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The latest DEEP Blue V3.70 offers ten modules to cover every corner of the increasingly complex yacht operations

Deep Blue Software

Since DEEP Blue Soft released its first yacht management version in 2013, our development team has continued to work closely with yachting and merchant navy professionals. This collaboration helps ensure a robust well-architected industryspecific software solution over time, renowned for its user-friendly interface and relevant modules.

All modules have been designed and constantly updated with inputs from captains, crew members, yacht managers, financial directors, human resources specialists and owners’ representatives. This is our assurance that we can match the requirements of our clients and address yachting’s specific demands. From Finance, HRM to PMS and ISM, DEEP Blue covers every corner of the yacht operations in a single platform, effectively easing crew and managers’ workload and securing the communication flow between the yacht and the owner’s team ashore.

In April, DEEP Blue released the latest version, V3.70, a significant upgrade that brought new features and functionalities to the existing modules and introduced two-stand alone modules, Inventory (INV) and Spare Parts (SPA).

Managing large and expensive inventories in excel or on paper can make the administration endless and, in many cases, inaccurate. The brand-new INV module has been built on a modern technology (100% mobile compatible) and features an entirely new interface to boost the inventory management.

The interior department can browse through a highly visual catalogue and edit multiple inventory items at once. Stock check by locations, issue items to crew members and remove items from use are just some of the inventory management actions. The extensive reporting capabilities produce customised detailed valuation reports with pictures and financial information for owners and insurers.

The new technology deployed on the PMS and SPA improved the technical reading of both modules. In SPA, the crew can easily find spare parts by location or the equipment to which the parts are related. DEEP Blue shows all stock levels and those below minimum in one click. With the newly redesigned PMS interface, engineers can track all maintenance tasks through various filters and a powerful search engine. DEEP Blue displays all tasks by status, date range, frequency and the comprehensive reporting application provides detailed reports on jobs completed.

No matter the size of the vessel, DEEP Blue offers a daily professional framework for captains and crew members to adhere to the various regulations and obligations. By installing shared procedures, all parties can increase security and bring value to both the work onboard and the owner’s asset, with optimum transparency.

Every license in DEEP Blue runs on dedicated secured servers hosted at professional internet service provider where highsecurity measures are guaranteed. Granular access permissions to each module and functionality define ‘who can see what’ and ‘who can do what’ in the system, ensuring that only authorised users can access sensitive data.

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