Safe and sound onboard

With vessels getting larger and faster, having the right technology on board to enhance the safety of crew and guests has never been more important

With the new All in One W3P, GET REAL-TIME REMOTE MAPPING WITH MULTIBEAM SOUNDER. Generate your own 3D Bathometric charts and share them live by WiFi from your tender to the mothership. These charts are real including any changes that may have been made since your electronic charts were generated. Get the precision you need. Not just the precision where the vessel goes. WASSP latest model is the new All in one W3P makes installation and set up even easier. The mounting of a single fixing plate on the swim platform or transom of the tender the new W3P can be mounted and then just needs 12 or 24VDC power supply and you are mapping, everything else is wireless or built in. GENERATING BATHOMETRIC CHARTS TO ALLOW YOU TO EXPLORE NEW PLACES HAS NEVER BEEN SO EASY
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