Mineral Pro Water Purification


Steve Legget explains the benefits of the water filtration system that produces water, free from contaminates and contains the balance of minerals your body needs

The MLC holds tight regulations relating to freshwater loading and fresh water produced on board, including supply, disinfection and storage arrangements, distribution systems and maintenance. It is aimed at ensuring high quality drinking water onboard ships to protect crew, guests and owners from waterborne health risks.

Most yachts, sailboats and commercial vessels have an onboard Desalination Water System. Desalination is a water filtration process that removes salts and other minerals from saltwater. The desalination process makes saline water potable for consumption and irrigation. Desalination systems are in use at beachfront hotels and resorts, residences, boats, and other commercial or industrial applications.

The drawback to desalinated water is while being very pure and clean most people do not like to drink it. Desalinated water has no minerals and it is the minerals that give water taste. The right balance of minerals results in great-tasting, healthy mineral alkaline water.

Mineral Pro Water PurificationMineralPRO™ Drinking Water Systems add the natural minerals back into the water exactly the same way nature does. The minerals contained are in the final stage which has special carbon made from coconut husks, the purest form of natural carbon. Minerals are in their natural granular form and when the water flows through the cartridge the minerals are absorbed into the water just like water flowing down a mountain stream. The carbon block filter removes unwanted organic materials, some chemicals plus reduces smells and odours which develop in a holding tank over time. The carbon in the last stage puts a final polish on the water giving it a very clean, fresh taste. The minerals added are calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and trace elements.

Water that contains natural minerals and alkaline pH can be associated with lower mortality from heart disease and cancer, and overall good health. Studies in both the USA and Great Britain have shown that municipalities with lower mineral content in their water supplies had significantly higher rates of cardiovascular and cancer related deaths.

The Yacht Mineralization Water System not only re-mineralises vessel drinking/cooking water but also removes smell, odour and bacteria from the holding tanks, plus the UF membrane removes contaminants down to .01 microns. Desalinated water, while safe to drink has no minerals so is very acidic and low pH, typically 5.6pH. This results in water that can taste quite unpleasant. MineralPro’s unique cartridges and the UF and inline UV solution (the UV kills all bacteria, viruses, E-Coli etc) not only provides great tasting mineral alkaline water without storing bottles, but also provides unlimited inexpensive great tasting water that everyone can enjoy.

Typical municipal water often contains chlorine, fluoride, pharmaceutical drugs, metals (mercury, lead, arsenic), chemicals, bacteria and more.

Most water filter systems reduce not only contaminants, but essential minerals from the water; therefore, re-mineralisation is required to ensure the naturally occurring minerals are present. Drinking de-mineralised water can actually leach essential minerals from bones and teeth.


The pH level (acid – alkaline measurement) of our bodies internal fluids affects the functioning of the cells in our bodies. Competitors’ water filter systems and contaminants found in unfiltered water typically leave the water acidic. MineralPRO™ Alkaline Booster Technology leaves water slightly alkaline.

Why drink it if it tastes bad? Great tasting water is fundamental to ensuring proper hydration. When the water tastes bad people often select alternatives that are full of sugar such as sodas,or something acidic – such as tea or coffee.

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