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As a leading provider of premium inflatable leisure products, Yachtbeach presents its latest innovations

The extraordinary range of inflatable platforms is designed to transform your events into unforgettable spectacles. The Yachtbeach portfolio offers a diverse selection of inflatable platforms that allow you to create your dream event space with ease. You can build an amazing island with various features to perfectly match your needs.

In early 2023 Yachtbeach added a range of hexagon platforms in addition to the standard square and rectangle. This enables more possibilities to build an individual setup. You can combine the different products and shapes in a myriad of designs to suit your specific needs. The possibilities are endless with 18 different platforms, pools and toy docks, in addition to various lounge options and accessories, which also had some new products added in 2023.

For luxury yacht brands or customer meetings, for your on-water event – The Yachtbeach has the right solution for every event.

yachtbeachIn August 2023 Yachtbeach was part of a global beach festival in Hong Kong where the Yachtbeach setup was one of the centre points of the event. It offered a big lounge and hangout area, various toy docks, pools as well as with The Pavilion – a completely new product in the line from Yachtbeach.

With its latest masterpiece: The Pavilion, Yachtbeach has launched a true game-changer in event innovation. This drop stitch inflatable structure redefines event architecture, providing a stylish and weather resistant space that seamlessly blends outdoor charm with indoor comfort. Feeling in connection with water and enjoying the comfort of The Pavilion gives more value to every event. It consists of different elements and is a modular system. We have the base platform with interchangeable floor options and a tent which offers you shade and also has various options for the top cover.

When you struggle with the low sun, you can simply add the curtain elements on the tent to have better shade in different situations. For maximum comfort we offer the Sun Sofa and the Backrest, as well as a table which fits perfectly in the middle. These elements can also be used separately on the beach as a comfortable lounge setup.

The Ultimate Inflatable Lounge Experience: Explore luxury and comfort with Yachtbeach’s new and extensive line. Elevate your relaxation time with the new line of inflatable lounge products. High quality marine leather, protects you from sweating while sitting and relaxing. The lounge collection includes a one seat lounger, one seat chair, a round stool and a redesign of the corner air sofa. All of these are compatible with each other and can be connected with straps on the underneath to stay in place.

An addition to the collection is the impressive Corner Air Sofa which seamlessly combines form and function. With its spacious design, ergonomic contours, and innovative air cushion technology, the Corner Air Sofa offers the perfect blend of design and cosiness. Whether unwinding under the sun on a beach or enjoying a sunset on a terrace, this centrepiece lounge redefines the art of lounging.

Yachtbeach invites you to experience a world of comfort and luxury like never before.

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