Sustainability with Hempel

Sustainably conscious

In today’s world of sustainability awareness, reducing the impact on the environment is crucial for every yacht owner

Let us introduce you to Hempel’s latest, innovative but above all, efficient antifouling solution for superyachts. Hempaguard X7 – the industry-leading silicone-based hull coating that provides maximum energy efficiency and the first antifouling product approved by the Water Revolution Foundation as a sustainable solution. Hempaguard X7 not only keeps yachts’ hulls clean, but also significantly reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Hempaguard X7 can be used for all vessels with no limitation on service speeds, including slow/ultraslow steaming vessels and FPSOs, and it is also recommended for propellers. It is suitable for vessels operating with long service intervals, up to 60 months together with superyachts that have long idle periods of up to 120 days.

Hempaguard X7 the premium antifouling solution for superyachts was already recognised last year at the Monaco Yacht Show by receiving the prestigious Water Revolution Foundation Sustainability Certificate.

Sustainability with Hempel“The joint effort Hempel as a company is making to ensure our product solutions are more efficient and effective, while respecting the environment, through the constant development of new technologies has finally been recognised by, not only the Water Revolution Foundation, but the yacht industry as well. Receiving the Water Revolution Foundation certificate is further proof Hempel’s new solutions have been recognised,” says Tino Rikkert, Hempel Yacht Global Director.

Thomas Olsen, Yacht Marketing Director, in a recent interview to the Water Revolution Foundation explained why submitting product data to a third party evaluation is vital: “It’s extremely important to get a third party to evaluate our coating systems. Sustainability is here to stay and Hempel has a strategy that we want to be the sustainability leaders in this industry, so this is an important move for us. This is a product that can make a significant difference in driving towards sustainability within the superyacht sector.”

As a reminder, Water Revolution Foundation has recognised and placed Hempaguard X7 among their first verified sustainable antifouling solutions for superyachts supporting Hempel’s efforts in facilitating a greener yachting industry.

Hempel, a global painting company well known in the commercial marine sector, has set an ambitious goal to reduce the environmental impact of their manufacturing. They have been tirelessly working to reduce the environmental impact of the marine industry for decades. Hempaguard X7 and Hempasil X3+ bring real tangible benefits to the industry and are fundamentally different and unique compared to all currently available hull coatings. Using technology that forms a hydrogel at the surface in contact with water, it makes it incredibly difficult for marine organisms to attach to the hull and it works even when the vessel is in port or at anchor.

Superyacht captains and management companies all want to reduce their maintenance workload but still maintain efficiency. Time saved on monthly cleaning regimes can help them stay out of drydock as long as possible.

Visit Hempel at Monaco Yacht Show at stand number AL38 – QUAI ALBERT IER
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