SKF Fin Stabilizer


The marine industry is tough, Michael Christiansen looks at the changing solutions available to the increasing environmental and safety regulations affecting efficiency

SKF Fin Stabilizer

But it’s not all bad, these changes are done to protect the oceans and are a crucial part of making sure with modern technologies that the utmost is done to keep the oceans clean. Luckily, there are answers out there from innovative companies such as SKF’s Marine Solutions.

Their products and services provide easy-to-maintain, reliable, cost-efficient parts and services that are intended to keep operations running smoothly, whilst looking out for the environment. With a full portfolio of high-quality components, including the trusted Simplex and Turbulo products, together with access to SKF’s marine dedicated engineering and technical team, they are confident that together we can all make a real difference to the safe operational success of your yacht.

The core SKF deliverable to the yachting industry is the acclaimed Fin Stabilizer. The hydraulic operated retractable and non-retractable versions have received tremendous results in terms of producing economic efficiency and a smoother ride for the owners and guests. The natural knock on effect is a reduction in fuel usage, enhanced performance and safety for the yachts when at sea. Added with features like the ECO Mode, this allows you to run each fin independently, with a hydraulic power system for a more dynamic response without peak energy demands. The latest development is a full electric stabilizer, which creates more energy savings. The system is quieter with enhanced efficiency, the oil-less system is the pinnacle in stabilization for vessels.


Founded in 1907, SKF have been a leading manufacturer of bearings and have been instrumental in developing automatic greasing systems used in the marine industry. SKF developed a fully remote controlled integral lubrication system for any bearing throughout the vessel to decrease the possible downtime created by over or under lubrication. In the event of an anomaly, the system is capable of lubrication on demand, in the exact location where needed. In addition, an alarm is triggered which can be displayed in the engine control room and in SKF’s REP centre (Rotation Equipment Performance), where preventive actions can be organised, such as delivery of spare bearings.

Condition Monitoring is another field of expertise where SKF plays a leading role in the marine industry. After three decades or research and development the advanced sensors (wireless or wired), have resulted in the ‘Enlight AI system’.

This is an Industrial Analytics Solution System based on Automated Machine Cloud Learning (AutoML). Self-learning algorithms continuously analyze Big Data that has been collected from sensors mounted to any bearing to detect anomalies and report realtime alerts to O&M personnel about impending machine failures.

Crucially, the software is able to detect anomalies way before any conventional parameter such as rising temperatures in a bearing, that could suggest an upcoming failure.

SKF keeps track of the vessel and its components to ensure minimal downtime and to help decrease the environmental footprint of the yacht’s operation, meaning the need for spares is reduced to minimise environmental footprints.

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