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Will Faimatea explains the benefit of having your own personal virtual ETO on hand during a busy charter season to save you a mountain of headaches and down time

With regular reporting, we enable captains and owners to budget for upgrades and plan ahead, helping to mitigate expensive and unexpected costs

Will Faimatea is still very involved with crew

In the world of superyachts, details matter, and faultless service is key. If the Airplay isn’t working or the Wi-Fi on the sundeck is weak, guests will notice and require it to be fixed, and fast. It’s these types of system malfunctions, when having a technology expert on speed dial who can quickly guide the crew through a step-by-step solution, which make all the difference.

Have you ever wished for someone to fix all your problems while you peacefully sleep at night? Bond TM founder, Will Faimatea has, which is why he launched our Virtual ETO Service in 2007. It was created to provide remote support for superyachts without an onboard AV/IT specialist and continues to deliver a much-needed client service today.

From the start, Faimatea pioneered AV/IT Alarm and Monitoring in the yachting industry. Bond’s 35+ engineers are primed for the urgency and detail that superyachts require, offering support to complement your Chief Engineers or ETO and a consistent, broader knowledge base over the life of the vessel. With regular reporting, we enable captains and owners to budget for upgrades and plan ahead, helping to mitigate expensive and unexpected costs.

Technology continues to advance at a rapid rate, but Bond engineers are involved throughout all stages of a vast spectrum of yachts. This means, from build consultancy through to operational support, our specialist engineers apply the smartest technologies on the market to factor in cost and time-saving tweaks.

With strategically placed offices in Europe, the USA, South Africa and Australia, Bond offers a true 24 hour-support service. Our dedicated team of specialist engineers is on hand to provide invaluable 24-hour telephone and online support, wherever you are in the world.

Not all problems are what they first seem to be. A TV not working can be caused by a glitch with the VSAT. An owner’s Zoom call dropping out could be a bandwidth delegation problem. And the AV might go off because the storage cabinet is overheating. Our team of experts in Audio Visual, IT, Communications, HVAC, Cyber & Security Systems and Navigation work together behind the scenes to identify and rectify problems, quickly and efficiently.

A cyber risk assessment is the vital first step in identifying your current cyber risk. Whether you’re addressing your general onboard cybersecurity or need to comply with the latest regulations, following industry best practice is a must. Many cyber-attacks are unsophisticated and can easily be avoided by improving staff understanding. With Cyber Risk Management now forming part of the ISM code and data security falling under GDPR, cyber risk awareness is a key feature of cybersecurity.

When working with IT, a holistic approach is best. Cybersecurity affects all facets of the OT/IT equipment setup, so be sure you have policies and procedures in place that reflect the highest standard of safety while still being able to function daily. At Bond, we can help you to build the secure environment you need, from beginning to end.

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