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Designed from the ground up, and specifically for the electric boat market, Marian Boats have successfully combined a graceful and stylish yacht with high-tech electric propulsion in their latest model, the M 800 Spyder.

The Austrian shipyard Marian set the high standards of e-mobility from the beginning in 2001. The highlight of the brand was the flagship Marian M 800 presented in 2019, which not only supplemented the range of five previous models, but delivered a yacht for a completely new audience. A large part of the success was down to Alexander Marian who after completing a business course in London in 2015, drove the business forward with refreshing innovation.

Now Marian has announced a further development – with the launch of a Bowrider.

As with the M 800, the design of Gerald Kiska, keeps ergonomics, innovation and functionality in complete harmony. The Bowrider concept has its roots in the US, where they have appreciated the advantages of this construction for decades. Within Europe, the love for Bowriders is still comparatively young, which is why Marian first launched the Daycruiser M 800 followed by the open version M 800 Spyder as a later step.

The hull, sunlounger and aft bench are identical with the M 800, but the front area has been redesigned to encompass the split dashboard that provides access through the length of the boat. Technically, the yacht is very sophisticated in terms of its construction because the wings must endure tremendous forces.

At the heart of the Spyder is the foredeck where your guests can relax in complete comfort. The seating area also provides ample storage solutions including the anchor system. Popular features are the mobile controlled ambience lighting, marine speakers from Bang & Olufsen, and the extendable bathing platform and seating area put in to action at the push of a button.

Many electric motor boats on the market are hybrids; originally designed for use with internal combustion engines, they were equipped with an electric motor due to corresponding demand. Marian, however, has optimised all models for the specific requirements of an electric motor from the out-set. Of course, this also applies to the M 800 Spyder, which can be motorised with up to 150kW. This in turn requires a hull which for reasons of stability has a larger volume for its buoyancy. The whole design is geared around reducing power consumption and enables higher speeds. For the solution to this complex design Marian commissioned the Slovenian company Marine Design, whose designers designed a refined and ergonomic hull below the water line. Along the waterline runs a step, which is an average of 15 centimetres wide and three centimetres high. At a standstill and at low speeds, it is fully open and ensures high dimensional stability. With a little power, the level is free from drag which reduces power consumption.The M800 spyder is equipped with a 150 kW strong, water-cooled permanent magnet synchronous motor from Piktronik. The highest speed achieved has been 33 knots with a consumption of 190 kW. If you remain at full throttle the engine automatically adjusts to 165kW and 31 knots as a precautionary measure after just a few seconds. If you retain this cruising speed the battery power is sufficient for just over half an hour, but when you reduce the speed to 22 knots, the possible travel time doubles. To suit all owners and uses there is a range of eight engine configurations delivering a smooth journey thanks to the drive technology and the latest lithium batteries that will neatly slide in to the 7.90m hull.

When anchored and bathing in a bay, the boat lies with high dimensional stability and a solid feel. Once you give her a little acceleration, the feeling remains. You will feel how the fuselage lifts a little and then planes very quickly. With a little more power the boat holds tight to the water and delivers an exciting ride when cornering and accelerating out of tight bends.

Since M800 Spyder and M 800 are based on the same hull, the driving characteristics and consumption are identical. There are however crucial differences when onboard: the sense of space is of course different, you can comfortably accommodate 10 passengers instead of eight people in its luxurious seating areas.

The new M 800 spyder delivers elegance, thrilling performance in a range of well appointed finishes.

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