Interview with Rossinavi COO Federico Rossi looking towards what the new
superyacht owner generation is expecting from the industry

Federico Rossi, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Rossinavi, embodies a legacy that transcends generations, rooted in the heart of Viareggio, Italy, where his family’s artisanal craftsmanship bloomed. Growing up amidst the reverberations of carpentry and mechanics, Federico was immersed in a world where his father and uncle excelled in crafting impeccable fishing boat hulls. Their dedication to quality and precision became ingrained in Federico’s ethos from an early age.

Joining the Rossi Shipyard in the mid-’90s was a natural progression for Federico. His journey commenced in the workshop, where the symphony of metalwork and welding techniques echoed through the corridors. It wasn’t long before his passion and innate talent for ship construction propelled him into a pivotal role overseeing the production unit, especially the meticulous craft of yacht construction. This hands-on experience shaped Federico’s vision, laying the foundation for Rossinavi’s future strides in nautical innovation.

In 2007, Rossinavi emerged as a transformative entity, transitioning from the esteemed Cantiere Fratelli Rossi. It wasn’t just a rebranding; it symbolized an evolution steeped in a profound ethos, cherishing individuality and venerating the craft itself. This transition marked a pivotal moment for the shipyard, carrying forward a legacy enriched by the wisdom of generations. Each vessel crafted by Rossinavi became a testament to this heritage, an embodiment of timeless craftsmanship fused with contemporary ingenuity.

At the core of Rossinavi lies a harmonious amalgamation of theory and practice. Carpentry within their workshops isn’t a mere skill; it’s an art meticulously honed over decades. This dedication to craftsmanship serves as the cornerstone upon which Rossinavi has erected a bridge to the future, seamlessly intertwining traditional techniques with state-of-the-art advancements.

Central to their philosophy is an unwavering pursuit of excellence, manifested in their relentless commitment to enhancing comfort and ecological sustainability. Rossinavi AI, a groundbreaking innovation, represents a pivotal juncture in their pursuit of innovation. This onboard artificial intelligence continuously assimilates data from the vessel’s operations, engaging with the crew to optimize navigation for both efficiency and eco-consciousness. Beyond ensuring a luxurious experience for passengers, the AI fosters mindful boating practices, significantly reducing the vessel’s environmental footprint.

Rossinavi’s dedication to environmental responsibility extends to their strides in sustainable navigation. Painstakingly designed vessels meticulously optimize electric mode usage, markedly reducing noise pollution, emissions, and overall environmental impact. Be it a brief excursion or an extended voyage, Rossinavi’s vessels synchronize seamlessly with nature’s rhythm, maximizing eco-friendly electric mode operation.

RossinaviThe fusion of innovation and nature inspires Rossinavi’s technological advancements. Drawing inspiration from phytoplankton, vital marine organisms harnessing solar radiation to produce oxygen, Rossinavi has pioneered technology to store solar energy efficiently. This innovation empowers their vessels to navigate in a hybrid-electric mode, promising a serene journey with minimal environmental disruption.

Federico Rossi eloquently expresses, “Green isn’t just a concept; it’s a vision, an education that compels us to develop sustainable technologies. It impels us to provide the means to relish the sea, immerse ourselves in its natural beauty, and respect it.”

The Sea Cat, a flagship of innovation, exemplifies Rossinavi’s unwavering commitment to sustainability. This pioneering fully electric catamaran concept mirrors the vitality of phytoplankton. Adorned with advanced solar panels spanning 135 sqm, it harnesses sunlight to generate up to 250kWh, capable of powering multiple households or meeting a marina’s electrical demands. Ingeniously storing and utilizing this energy, the Sea Cat ensures noiseless, eco-friendly cruising for up to 20 days during transatlantic crossings, covering 3,850 nm at 8 knots. An advanced AI and control system optimize battery preservation, facilitating 80% of the voyage in full electric mode, thereby drastically reducing environmental impact.

Federico Rossi elucidates, “The concept intertwines nature, electricity, and futurism. With cutting-edge technologies, Sea Cat delivers exceptional performance while prioritizing the environment—an imperative for the future of boating and a significant milestone for the shipyard.”

Crafted with an aluminum hull, futuristic design, and sustainable energy solutions, Sea Cat stands as a testament to Rossinavi’s dedication to conquering the seas while preserving nature’s sanctity. It embodies their tireless pursuit of a sustainable nautical experience, seamlessly merging groundbreaking technology with profound reverence for the environment.

In Federico Rossi’s leadership, Rossinavi has forged partnerships with esteemed international architects, designers, and brands. Notably, the collaboration with Zaha Hadid Architects for the design of Oneiric, the brand’s second green catamaran concept, stands as a testament to their commitment to pioneering innovative designs while upholding environmental consciousness.

In the wake of the success of Sea Cat, Rossinavi has embraced the new challenge of transferring BluE – the Rossinavi’s new eco-friendly navigation technology – to a monohull.

And it was chosen to apply this to one of Rossinavi’s most appreciated projects: the result is Infinity 42 BluE. This yacht is entirely in aluminum and with a reduced draft, that guarantees a pleasant navigation also in shallow waters. Equipped with solar panels and a capacious battery pack, Infinity 42 BluE will be able to navigate 90% of the time in full-electric mode in a daily navigation scenario and 70% in an Atlantic crossing scenario, while the rest of the time is spent with the support of diesel generators. This is a great advantage in terms of reducing noise, odors and emissions.

Infinity 42 BluE’s solar panels are excellent in low-intensity sunlight and are able to generate energy even with minimum angles of solar incidence. On an aesthetic level, integration with the deck is almost total thanks to the great flexibility that allows them to be perfectly inserted into curvilinear designs.

This project has an innovative eco-displacement hull, designed to reduce consumption even more than a traditional full-displacement hull at the classic cruising speeds of 10-11 kn.

“Pursuing towards the goal of innovating technologies and on-board structures to progress towards more sustainable, comfortable and experiential navigation is what has guided us in this project.

The result is a completely immersive navigation experience, which takes the quality of the stay on board to a higher level.” says Federico Rossi, Chief Operating Officer of Rossinavi. “Sustainability and high performance are the keywords. Improving the overall efficiency of the ship and the resulting lower impact on the environment have been central themes in the development of the project.”

Like all new Rossinavi projects, Infinity 42 BluE will feature the Rossinavi Artificial Intelligence system on board. The AI system constantly monitors the boat’s performance, is able to learn and anticipate the needs of the guests on board and continuously communicates with crew members, suggesting lower-impact actions and instructing them in more conscious boating.

And of course it will be accompanied by the ever-present Rossinavi Zero Noise Technology, that dramatically reduces noise and vibrations on board.

In essence, Rossinavi epitomizes the harmonious integration of tradition, craftsmanship, and innovation in the realm of nautical excellence. Their deep-rooted respect for heritage, coupled with an unyielding dedication to trailblazing sustainable navigation, establishes a benchmark that honors the past while paving the way for an eco-conscious future. Their impact resonates not only across the seas but also within the global maritime community, setting an inspiring standard for responsible and luxurious seafaring.

As Federico Rossi envisages, Rossinavi continues to embrace the challenge of harmonizing technological advancement with environmental stewardship. Their endeavors transcend industry norms, painting a vibrant picture of a future where nautical brilliance coalesces seamlessly with ecological responsibility. This commitment not only defines Rossinavi’s identity but also serves as a guiding beacon for the maritime world—a testament to the potential for innovation and sustainability to converge harmoniously on the open waters.