AquaBanas luxury boat inflatables

Take your yachting adventures to the next level

AquaBanas is “Redefining Water Entertainment” with its luxurious and innovative inflatable Bana decks.

AquaBanas can be used as a single unit or connected to form a larger system using a modular design. Backrests, tables and tent connections are only the beginning of the amenities and possibilities that come with AquaBanas products. Although AquaBanas were originally designed for adults, they are suitable for all ages because they are easy to climb onto and enjoyed by all! AquaBanas is breaking boundaries when it comes to water activities.

If you have ever dreamed of having a floating oasis on your property or at the back of your yacht, AquaBanas has many products that will turn your dreams into reality. AquaBanas’ extensive 158- page catalogue is filled with platforms ranging from Land Banas to Floating Banas, all built to the highest standards of inflatable technology. Designed by Mark Anastasia, a veteran in the inflatable industry, AquaBanas takes an entirely new approach to recreational floating fun. BanaGrip non-slip surfaces, Gator Mouth connections and awesome tented shade areas create the opportunity to build any size AquaBanas system to entertain large or small groups of people. Each Bana deck can comfortably support over 1,100kg!

The AquaBanas collection also features yacht slides, loungers of various sizes, personal watercraft inflatables, tents, and even pools that can be set up in the water. If you begin your Bana journey with either the Party Bana or the Picnic Bana, all other AquaBanas products can be attached to create the ultimate personalised system.

Custom Bana systems and resort packages are available to create a full floating retreat. Each product has BanaGrip non-slip surfaces, and all the deck materials are welded and formed into one piece to ensure your Bana deck is durable and reliable. AquaBanas systems can be used and enjoyed in any type of water, whether saltwater or freshwater, lakes, bays, most rivers, and even on sandbars. Even better – all AquaBanas are built to a rugged ME (Middle East) standard that ensures the products do not fall apart in extreme temperatures of 50°C or higher. This is achieved by hot air welding or high-frequency welding of all major components.

The Party Bana is the most popular system due to the multitude of connection possibilities and the simplicity of its management. Able to fit up to 10 adults, the system has a 48-inch round tabletop with built-in drink holders and a centre well, surrounded by a stable bench for comfortable seating. Tents, loungers and PWC Banas are some of the most popular additions to large Bana combination systems. All products are packed in boxes, and the Party Bana set includes the pumps and hoses needed for set- up. Instructions help you open the boxes and get right to the fun.

The Picnic Bana is one of AquaBanas’ largest signature inflatables. It has an 86-inch table and enough room for up to 14 adults. This unit is perfect for waterfront properties or larger yacht crews. The various Bana Pools introduce an innovative concept to the AquaBanas line of products. For example, the AquaBanas POP 3 Pool system has a slightly different setup, with its 3-piece set designed for easy storage and assembly. These systems can connect an additional 6 Bana decks and hold more than 40 people. They are great for use at different waterfront resort locations or when attached to a yacht.

AquaBanas products can be shipped directly to your yacht or resort, with staff available to help with any questions before and after delivery.

Whether you love indulging in the sun and want to veer away from traditional water entertainment, or you have a special event to which you want to add some excitement, AquaBanas has a solution for every taste, occasion and party size. AquaBanas introduces a whole new perspective on water activities, and its products transform your experience in a unique, safe, fun, and dependable way. An entire world of water amusement and relaxation is waiting for you.

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