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Over the past 12 months, Netherlands based company, TOTALLUX LED Lighting Solutions, has undergone substantial expansion with further evolution on the horizon. Jan Mark Zumpolle explains more

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We are all very excited about the new developments at TOTALLUX. A big step has been purchasing a building which will serve as the new HQ for our expanding teams. With a larger warehouse and better workshop facilities, we will be able to conduct testing, mockups and customisations – all in-house. And our new showroom and dedicated training facility will enable us to offer so much more on site at our headquarters.

The new HQ will also have a dedicated space for an exciting new specialised Silicone Injection Molding machine. This machine is the only one of its kind in Europe and will eliminate the need for Flexline modifications to be done abroad – saving time and unnecessary travel and facilitating a much more convenient customisation process.

In order to meet the needs of their rapidly growing customer base, new expertise has been added in the form of several new sales personnel and high-level consultants. TOTALLUX has also expanded their geographical base, with experienced yachting professional, Mike Jardine, who joined the team in 2020. Mike operates out of offices in Nice, and his main remit is to introduce the product ranges to new customers in France, Italy and Spain and to support TOTALLUX’s Mediterraneanbased customers.

Two powerful new partnerships were recently signed between TOTALLUX and leading lighting suppliers, Lumishore underwater lighting and LightGraphix luxury indoor and outdoor lighting. These collaborations form part of TOTALLUX’s 2.0 goal to offer customers a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all their LED lighting solutions.

Sustainability is high on the TOTALLUX 2.0 agenda: “We feel very strongly about playing our part in doing business in a more sustainable way. Being in the Marine trade, the oceans are naturally our top priority and we are committed supporters of The Ocean Clean Up – a proudly Dutch initiative that aims to collect 90 per cent of plastic from oceans by 2040.We also use only recyclable packaging for all our products. Our new building will be totally self-sustainable with solar panels and rainwater systems, and we will be offering bicycles to all of our staff to further decrease our carbon footprint as a company,” adds Jan Mark.

When it comes to products, one of TOTALLUX’s proudest sustainability innovations is their new Shortcutting range of TLX LED Flexlines. Spurred by customers’ needs, TOTALLUX developed ‘shortcutting’ versions of their TLX Flexline Series. “The development of this shortcutting range means we now produce Flexlines that can be cut as close as one or two LEDs. In the case of our most popular TLX8 Flexline, this takes the cutting length from 83.3 mm to a very short 13.9 mm. This allows designers much more creativity in their designs and reduces shadow issues. It also gives more flexibility to installers and builders and, the ability to cut to a much more precise length means a massive reduction in waste.”

Another recent technical development: we have upgraded our TLX LED Flexline series from a standard 80CRi to 90CRi across the range.

Jan Mark concludes, “The main reason for the success we’ve enjoyed at TOTALLUX is the strong business relationships we have built with our loyal customers and design teams over the years. Using the latest technologies coupled with our lighting expertise and installation knowledge, we are committed to achieving the best end result in the most efficient way for every project.”

Complementing the company’s expansion plans, TOTALLUX also recently launched their new website

TOTALLUX LED Lighting Solutions