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As the first company to develop, patent and market electric stabilizers in the yachting industry, CMC Marine explains the advantages and benefits of electric stabilization

Nowadays there is no owner of a yacht over 80 feet that does not require a stabilizing system on board: stabilizers are no longer an option for comfort, they’re a must have. Not only do they provide great comfort, they also ensure exceptional seakeeping for safer navigation.

The debate then shifted from not just installing a stabilizer, but whether it should be electric or not.

When CMC Marine introduced the first electric stabilizing system, ‘Stabilis Electra’ on the market, back in 2010, they knew they had a great product, but the team never imagined how big of a hit it would be. CMC Marine went from being the only company in the world to supply such a product to seeing all their major competitors run to develop and market their own version over the following years.

Today CMC Marine’s electric stabilizing systems are installed on yachts across the world from 12 to 80 metres, and a good share of their clients, either shipyards or owners, are repeat clients. That is because choosing their products translate into advantages for all the stakeholders, from the shipyard to the owners, from the crews to the assistance centres.

Talking about performance, CMC Marine’s Stabilis Electra is the Next-Gen stabilization systems that eliminate roll both at anchor and under way, the best-in-class for roll reduction with softer yacht motion (lower acceleration) for unrivalled comfort. The Adaptive mode adjusts the system operational parameters automatically, for an optimal performance in all operating conditions (different load conditions, wave length and period, etc…). It doesn’t require a long start-up time either, Stabilis Electra can be started and be immediately active.

Focusing on sustainability, CMC have great news: powered by top quality electric motors, Stabilis Electra is more efficient and needs significantly less electrical power than other systems (>85%), there is no risk of oil contamination or other pollutants, and more than 90% is manufactured with recyclable materials.

CMC Marine - Electric StabilizationStabilis Electra, the first electrically actuated stabilizing system covered by European Patent 2172394 (EP).
CMC Marine Argo advanced control system can control up to eight independent surfaces, integrating fin and rudder control for improved yacht stability. Thanks to Argo it is possible to control roll, pitch and yaw together, improving seakeeping, especially with following seas. The majority of the different systems are covered by European and/or US patent.

The Electric stabilization benefits are even greater for refit projects: thanks to compact, quick, easy to install and the high reliability system requiring low maintenance.

With the superyacht industry slowly transitioning towards electric and hybrid solutions, there are more and more electric systems being installed on board, but the advantage with CMC Marine’s systems is that they can be integrated. With Argo, the world’s first electronic integration of steering, stabilizers, and autopilot in one control unit, improving the yacht’s total stability and efficiency. The key is that the autopilot communicates constantly with the fins, so the fins and rudder, rather than fighting each other, can work together in harmony for substantial improvements to route stability, fuel efficiency, and onboard comfort. Plus, Argo can warn the captain about sea conditions, such as broaching, helping to keep the yacht on an optimal course for performance and guest comfort.

One of the first yachts ever to be equipped with CMC Marine’s Argo was an Azimut Grande Trideck back in 2020 with many more notable yachts following the technological trends for sustainable yachting.

With the incredible technological developments we are witnessing in many industries, we expect new breakthroughs in yachting, a market that traditionally tends to be more conservative, although CMC Marine has proven over the years that great revolutions can be excepted thanks to constant research and the company’s R&D capabilities,

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