Erica Lay

Erica Lay

A feelance journalist for over 15 years together with being a business owner within the yachting industry gives Erica the inside scoop of live within our industry. Never one to shy away from talking about the subjects other like to brush under the carpet, Erica delivers hard and ‘real life’ views about life in the superyacht industry.

Passive aggressive social media

Opting for passive aggression on social media platforms is the best way to demonstrate you don’t do direct, you don’t do honest, and you definitely don’t want to resolve the…

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What do we do with drunken sailor?

Is it a problem in our industry? Well, I’d say yes, but for sure it is also a problem in many other walks of life. However, when the safety of…

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Toxic work environments

Everyone has a bad day, a bad week, a bad boss trip or a bad charter. That’s the nature of the yachting industry (and life in general has its ups,…

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Is our industry pulling its weight?

Diversity in yachting – Is the yachting industry diverse? A big question. What does being diverse mean and as an industry?

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Mental health in our industry

We all know mental health within our industry needs to be talked about more. It’s not all glitz and glamour and our crew need protecting

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Crew shortage

We’re all feeling it, and we’re all seeing it. There are not enough crew to fill all the positions right now. Why? Where have they all gone?

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