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Helidecks is a leading name in the design and manufacture of helipads made of either aluminium or cement. Over the years, the requirement to install ever lighter and more technologically advanced helipads, using highly resistant materials that are not subject to corrosion – on roofs, offshore platforms and mega yachts, has led our team of civil engineers and other personnel who can draw on decades of experience in the avionics sector, to develop partnerships with the world’s leading manufacturers of mega yachts.

The company produces turnkey helidecks on board mega yachts, dealing with the design, project development, all hot works and final testing. Once the aeronautical study of the yacht in question is completed, we proceed with the determination of the SFA – SAFE LANDING AREA and LOS – LIMITED OBSTACLE SECTOR.The technical team calculates the mechanical impact of the helicopter flow rotor on the helideck surroundings, as well as the impact of the thermal discharge (exhaust) cones. The teak finish and the night flight assistance system are customised to the owner’s needs. All of the helidecks are made with non-slip coating and provide the highest level of safety during take-off and landing. The helicopter’s remote access to the control panel ensures the essential full control of the helideck at all times.

The final test ensures compliance to international law Passenger Yacht Code – LY2 / LY3, cap 437 certifying not only the construction of the helideck but also its environmental impact.

The support equipment such as fire fighting, aviation radio and the weather station are certified according to Technical standards for helicopter landing areas and helicopter operating standards LY2 / LY3. The helidecks are manufactured and certified in accordance with the standards of Lloyd’s of London.

The style and design of our helidecks are in harmony with the overall design of the yacht. Helidecks is able to supply aluminium helipads, which are assembled directly in the yard to the client’s specifications. The helipad is manufactured in compliance with the internationally recognised ICAO standards, and can be provided complete with optional extras to meet the client’s requirements, including a lighting system to facilitate night-time flying (complete with the new ‘SAGA SYSTEM’ of azimuthal guidance for approach), a fire-prevention system, an ice-melting system and refuelling pumps. The installation on the ship or platform is very much a ‘Plug & Play’ operation.

Depending on the client’s requirements, Helidecks is able to offer assembly kit solutions that can be sent to any country. The assembly and installation of the helipad can be carried out by our highly qualified personnel on the ground, before being lifted as a whole onto the third-party support structure, or directly onto the Helideck support structure.

The aluminium support structure weighs less than the landing surface, and it provides enormous advantages in terms of balancing on the fixed or floating platform, enabling the use of lighter reinforcements that would otherwise weigh down the vessel or the platform itself. Our aluminium assembly-kit helipads can be installed in a matter of days and are supplied complete with a sub-horizontal safety grid and perimeter eaves.

Time and again, over many years, our aluminium helipads have demonstrated their excellent resistance to atmospheric corrosion, even in the marine environment, without the requirement for specific protective surface treatments that would then require to be monitored and maintained on an ongoing basis.

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