Shock mitigation seats

In the hot seat

It’s not all about style and luxury, seating on board the tenders must provide adequate shock mitigation to protect the crew and guests tenders are getting larger, faster and we’re seeing even the most luxurious tenders packing a serious line up of outboard motors hanging off the back. Owners and charter guests are demanding more from these tenders in terms of action and speed. But with this speed and navigation through rougher seas, the passengers onboard need some protection in terms of ergonomic and shock resistant seating.

Navies, coast guards, and marine police forces have been implementing shock-mitigation technology to protect their human assets for many years. These agencies recognise that the crew needs to be protected.

So, although the superyacht tender seats still need to have that luxury look and feel, the real important parts are underneath the seat itself. At its core, shock-mitigating safety gear consists of an interface or medium between an input surface, such as a boat’s deck, and a person seeking to reduce their exposure. When all goes well, an impact is reduced as it passes through the medium, resulting in a gentler motion for the occupant. The reduction is achieved by means of energy absorption during compression and deformation of the medium. If it functions correctly, the seat will return to its equilibrium position, having reduced some relevant measure of acceleration as it resets for the next impact.

Shock mitigation is crucial to ensure the long term health and safety of the crew and this technology will also give the passengers a more comfortable ride.

Based on this assumption and a thorough understanding of physiology and biomechanics, Swedish Navy doctor Johan Ullman M.D. developed the most comfortable marine suspension seat in the world. The Ullman Dynamics seats have been scientifically proven to also be, by far, the safest of all seats. A unique track record of ZERO injuries reported. A total of over 19,000 seats in professional use over 20 years, gives solid support for Dr. Ullman’s claim that “If it feels good, it most probably is”. The pairing of seat geometries developed for the human body, with the unique maintenance-free, 3-Dimensional Leaflex (trademark) suspension gives several unique properties. This twin leaf-spring, progressive, suspension synergises with the human body’s reactions to hull motion under impacts in all directions, even in the most challenging conditions. Ullman Dynamics – staying true to their core value: protecting people.


SHOCKWAVE has been designing marine suspension bases and seats for the professional and recreational boating markets since 2001. Traditional customers include military organisations in over 20 countries, law enforcement in North America, Asia, Australia, and Europe, as well as commercial entities and governments for a variety of applications. However, SHOCKWAVE wanted to be able to offer an affordable suspension seat base for recreational boaters, using military-grade components and the technology that had been used by SHOCKWAVE’s professional clientele for years. In 2017, SHOCKWAVE Seats proudly launched the S5 Marine Suspension Module, the first product in a new line of recreational product offerings. The S5 offered an air sprung ROCK SHOX shock with 4” of downward travel and on-the-fly rebound and firmness adjustments. The new S5 Sentinel Suspension Module is an updated and re-engineered version of the original S5. This new product offers better overall performance and strength, increased lateral stability, superior corrosion protection and a fully adjustable FOX shock absorber.


ERpro PC

ERpro HSC seats offer a reliable, durable and high-quality solution to shock mitigation. The main structure is made with a naval aluminum mechanism and the heart of the system is enhanced with specially designed Ohlins coil spring shock absorbers. Those features as well as the ability to offer customised solutions in a variety of colours and trustworthy after-sales support, make ERpro’ s seats a great choice for pleasure, professional or military high-speed boats. SPARTAN IV is a new bucket seat giving optimal body posture for handling both static and dynamic loads and can be combined with all the suspension units (Suspension ver MIL, ver PL, PLS & RG). The upholstery uses protective fabrics for salty environments, high-quality cushion materials and waterproof / extra fine seams. Its unique suspension system can be adjusted in any desired level of comfort and provide the same efficiency in high or low frequency vibrations.


Established in 1968, Capital Seating specialise in the supply of suspension seats and accessories to improve driver safety and comfort for all types of vehicle. They cater for a wide range of market sectors, directly to OEMs, trade and retail customers. Capital are the premier distributors for Grammer – a leading brand in seat suspensions and shock mitigation – as well as ranges of other seats from offering manufacturers including RECARO, KAB, Pilot, ISRI, Sears and United Seats.

Sunmarine Seats

The extensive expertise of RECARO Automotive in the manufacture of vehicle seats has flowed into the development of the maritime seats by Sun Marine Seats, the authorised license partner of RECARO for maritime seats. RECARO has been setting standards in automotive seating for decades: The product portfolio for the present and the future of automobiles brings together design, ergonomics and comfort with innovation, craftsmanship and premium quality. In this way, RECARO Maritime seats impress with their attractive design, perfect styling and ergonomic properties as well as the high quality of the materials and coverings used. The seats are also noted for being long-lasting and resilient. Feel the difference!

Patented shark FLEX(TM) 3-axis suspension was created 10 years ago in NZ by a team with hundreds of successful ergonomic projects. With the only injection molded jockey seat in the world, Shark achieved the lightest (13kg), most robust, corrosion-proof shock mitigation system in the world. Whether you seek a superbly comfortable ride for passengers or the ultimate in safety during fast transits and rough conditions, the 225mm (9”) travel of Shark FLEX suspension provides the ultimate ride and eliminates both vertical and lateral vibrations. Shark seats are thoroughly tested with routine life-testing, drop-testing, crash-testing, fatigue testing and in-boat testing. Many new defence contracts are changing to Shark due to its 19 NATO approved modules, its simplicity and no need for adjustments to achieve top performance for a wide range of crew and craft, which is why shark is used on fast tenders by Carbotech, Enigma, Sealegs, Protector, Salthouse, Lloyd Stevenson, Tideman, Naiad, Techno Marine, Technohull, Seacat, BIC, Nevera and more.