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ONBOARD looks at the latest revolutionary software applications to unleash your onboard productivity and operational management

Pinpoint Works

Since being acquired by Voly, Pinpoint Works will soon be integrated with Voly’s financial management platform. The new integration will benefit captains’ management of new build projects and refits, offering a total solution with financial management in place. Seamless work list management onboard, Pinpoint Works organises tasks on yachts through a simple and user-friendly platform. A true upgrade in work list management for the yachting industry. The yacht management software allows the user to define a detailed scope of works before a refit or general yard period – enabling stakeholders to document, facilitate, and coordinate works using a yacht’s unique ‘General Arrangement’ (GA), creating a real-time, interactive work list. Adding photos, videos and documents help to clarify the details of the works to be carried out with a precise location pinpointed on the yachts GA, so that contractors can locate where they are needed onboard. Keeping communication transparent means crew, management, owners, contractors, and project managers can work together more efficiently. Pinpoint Works has been adopted and implemented by +350 superyachts, hundreds of smaller pleasure yachts and dozens of companies, including some of the largest, most prestigious shipyards in the world. Book your 14 day trial online now.


The expense management platform helps captains, crew, management companies, family offices and yacht owners save substantial amounts of time and money by improving the visibility of yacht expenditure, through simple financial controls and real-time spend data. Voly’s fully integrated multi-currency platform, allows users to process secure, real-time payments across 26 different currencies, without the need to log into a separate bank account. It replaces the bank, the FX broker, the accounting solution, the Amex or prepaid card, all in one solution, on one dashboard. From 20 metre yachts to 100+ metre superyachts. From three crew to 200 crew, Voly is a fully scalable platform for processing and tracking yacht and multi- asset expenditure. Uniquely, Voly also provide all clients access to their Voly APA platform. The yachting sector’s first dedicated and fully automated APA platform is specifically designed for operating charters. The platform sees funds paid into a Voly APA account for provisioning the yacht on the charterer’s behalf. Expenses are logged on one online platform, with mobile app and integrated prepaid card. At the end of the charter, a full account of expenditure is produced with an automated report. With over 1000 yachts already using Voly, see the difference Voly can make to improve the management of your asset. To book a demo of the Voly platform visit their website now.

Experience unmatched safety and comfort with SEA.AI’s SENTRY System. An unwavering and tireless lookout, a revolutionary machine vision system designed to empower mariners and revolutionise safety at sea. By seamlessly combining optical and thermal cameras with advanced artificial intelligence, SENTRY provides an automatic and untiring lookout of unprecedented power. SENTRY’s advanced technology fills the gap of conventional radar and AIS systems, effortlessly detecting and classifying all floating objects within an intuitive interface. With its exceptional collision avoidance capabilities, you can navigate with absolute confidence, ensuring the safety of your vessel and crew. Bid farewell to blind spots and welcome a new era of 360° situational awareness, both at sea and at anchor. SENTRY’s state-of-the-art object tracking feature, fuelled by cutting-edge machine vision, offers effortless monitoring of your surroundings. Embark on a new chapter of maritime excellence with SEA. AI’s SENTRY. Embrace the future and experience uncompromising safety and peace of mind.


IDEA Data Solutions is a market leading yacht management software company, providing a full range of solutions across the globe. With a hands-on approach to continuously meet and exceed the needs and requirements of their customers, their vastly experienced team work hard to understand pain points, providing intuitive software solutions to improve working life at sea. IDEA develops its software fully in-house, maintaining full control of all products and services, eliminating the chance of running into problems due to a third party discontinuing support. IDEA YACHT is a complete, easy-to-use solution developed to assist the efficient day-to-day management of superyachts, minimising costs, streamlining mission critical processes and routine tasks, whilst safeguarding vessel assets and seafarers alike. From tracking crew rotas, components and their maintenance tasks, to ensuring all documentation is present and compliant, IDEA ensure that everything is First.Time.Right and meets the requirement of the vessel. Alongside many software integrations, IDEA offers full custom software, whether a cloud solution, on-board only, an app or a combination is required.


In a world where excellence and precision are paramount, where every details matters, there is an app designed to transform the way you manage your yacht. CRYSTAL by IMS, the ultimate hospitality app that ensures quality, provides structure and empowers your crew to perform at the highest level. The bespoke app is tailored to your needs so you can experience a new level of efficiency, peace of mind and focus on guest service. Six core values are reflected in the app, the services resonate with driven crew, demanding guests and clients. Quality, accountability, transparency, control, innovation and protection. IMS believe care begins beforehand. Manuals and handbooks are created in the CRYSTAL app, thoughtful surface care manuals, coherent SOPs, tutorials, inventory tracking and more are included to meet your needs. Protect your yacht, enable the highest crew performance while building a sustainable and true +7* operation. CRYSTAL – Empowering captains and crew across all departments.

Released in 2013, DEEP Blue gained a reputation for being an industry leading software for yacht management. It’s a user-friendly platform, with ten modules covering every aspect of the vessel. From managing all administrative documentation to the most specific and meticulous details of the planned maintenance system, DEEP Blue will help all the crew and relevant players involved in yacht management. The software will allow you to regroup all information in one place, avoid pointless and complicated apps or software and quickly extract all reports and needed information. One of the main aspects of DEEP Blue is giving all users different access to information depending on their job position. All the data can be shared on the same platform with different permission levels. The most interesting part is the maintenance system or PMS module. This module will allow supervision of all tasks, safety checks, get alerts for those drills, and quickly produce helpful reporting to ensure correct procedures are scheduled. All this is linked to the spare parts stock. Used by more than 250 yachts, several management companies and family offices, the software is constantly evolving.

DEEP BLUEDeep Blue Software

In-Yacht Software is a One-Stop-Solution aimed at streamlining the activities onboard any given yacht. In-Yacht wants to be the right hand of the crew, giving them a tool to easily and quickly manage their activities. Each crew member depending on their rank can access the functions of the software, relevant to their role. In-Yacht is divided into modules that cover the yacht’s entire operation, including effective ISM management, Crew&Guest module including crew hours of rest, while expenses and budgets can be managed in the Finance module. Maintenance is looked after within the robust PMS module and Inventory, stock and procurement are all covered by the Stock&Supply module. The significant value added is the integration between all the modules which allows you to save time and avoid entering information several times. Flexibility and customisation in one powerful solution.


Ankor’s ‘Trips’ software is a first-of-its-kind in the yacht charter broking industry. Providing a streamlined, Canva- inspired solution for creating itineraries and proposals that are lightning fast to produce, captivatingly unique, and perfectly on- brand. Launched in April 2022, Ankor has quickly gained traction with hundreds of discerning Charter Brokers and professionals in more than 15 countries, from the US, Europe, the UK and Australia. Ankor’s Trips empowers brokers with a vast selection of layout options, flexible design tools, and an ever-expanding library of content and images, allowing users to effortlessly craft an itinerary that aligns with their brand identity. With the option to choose pre-designed templates or start from scratch, brokers can customise the materials with their brand colours, fonts, and logos in just a few clicks. A standout feature is its reusability. Brokers can easily revise or duplicate successful itineraries, saving time and effort. This enables them to send updated versions to new prospective clients, providing a personalised touch without starting from scratch.

Pioneering the evolution of connected spaces, LINK leads the way in vessel monitoring and control solutions. The team behind LINK have over 20 years experience in smart technologies and have utilised their wealth of knowledge to create an ecosystem that turns a vessel into a truly ‘smart yacht’. LINK is unique in that it connects together every system on a yacht, utilising existing devices and networks, and bringing them together via the LINKbridge. Once installed this offers complete visibility of a vessel in real-time, whether onboard or thousands of miles away; ideal for remote ETO services and management companies, as well as freeing up time for crew. LINK delivers control and visibility of all onboard devices, including lighting, climate, cameras, engines, batteries, tanks, and more. All data is logged enabling easy analysis at any time. Comprehensive security utilities enable total oversight of who can access what information and from which device. Guests can utilise the iPhone app or in-room touchscreens to control their lighting and climate needs whilst the crew can make use of LINK’s comprehensive alert technology to keep the vessel running smoothly throughout the season and beyond. Accessible locally and remotely via computer, iphone, touchscreen or MFD, LINK is an incredibly powerful vessel management solution.


Created for the world’s most exclusive settings, GEST is the seven- star service call system at sea and shore. With just one press on the button, GEST offers guests a high-quality and personalised service experience by calling a butler, contacting the onboard crew or reaching out to their personal assistant. GEST is crafted to perfectly blend into the finest of interiors and is customisable to your own unique style and needs. Choose from high quality leather or wood, a wide range of colours or engrave your favourite texts, patterns and logos on the ring. Elevate the exclusivity of your wooden button by opting for a woody veneer finish engraving. With wireless charging, subtle notifications and a sleek touch-glass, it truly is a piece of art. Intuitive technology meets elegant design for an immersive luxury experience with seamless integration on any yacht, hotel or residence.

Charter Itinerary (CI) is a trailblazer in the world of yachting, experiencing over 300% growth in the past 12 months and earning the trust of the biggest names in the industry. With its groundbreaking B2B software exclusively tailored for luxury, crewed charter professionals, CI revolutionises the industry by consolidating and streamlining complex booking and management processes with unrivalled efficiency and innovation. Through cutting-edge technology and advanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, CI delivers a transformative experience for both yacht charter providers and their clients. At the heart of CI lies a suite of exceptional features, elevating the charter experience to unprecedented heights. The Itinerary Creator puts the power of personalisation in professionals’ hands, enabling them to craft extraordinary journeys tailored to their clients’ desires. The Yacht Proposal Creator showcases the epitome of luxury, captivating clients with irresistible yacht offers. With the Contract and Booking Manager, professionals seamlessly navigate the entire booking process, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and increased profitability. Empowering professionals to unlock limitless possibilities, CI leaves an indelible impression on clients and solidifies its position as leaders in the field. Join the visionary ranks and let CI be your trusted companion on the journey to unparalleled success in the world of luxury yacht charters.


SALT Superyachts, an experienced management house with extensive PMS landscape knowledge, recognises Planned Maintenance Systems’ importance for ensuring onboard safety and operational reliability. Captains and their crew members often feel overwhelmed when it comes to managing records and maintenance lists due to heavy workloads, conflicting priorities and complex interfaces. To address this challenge, SALT Superyachts has partnered with SEAHUB to offer 24/7 management support that is seamlessly integrated with award-winning PMS software. Clear, user-friendly and effortless navigation, fully compliant with industry standards. Conveniently accessible on mobile and tablet devices for Windows and iOS platforms. SALT Superyachts customised management support and SEAHUB dynamic maintenance software streamline the approach for delivering critical maintenance tasks, access to real-time inventory and creating a digital database of critical documents. Owners gain assurance and shipyards benefit from installing a PMS during the build stage, guaranteeing compliance with warranty and manufacturer’s requirements.