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With a unique suite of products, the Pinpoint Works and Voly platform will help you complete your refit project accurately, on time, with a transparent view of budgets

A Voly Group Product Pinpoint Works is a project management platform widely used in the superyacht industry to manage refit projects seamlessly. The software transforms a vessel’s general arrangement (GA) into an interactive work list solution. It enables project managers, yacht crew, shipyards, management companies and owners to keep track of the schedule, budget, and tasks involved in a refit.

Here are 5 key benefits of using the Pinpoint Works work list communication platform for a refit project:

1. Efficient Time-Tracking:
Managing time efficiently is one of the most significant challenges in any refit project. Pinpoint Works allows users to create a detailed project timeline that can be updated in real-time. This feature enables project managers to monitor progress and make necessary adjustments to meet strict deadlines. It also provides clear visibility of tasks and milestones, ensuring the project stays on schedule.

2. Real-time Communication:
The success of any superyacht refit project depends on effective communication between all stakeholders. Pinpoint Works ensures everyone is on the same page. It allows users to assign tasks to the right people, share updates, ask questions, and resolve issues in real-time, avoiding any delays or miscommunications. The software’s latest feature offers push notifications to the mobile app, ensuring everyone is instantly aware of any changes or updates.

3. Task Management:
Refit projects involve numerous tasks and subtasks that must be carefully managed to stay on track. Pinpoint Works enables users to create a detailed, customisable work list using an interactive general arrangement or site plan that provides a visual overview of the scope of works.

4. Document Management:
Superyacht refit projects involve significant documentation, including contracts, plans, and technical specifications. Pinpoint Works offers a centralised document management system that ensures all project documents are easily accessible to all stakeholders.

5. Reporting:
Pinpoint Works offers robust reporting capabilities, providing valuable insights into project progress. Users can generate customisable reports and dashboards, providing a real-time overview of key project metrics. Auto-formatted images speed up the process of reporting documentation, and the platform’s simple export function to PDF, Word, or Excel ensures on-site walkarounds and meetings are a breeze. Clear and concise reports help identify areas that require improvement and help project managers make data-driven decisions to keep the project on track.

Incorporating Pinpoint Works into a refit project can significantly improve its efficiency and expedite the whole process, making it an indispensable tool for the superyacht industry.

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As well as providing financial management for operational superyachts and charters, Voly is also being used for refits.

An area often overlooked is the currency fees incurred by yacht owners and management companies. Sometimes through a lack of understanding or through the perceived ease of making payments to suppliers and boat yards via their business bank accounts in multiple currencies.

Voly’s yacht financial management platform, prepaid card, mobile app has an FX payment platform built within the software that is used to manage multiple currencies and pay suppliers directly. It replaces the bank, the FX broker, the accounting solution, the Amex or prepaid card, all in one solution, on one dashboard. From 20 metre yachts to 100+ metre superyachts.

Boat owners, management companies and family offices are no longer required to log into a separate business bank account to pay invoices to the boatyard for refit works. Their entire refit budget can be uploaded to Voly, and suppliers can be paid directly from Voly, with the choice of making payment in up to 26 currencies, at low market rate currency rates, including Free ACH, SEPA & faster payments.

Benefit from

1. Accounting
2. Card
3. Cash
4. Banking
5. FX
6. Approvals
7. Charter APA

• Voly is saving some clients 6-7 figures on FX fees

• High Limit Expense Cards with a daily spend of £450,000 and £4,000 in cash withdrawals

• SAVE up to 50% OF ADMIN TIME – 33% of users said Voly saves them over 50% of financial admin time

• It takes LESS THAN 10 SECONDS TO LOAD A RECEIPT on the Voly mobile app

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