Oceanco – delivering the future

Since our foundation in 1987, Oceanco has 35 yachts to its fleet with four yachts currently in build, each over 100 metres, there’s plenty happening at the Oceanco facilities.

Whilst every Oceanco commission is unique we consistently deliver ground-breaking yachts that set the new standards in design, efficiency, innovation and technical achievement. We continue our journey to become an eco-conscious yacht builder: paving the way for a more sustainable industry.

One of our most perceived sustainable yacht builds is the landmark 106.7m sail yacht: Black Pearl. Commissioned by a creative owner, who had the goal of crossing the Atlantic without the need for fossil fuel, this revolutionary sail yacht features three state-of-the-art DynaRig masts, as well as a hybrid propulsion system with a regenerative function able to power the entire yacht without fuel. ‘We are able to turn back the clock to a time when shipping was emission-free, except now with all the comfort and luxury provided onboard a modern superyacht.’ Her expansive masts can connect solar panels for generating additional electricity during cruising, whilst continuing to take advantage of her natural eco-friendly power. Delivered in 2016, Black Pearl became a pioneer by boosting the industry’s efforts to construct more future-proof projects.

Following in Black Pearl’s footsteps, 2018 saw the delivery of 109m Bravo Eugenia. Despite her large size, Bravo Eugenia is highly efficient, powered by advanced hybrid propulsion systems that impressively consume 30% less fuel compared to other yachts of her size. Onboard, she includes a waste heat recovery system, used to redirect heat energy to other resources such as warming the water of her onboard swimming pool, as well as featuring an integrated battery system, for exceptional yacht operation at all times. In collaboration with Lateral Naval Architects, the outstanding LIFE Design solution was born within Bravo Eugenia: a solution that minimises technical space, amplifies living space, and makes incredible efficiency and sustainability gains through four key design points: lengthened, innovative layout, fuel-efficient and eco-conscious.

Furthermore, Oceanco’s latest eco-focused project, 109m Y720, harbours technologically advanced environmental systems that have been specifically engineered to exceed all current regulations. Oceanco’s Life Cycle Support scheme ensures that yachts continue to evolve with new, cutting-edge sustainable technologies; something certainly witnessed in the known development of Y720. We believe that, innovation is key to eco-friendly yachting’, however, ultimately, ‘the most sustainable approach is to create something which people admire for a lifetime.

The Green Facilities
Investing in effective green technology is just one of the many ways that our facilities remain an all-encompassing example of our drive to pioneer the industry. At the forefront: our state-of-the-art Alblasserdam headquarters and outfitting facility. Boasting a capacity able to simultaneously construct multiple yachts up to 160m, our eco-friendly HQ harbours the latest technology that is focused on installing renewable energy systems within yachts, to decrease dependence on fossil fuels. Our outfitting facilities boast a new heat pump system, which stretches 200m below the surface and halves the shipyard’s gas consumption, alongside rooftop solar panels, which generate an abundance of energy every year. However our green construction doesn’t stop there. Oceanco responsibly sources raw materials and equipment, and encourages owners, captains and crew post-delivery to operate the vessels in an environmentally friendly way.

Oceanco’s latest expansion of facilities lies in Zwijndrecht: a new-build construction and refit shipyard set to become the yachting hub for innovation. The Zwijndrecht facility is another way to decrease our environmental impact by over half by 2030, aiming for 100% of electricity to be provided by renewable sources.
The New Way of Living Onboard
Over the years, we have created a wide range of yacht designs in collaboration with an array of creative minds. Designs spun from those conforming to pragmatic industry standards, to those more eccentric and innovative than ever. Our latest eco-conscious design is 90m KAIROS. Created from an outstanding first-time collaboration between Oceanco and Italian design studio Pininfarina in 2021, with technical design and engineering development from Lateral Naval Architects, KAIROS offers a new kind of living to superyacht owners allowing guests to, ‘connect, share, and create, by synchronously experiencing multiple environments onboard.’ KAIROS uniquely has no ‘forward’ direction, instead, she resembles more of a floating, living island, encompassing a vessel with little sense of urgency, but freedom, enjoyment and relaxation instead.

Across 90m of vast onboard space, the concept was created in cohesion with Oceanco’s NXT approach to the future of yacht design: with sustainability and innovation at its core.

The NXT Approach
By connecting with leading minds from outside the yachting industry, we allow ourselves to discover a whole new world of possibilities. These collaborations offer fresh insights not only for Oceanco, but for the progress of yacht building as a whole. Oceanco NXT cannot be defined as a single project or concept design; it is an inclusive movement of pioneering thinkers striving to evolve our understanding of how we can connect with the spaces in which we live, travel and experience. Our collective goal is to build the most exciting superyachts possible, to achieve zero impact on the environment, and to create a better world for future generations.

We believe that this new era demands meaningful innovation that is aligned with emerging ideologies and approaches, with a focus on, heightened sustainability awareness and stewardship of the planet.

When owners see the Oceanco NXT endorsement on a yacht’s design, they know they can expect to enjoy a certain elevated standard of life onboard; one that is in tune with forward-thinking perspectives on sustainability and lifestyle.’ Says our CEO Marcel Onkenhout.

The NFT Universe
When it comes to forward-thinking strategy we don’t stop there. At this year’s Dubai Yacht Show, Oceanco announced its launch into the world of NFTs. Entering a ‘new space’ through a collaboration with yacht designer, Timur Bozca, Superyacht NFTs was born.

Created with the ethos that yachting is about making memories, having fun and experiencing new places, not simply the status that it might convey, the new limited Superyacht NFTs collection will ‘grant you access to the playground of yacht ownership, taking you on a journey like no other.’ Blending incredible design from renowned industry specialists, with extraordinary features and owner benefits, ‘SuperyachtNFTs will grant its holders various door opening utilities, making owning and holding the NFTs even more attractive, taking its holders on a journey like no other.’

Making a move into the NFT universe was seemingly more of a natural progression for Oceanco: ‘With industry-first being the centre of our DNA, SuperyachtNFTs felt like the next best space for us to embrace and invest our passion, time and creativity in.’

Superyacht NFTs private sale will start the 31 August. For access to the limited edition sign up to our whitelist here: superyachtnfts.com/