Luxury audio with Sonus Faber & Qualtron


Sonus faber multi-sensory experience

There are hundreds of loudspeakers brands, yet only Sonus faber can match best performance with luxury.

Our Maiden Voyage
Though our reputation for aesthetic design coupled with high performance was well established on land, we faced a fresh challenge on entering the marine market. A valued client, who enjoyed the beauty and performance of our exquisite loudspeakers in his luxury home, asked us to equip his new yacht to the same high standard. Of course, our technicians and craftsmen were excited to meet our client’s highest expectations. After thorough research and rigorous testing, we were confident of offering the same level of time-honoured craftsmanship and technical brilliance on land or sea. We bring a perfect marriage of heritage and innovation to the world’s most demanding clients.

The heritage of Sonus faber lies in the Italian artisans’ know-how and in the values and processes unchanged over the years. Italian Violin making tradition and classic culture are parts of our DNA. Sonus faber creations are crafted like real musical instruments.

Musical instruments
Sonus faber honours the genius of the most talented creators of musical instruments of all times and the lute making tradition of Cremona – Italy.

Inspired by their genius and by their perfect technique, Sonus faber give life to loudspeakers that are pieces of art, seamlessly blending technology with uncompromising materials to achieve the most exquisite performance and style to create sublime beauty.

The result is a multi-sensory experience, that delights the ears, but also appeals to the senses of sight and touch.

Hand crafted in Vicenza – Italy, Sonus faber embodies Italian flair and luxury, enhancing the interior design of super yachts. Sonus faber also offer a bespoke service where most loudspeakers can be customised to suit the customer’s wishes with multi-layered lacquers to a choice of precious real wood veneers.

Even the in-wall speakers can be customised with wood veneers inserts enhancing their integration in the most exclusive interior decor.

Sonus faber creations are part of the highest ‘Made in Italy’ excellence, expression of our lifestyle. Every detail is important refinement to enhance both your experience and your décor .

Performance is not only about power. At Sonus faber, it also means the clarity of the vocals, and non-fatiguing sound. The use of natural materials, silk domes, cones made of a special compound of paper pulp and wood fibres, contribute to deliver a powerful and natural sound and recreate the power of live music performance. We refer to it as “The Voice of Sonus faber”

For music and movies
Sonus faber offer multiple high performance audio solutions for super-yachts Dolby Atmos theatre rooms, and music/movie/reproduction for living and party spaces.

Sonus faber is proud to be represented by Qualtron in the marine AV market with both companies sharing passion and attention to detail.

If you would like to learn more, please contact Torsten Steinbrecher CEO of Qualtron GmbH.

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