Luxury Under Foot

Steve Farrell, CEO & Founder of SYLKA Carpets looks at the innovations for carpets specific to the marine industry

As far back as I can remember (and I’ve been in our industry 49 years) carpets and rugs that were produced with manmade fibres were never in the running for use on luxury yachts. Traditionally, owners have in most cases insisted on having organic materials such as wool, silk and polished cotton to name a few.

In recent years, organic copies of silk such as viscose, bamboo viscose and the like have become very popular. They have become very desirable to look at and feel, and with the exception

of wool, they are extremely difficult to maintain for vessels that experience high footfall from crews and guests, as well as potential damage from salt water, bright sunlight and spillages.

With the emergence of some innovative manmade products the world of interior design is rapidly changing with the development of new microfibres, such as our NuSilk™, developed in-house by our fibre technicians, which has led to a growing number of interior designers specifying manmade faux-silk carpets in some of the world’s most luxurious superyachts.

NuSilk™ features superior weathering properties in comparison to natural and organic fibres. This includes better sunlight resistance as well as enhanced resistance to oxidation and “yellowing”, common in natural fibres.

NuSilk™ is inherently highly resistant to insects, fungi, moulds, mildew, rot, and many chemicals which may permanently stain floor coverings made of natural and organic fibres

Easy to clean and maintain, while being resistant to fibre loss and pile crush, man-made micro fibre carpets are the ideal solution for modern luxury vessels.

Able to replicate the delicacy and deep lustre of real silk, while being resilient to sun and salt water damage, man-made carpets have come on a long way in the last decade.

In fact, in the case of some carpets such as our SYLKA, they are commercially rated making them ideal for charter vessels, as well as private yachts.

The cleaning properties of carpets derived from man-made fibres like NuSilk™ are quite amazing. Loved by Designers, Captains, Chief Stewardesses and Crew alike, SYLKA represents the ideal solution for a wide range of maritime settings.

Ideal for new builds and refurbishment projects, SYLKA is the perfect marine choice for those seeking pure opulence and practicality.

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