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Looking for a more effective marble and granite coating or a game-changing insulation solution? After two years of research and development Rokoat has launched two unique coating products that could totally transform your yachting business

Rokoat Protective Coatings is more than just a ceramic coating company. With a proven track record in creating products that are crucial to the yachting industry, such as keeping surfaces like glass and gelcoat clean and protected, the development of two further products are about to sail into the marketplace and take it by storm.

Rokoat is dedicated to solving problems,” says Wayne Berry, CEO and founder of Rokoat Protective Coatings. “It’s at the heart of our business and why we’ve developed such a broad range of products.”

Following two years of development, Rokoat has just launched SecuraKoat Marble Protect, which has been specifically designed to protect marble and granite surfaces to a level no other coating can compete with. “Acid or alkaline, nothing penetrates – there is nothing like it on the market,” says Wayne. “Lemon juice, toothpaste, oils, vinegars, sunscreens, all wipe off and leave no trace, even after of exposure. It is remarkable.”

The product has been created to be applied quickly and with limited disruption to the client. “When using SecuraKoat, our team can protect the surfaces in a kitchen, galley or bathroom quickly and effectively,” explains Wayne.

A product already making waves with engineers and boat builders, is Rokoat’s TechShield impermeable insulation coating.

This product, which is 25 microns thick, is impermeable to liquids and will insulate against temperature extremes between -97°C and 660°C. It can also reduce sound by up 68%. “We’re currently discussing with one customer how to replace 30 centimetres of insulation on water manifolds and exhaust systems,” says Wayne. “When applied, it saves (on average) 90% space with the same performance.” He adds: “The uses are almost endless, so we’re very excited about this new coating – it can even be applied to roofs and exterior walls of buildings.”

Now, with over 70 products available, Rokoat can protect almost any surface in almost any situation.

The company’s growing reputation for effective, cost-saving coatings means that they are being used by a wide variety of industries, including industrial shipping, hotels and property management, construction, and, through Rokoat’s AutoCare division, luxury and sports cars.

“The marine environment is abrasive, where safety and security are of the utmost importance and products need to be VOC [volatile organic compound] free. At Rokoat, we will continue to push the boundaries. Scratch and stain resistance, investment protection, industrial longevity and personal security – we focus on excellence in these areas, so our customers always have the best experience and results possible.”

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