Super yacht toys


With the charter season approaching, the yachts need to pack in a wide variety of fun and exhilarating toys to keep the guests and owners occupied on the crystal blue waters. Here are ONBOARD’s selection to add to your toy cupboard


There is nothing like spending an amazing day on the water relaxing on the AquaBanas Party Bana, POP2 Pool, and Mega Lounger. It’s a common, and sought after experience in the charter and private yacht space worldwide. Now found on over 300 yachts globally, AquaBanas are “Redefining Water Entertainment” with their massive selection of utility and recreational inflatables. Everything from inflatable docking stations for the toys, to engineered marinas that wrap the transoms, and slides down to the water, AquaBanas has a solution to fit your needs. Mark Anastasia, the CEO of AquaBanas, invented the modern-day yacht slide in 2009 and has personally designed 1000s of products on over 800 megayachts worldwide. That experience shows in the quality and craftsmanship of the entire AquaBanas product line. AquaBanas are built to rugged Middle East standards (able to withstand extreme temperatures of upto 50°C) by using as little glue as possible and either hot air welding or high frequency welding flaps and plates. There is a major difference. They also specialise in custom designs for yachts and offer logo printing and non-pantone colour substitutions at no charge. To discover the world of AquaBanas and the right custom products for your yacht, visit the website and download the 156 page brochure.


Since launching its first model in 2012, Tiwal continues to innovate and in 2022 launched the Tiwal 2L, big sister to the very compact Tiwal 2. The Tiwal 2L is the inflatable sailing dinghy that is roomy enough for the whole family! The inflatable wings on the T2L are reassuring and comfortable for children and inexperienced skippers – while more experienced sailors will adore hiking out and getting close to the water! Equipped with a 6.6m² furling sail and with no metal exoskeleton, the T2L is ideal to enjoy the pleasures of sailing while at anchor. The boat is very rigid when inflated and can comfortably carry 2 adults, or 1 adult and 2 children. The inflated hull can be stored on deck or, at anchor, tied off the stern of your cruising boat. If you decide to go for a swim and spot a nice beach, you can just pull your Tiwal ashore! When not in use, the T2L packs down into its two sturdy storage bags, which are easy to stow onboard. Taking only around 15 minutes to assemble (and disassemble), with no tools needed, this is an accessible, fun and portable sailing dinghy the whole family will love!

Superior Pools 6.16 & 8.20. Yachtbeach Superior Pools redefine luxury on the open waters. The Superior pool 8.20 measures an impressive 820 x 616 cm, while the superior pool 6.16 offers a slightly smaller yet equally luxurious option at 616 x 616 cm. Both pools feature a main pool for swimming with a protecting mesh and a small splash pool for family fun. Crafted with dropstitch technology, they ensure durability and stability even in rough waters. Yachtbeach also offers the fitting platform and toydock for these pools to expand your own water island. Elevate your aquatic adventures with the Yachtbeach Superior Pools. Explore the full range at Get in touch with our experienced team via [email protected] or +4917618148836 and find the right solution for your needs.


The Spinera Professional Aquapark Pirates Rock is the ultimate water playground for mid-size yachts. Designed with both kids and adults in mind, this aquapark module offers an array of thrilling activities that guarantee endless fun on the open waters. It provides a complete entertainment package for children with the opportunity to slide, climb and jump. Let their imaginations run wild as they conquer the obstacle and splash into the refreshing waters below. This aquapark is also a perfect addition to enhance your yacht experience. Set sail and create unforgettable memories with the Spinera Professional Aquapark Pirates Rock. The premium brand SPINERA PROFESSIONAL stands for quality and long-lasting products and that at a reasonable price! Spinera enjoy a good international reputation and work hard to provide current product innovations, latest technologies and latest manufacturing techniques for developing the best water sports products. They are constantly on the pulse of time, and with their innovations always one step ahead, you benefit from best value for money, a professional partner and excellent service. Become a member of the SPINERA PROFESSIONAL family.
Length: Tower 290 cm (incl. slide 410 cm)
Width: Tower 250 cm
Height: Tower 259 cm


Established in 2016, SCUBAJET is a pioneering force in aquatic mobility innovation led by founder Armin Kundigraber and his team. Their vision is to position SCUBAJET as a premier global lifestyle brand dominating the electrically powered water jet market. Their journey began with the innovative SCUBAJET Portable Series, a compact water jet system designed for various water activities. Manufactured in Austria, SCUBAJET products boast premium quality and craftsmanship, ensuring unmatched performance in every aquatic pursuit. Catering to divers, free divers, snorkelers, stand-up paddlers, and kayakers, SCUBAJET sets a new standard with its Portable Series, offering unrivalled portability and adaptability across different water sports. In January 2023, SCUBAJET introduced the SCUBAJET Performance Series, featuring the groundbreaking SCUBAJET Hybridboard. This flagship product combines eFoil and eSurf capabilities in a single board, powered by advanced water jet technology, revolutionising the surf experience.

The year 2024 is an exciting year for NautiBuoy Marine, a market leader of premium and award-winning floating platforms for superyachts. NautiBuoy, renowned as the industry’s first versatile platform to expand usable space on the water for superyachts and smaller recreational vessels, will this year celebrate its 10th anniversary. Available in four sizes, the platforms can be connected in a variety of different ways to create everything from large traditional beach clubs, jet ski pontoons and water-sports centres to classic walkways, a diving platform and a secure maintenance platform, with the optional addition of C-docks SEABOB docking stations, inflatable steps and L-Bow joints for high transoms. This year, the company have launched 4 new products which include 2 sizes of sea pools, E-Foil docks, a double bay jet ski dock and their new free standing C-shade. The modular platforms, docks and accessories connect via NautiBuoy’s innovative Air Toggle technology – an entrapment free connection with no hard or mechanical parts. The platforms are finished with NautiBuoy’s unique, soft under foot PE Faux teak foam, for a sleek finish.


The JetCycle Max, powered entirely by human effort, has garnered attention from cyclists, notably the 8-time world champion and JetCycle ambassador, Francois Pervis. Pervis, utilising the JetCycle Max in his training for an upcoming race, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “When I witnessed the JetCycle gliding on the water for the first time, I knew I had to give it a try. To ensure optimal preparation for my world record attempt with my flatbed recumbent bike, I chose to incorporate the JetCycle into my training regimen, and I am genuinely proud to be part of this adventure.” In a bid to enhance accessibility, the E JetCycle integrates hybrid drive technology for greater ease of use. The enhanced premium model boasts a durable battery providing up to three hours of autonomy and outstanding stability due to its trimaran hull. Intuitive flight and direction controls make it accessible to all users, complemented by an adjustable pedal system based on user size.

Welcome to the first car that we’ve ever heard described as an ‘exo- electric beach EV’. Yep, this is some fantastic niche-filling from Dutch firm Savage Rivale. You may remember that name from 2009’s four-door roofless supercar the Bewerp Savage Rivale Roadyacht GTS? Just five of those were built in 10 years, and the design was then sold to a Japanese firm and Savage Rivale got into making boats instead. Inspired by the Mini Moke and the Meyers Manx both going electric, they wanted to create the ‘ultimate beach cruiser’ that would get owners ‘from A to Beach’. The result is built on an aluminium spaceframe and uses a steel roll cage around the occupants. A very simplistic design combined with a high-quality finish.


The iMatJet® is a revolutionary luxury water gadget, being the world’s first electrically powered, inflatable pool chair with a patent. It offers a unique experience on the water, achieving speeds of up to 3 knots thanks to its powerful electric motors and dual 20000 mAh batteries, ensuring at least 1.5 hours of fun. It comes with a waterproof, floating remote control for easy handling and is conveniently portable, delivered with a large or small trolley and a practical backpack for easy transportation and storage. This innovative technology not only provides a new level of water enjoyment but also ensures unforgettable moments. iMatJet®’s innovative technology makes it more than just a watercraft – it becomes an experience that takes your enjoyment of water sports to a new level. Immerse yourself in the world of iMatJet® and experience how this unique product expands the boundaries of water fun and creates unforgettable moments. Now available in eight fresh colours! Overall, the iMatJet® is the perfect accessory for yacht owners looking for an innovative and entertaining addition to their water sports experiences. With its modern design, performance and versatility, the iMatJet® helps take the yachting experience to a new level and create unforgettable moments on the water.


Fusing craftsmanship with innovation, Searaft designs tailor-made inflatable solutions that redefine leisure and utility use in the superyacht sector. Imagine floating marinas made to accommodate jet skis, Seabobs, eFoils and other water toys and still have space for sunbathing. All thoughtfully contoured to seamlessly integrate with the distinctive stern profile of each individual yacht. Ranging from intricate sectional elements to expansive customised platforms, Searaft boasts an extensive array of offerings to cater to various needs. Their ingenious modular designs ensure consistent sizing and incorporates strategically positioned anchor points, simplifying the process of affixing these enhancements to any part of the yacht. Crafted with precision in Europe, Searaft’s product exemplify premium craftsmanship by using the highest quality of marine fabrics and materials.


RZR Pro R features the most powerful engine ever put into a stock side-by-side—a naturally aspirated 2.0L, four-cylinder motor that puts out 225 horsepower—making it far and away the new leader in off-road power. Meanwhile, a one-piece chassis coupled with a fully-welded roll cage, strengthened unitized hubs, and massive boxed steel A-arms provide a level of strength that’s rarely, if ever, available from a stock side-by-side. In addition, both RZR Pro R and RZR Turbo R elevate overall control thanks to the industry’s widest stance at 74 inches, and the most dynamic and sophisticated suspension ever designed by Polaris with all-new DYNAMIX DV, an intuitive system that utilizes input from the vehicle and terrain to continuously optimize rebound and compression damping. RZR Pro R and RZR Turbo R don’t merely lead the pack, they leave it in the dust. RZR Pro R is a powerful new breed of 2- or 4-seat side-by-side. It has got the largest factory engine ever dropped into a performance side-by-side and an exceptional capacity to power custom accessories.