Nigel Watson looks at a long history of devotion to clients, their safety and a new generation of maritime aviation

We have launched Luviera to redefine luxury aviation. Over the past 30 years, we have watched the world evolve and the fields of private and maritime aviation evolve with it. Luxury is no longer just about having access to the most lavish amenities. Instead, it’s about creating an experience that meets the needs and desires of modern travellers. Luviera seeks to reinvent the market of luxury aviation – committing to our devotion for true quality, safety, transparency, and continuity of service.

Luviera is a bespoke turnkey service provider in the fields of private and maritime aviation. We accompany our clients with a tailor-made experience from conception to completion. Our experience with helicopters, seaplanes, and mega-yachts worldwide is unparalleled, and our defining quality is the pure, unbridled love we have for what we do. We do not see this as a business, but rather as a ‘raison d’être’. With locations in France, the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man, and the French West Indies, we provide a continual service of the highest quality, executed with the attention to detail reserved for only the most discerning principals.

At Luviera, we want you to rest assured that your operation is in the safest hands. We treat every aircraft as if it were our own, tending to the minutest detail with unequalled care and attention. We encourage open competition between suppliers and service providers by implementing a tendering framework. We actively seek to advance our influence and reach within the industry. This ensures that our clients will receive the finest quality of service available and the best value for money.

The aircraft is maintained to the highest standard. We carefully choose which maintenance centres to work with based on their experience with the aircraft in question, their standards of safety and quality auditing, the quality of their engineering teams, their facilities, accreditations and industry reputation. We carefully craft a maintenance programme over the operational year, considering all the relevant requirements, and planning work to be completed efficiently and optimised to meet the aircraft’s operational programme.

Our model also recommends dedicated engineers for the owning families’ fleet, as part of the aircrew configuration. A dedicated engineering team will prioritise aircraft husbandry, and proactively look for ways to make each aircraft as safe and efficient as possible. They are immediately available to troubleshoot in the case of unplanned maintenance to minimise the disruption felt by the owning family. We believe this is especially crucial for our aircraft embarking on yachts, where remote maintenance can be carried out without significantly impacting the yacht’s operations or cruising schedules.

What drives us at Luviera is the knowledge that every time they fly, our owners trust us with what they hold most dear: their family and friends. This is why safety is at the core of every business decision we make, and fostering the right culture around it is paramount to the success of any operation Luviera are involved in.

We maintain the same standards of safety, security, compliance and airworthiness monitoring as a commercial operation. We conduct regular internal audits and drills of procedures, invest in the continuing education of our staff, actively work with suppliers and manufacturers to develop new safety features optimised for each operation, use the latest technologies and software in the industry, and follow every journey with a dedicated continuous operations team.

Our aircrew selection is very important to us. They will be in daily contact with our owning families and as such must not only satisfy the principals’ preferences, but also earn their absolute trust. We believe in ensuring a continuity of the team, keeping aircrew turnover at an absolute minimum. Luviera offers an unparalleled work-life balance for aircrew in the industry. Consequently, we attract the best and most experienced pilots. Aircrew stay with us and their owning families not for years, but decades.

At Luviera, we believe that a culture of transparency is paramount and it promotes a sense of accountability. Encouraging collaboration leads to innovative approaches to ensure the highest quality of service. Our remuneration structures are based on clearly defined management fees for services we provide internally, any other operation charges are always charged at cost.

We believe that the most important element to any operation is our relationship to our owning families. By nurturing a culture of mutual trust and respect, we guarantee a truly optimised operation, adapted to every family’s needs. We will craft an incomparable operation designed to withstand the highest expectations. No matter your requirements, whether it be a full turn-key proposal or a service in particular, we will adapt it to you. When choosing Luviera, you are choosing a new definition of luxury aviation. Our respect and devotion to the client and their safety comes first – ensuring that our service is one that is kept and passed on from generation to generation.

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