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Torsten Steinbrecher Qualtron GmbHTorsten Steinbrecher from Qualtron explains how to have ‘The Definitive Movie Experience’ on board your yacht with Bel Air Cinema’s unique and dedicated solution

When Bel Air Cinema describes their unique, private cinema offering as “The Definitive Movie Experience”, they are not exaggerating. Working with leading studios, distributors and technology leaders, they offer ultra-high-net-worth movie enthusiasts the world’s best content, screened in the highest theatrical quality available, like Samsung Onyx LED.

Now you can enjoy Hollywood’s movie premiere content on the very day it is released to theatres in your country. See the leading studios’ finest movies delivered to your private cinema, with the highest possible audio and video quality available. In short, the director’s vision on your private screen.

Of course, the latest Hollywood blockbuster or Oscar winner may not be to your taste and that is where their Concierge Service comes in. Just as your sommelier will select the wines you love, so Bel Air Cinema’s Concierge Service is on hand to discover classic cinema gems to delight the viewer.

With agreements in place with the leading global studios and distributors, Bel Air Cinema can deliver the films you most want to see, with both subtitled and dubbed versions available straight to your very own private cinema.

Qualtron - the ultimate cinema experienceIt should be noted that Bel Air Cinema is not merely another movie streaming service, using consumer grade HDMI, but the professional standard in use at Hollywood Premiers. The Bel Air Cinema platform is designed for use with DCI-compliant equipment only, ensuring professional grade quality. This format is approved by all Hollywood studios, for those who will only settle for the best.

The Bel Air Cinema platform supports 2k/4K, HFR, and HDR formats. The superb soundtrack is delivered to the best possible audio standards, including 5.1, 7.1, Dolby Atmos, Barco Auro 13.1, D-Box, and DTS object-based 3D audio systems.

This world beating cinema platform can be found onboard exclusive gigayachts and superyachts across the world’s oceans. As their Marine Distributor, Qualtron has been privileged to work on some of Bel Air Cinema’s exquisite onboard cinemas. The complex technology that creates this breath-taking realism is matched only by the simplicity of control. With the touch of a button, on the dedicated, bespoke iPad control system you can view the latest films from leading studios.

This is not a movie streaming service reliant upon buffered internet access. The exclusive, bespoke service delivers the ultimate viewing and immersive sound quality and comes complete with their Support Team and Concierge Service.

For more information on how Bel Air Cinema can transform your private cinema experience on board, contact Qualtron. T: +49 4331 43 79 057 [email protected] www.qualtron.com www.belaircinema.com

Qualtron - the ultimate cinema experience