitive software solutions to improve working life at sea. IDEA develops its software fully in-house, maintaining full control of all products and services, eliminating the chance of running into problems due to a third-party discontinuing support. From tracking crew rotas, components and their maintenance tasks, to ensuring all documentation is present and compliant, IDEA ensure that everything is First. Time.Right and meets the requirement of the vessel. Check out their new snagging and warranty feature – Snag List! IDEA can fulfil any requests, just try them!


LINK ushers in a new era of yachting, delivering unmatched connectivity and control. This sophisticated system turns any yacht into a fully connected smart vessel, enabling remote monitoring and management of every onboard device. Whether it’s engine data, security, or climate control, LINK provides real-time oversight, even via your phone. As a brand-agnostic hub, it ensures seamless integration with all systems, offering a comprehensive view of your yacht’s status. Beyond monitoring, LINK is the remote ‘Black Box’ for superyachts, supporting advanced data storage and analytics. It enhances maintenance and performance optimisation, helping ensure your vessel operates flawlessly. Additionally, LINK simplifies fleet management, allowing owners to view combined data in the cloud for multiple vessels, providing a streamlined, holistic overview. LINK not only frees up your crews time it also enables efficient data sharing with management teams. It’s an indispensable upgrade for contemporary yachting, ensuring safety, efficiency, and peace of mind, wherever you or your yacht may be.