Limousine tenders

As the size of superyachts continues to rise, and garage space is no longer such an issue, ONBOARD takes a look at some of the luxurious limousine tenders gliding over the waves

Superyachts and their owners always like to draw attention to themselves even if the whole part of it is to be away from the masses with a little privacy. This doesn’t just include the mothership as the incredible variety of craftsmanship and design that you’ll find in all of the tenders and toys that very large yachts carry is also amazing. This fact couldn’t be better illustrated than in the myriad of custom “limousine yacht tenders” that the larger superyachts carry to allow their owners and guests to be protected from the elements as they are whisked to shore in true, superyacht style.

A limousine in the traditional vehicle sense is defined as “a large, luxurious car, especially one driven by a chauffeur who is separated from the passengers by a partition”, according to the Oxford English dictionary. In the early 20th century (for those trivia buffs amongst us) the driver’s seat of the car was outside in a separate compartment, covered with a canopy In current day examples, the capabilities of a luxury limousine begin with noise suppression, climate controlled air conditioning, state-of-the-art entertainment, communication systems and end with the knowledge that the limit of its capability is only a function of the client’s budget. Such customisation might include stretch passenger capacity or protection for the occupants against attack plus a bathroom, bar, etc, etc.

A limousine tender vessel offers guests a relaxing (usually short journey) from ship to shore or departure to destination in comfort. Those who wish to take in the sea air usually have the option of opening a sliding roof but for most, a limo turns a potentially unpleasantly windy and salt spray laden trip into a pleasant transit, keeping one’s dinner suit and Channel dress perfectly dry in an air conditioned lounge.

Plush open guest tenders are still popular as they can be utilised in a variety of ways and some even provide similar capacity and luxury but none offer the protection from the elements that a true limousine offers.

Vessel layout options do include positioning of the helm station forward of the guest compartment or aft of it. Typical size is around the 9m mark and at that size, the passenger capacity is around 12 guests.

If the requirements are based upon the premise that the limousine requires garaging on her “mother ship”, then the limo design will need to take on smooth lines ensuring the maximum passenger transfer capacity whilst taking up the least amount of space on board her “parent”. In these cases the roof is often retractable and lowers when being stored.

If the mothership is indeed capable of garaging a 10m limo tender that might be used twice a week, then budget is certainly no problem and with options abound, there are endless possibilities when entering the limousine tender market as shown by some of our favourites below.

Vikal’s 12m Limousine, with lines by Patrick Banfield is a spacious, beautifully finished custom limousine, and was crafted to be carried on board a very large and highly utilised private vessel, designed for extreme luxury, comfort and high hour utilisation on the water. The interior is finished in the finest of materials; a mix of exquisite leathers, colours and textures, stainless steel, glass, painted surfaces and teak. Equipped with a forward helm, actuated forward and aft entry to the guest compartment and ample side decks, this limo is a flexible and versatile people carrier. With a top speed of over 44 knots, the stabilisation on this tender is achieved via a Quick X10 Gyro stabiliser – providing extreme stabilization for passengers in even the worst sea-states. Speed, stability and comfort, wrapped in the most extreme luxury finishes available, correctly describe this unique tender and is a limousine for the discerning client, with standard features that outspec all other entrants currently
on the market.


Compass Tenders design and build bespoke tenders for the world’s most iconic superyachts. The company’s unparalleled design, build quality and finish, together with their exceptional customer service, is world renowned. This 11.1m limousine tender was a custom build for a 105m OceanCo superyacht. The luxurious vessel bears subtle styling characteristics taken from the mothership’s exterior design, particularly with regard to the window shape and coachroof detailing, and is partnered by a 10.1m open tender. There’s seating for 12 guests within the limousine’s climate-controlled cabin space, which features custom leather seating, mirror polished stainless-steel trim, leather panelling, clear coat carbon fibre window surrounds, and a beautiful teak floor with intersecting geometric pattern. Other onboard amenities include an integrated audiovisual system, ambient lighting, a fridge, and forward-facing cameras that provide a view of the tender’s journey shown on screens within the cabin. The limousine can be boarded via steps forward and aft, as well as via the stern platform. Access to the cabin is through sliding glass doors and the glass roof panels can be retracted in either direction. Power comes from two Yanmar 8LV-320hp engines with two Yanmar ZT 370 stern drives, which are under joystick control.


esides Yachtwerft Meyer’s dedication to full custom Tenders, the semi-custom Silverline series, both nominated and renowned, is a true embodiment of the company’s design philosophy – “Elegance with Performance”. The meticulously designed and executed platform offers multitude of options for creating an elegant and personalised tender, ranging from 8 to 9.5 metres. Throughout the process the team of Yachtwerft Meyer cooperates closely with the owner and their design team to seamlessly incorporate every wish list item to craft a unique tender. As with all their semi-custom tenders, owners benefit from a proven hull providing excellent performance and seakeeping characteristics, state-of-the- art engineering and attractive delivery time lines. With an eye for detail and the passion for finest craftsmanship Yachtwerft Meyer delivers premium quality made in Germany tenders to the worlds most iconic superyachts and their discerning owners.


eticulously designed to complement the grandeur of superyachts, Falcon Tenders’ seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology with lavish comfort. Crafted with precision and passion, these superyacht limousines feature bespoke interiors, sumptuous seating, and state-of-the-art amenities, ensuring an unparalleled transit experience for owners and their guests. The fleet boasts a diverse array of models, each tailored to meet the unique preferences of superyacht owners. From sleek, streamlined designs to spacious, custom configurations, Falcon Tenders caters to the individual aesthetic and functional requirements of the most discerning clientele. Beyond their exceptional products, Falcon Tenders prioritise safety, reliability, and seamless integration with superyacht operations, providing a customer-centric approach, offering personalised services that extend from tailored customisations to attentive after-sales support. The company’s unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction underscores their mission to exceed the evolving needs of maritime enthusiasts worldwide making Falcon Tenders the preferred choice for superyacht owners seeking the epitome of maritime extravagance.

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