Excellence by Everlux


Where Safety and Compliance meet Artistry!

In the world of luxury yacht interiors, safety is still paramount. But what if safety could also come in the form of a work of art? Everlux Maritime has ingeniously combined these two seemingly disparate elements to create Excellence by Everlux, a ground-breaking range of photoluminescent safety signage.

Excellence by Everlux signs have a highly discreet profile and create a harmonious coexistence between the interior architectural details and the sign elements.

The Excellence by Everlux safety signs offer a durable, resistant, and a quick and easy installation solution. These signs are available in a range of standard base materials, such as acrylic, glass or metal, and can also be manufactured using the customer’s substrate of choice.

Excellence by Everlux complies with IMO Resolution A.1116(30) and with the more recent Red Ensign Group Yacht Code. This is particularly important as the Red Ensign Group Yacht Code states in its Part B Passenger Yacht Code (up to 36 passengers) that “escape route signs and fire equipment location markings shall be of photoluminescent material”. This is incorporated in this Code’s requirement for the installation of a Low-Location Lighting (LLL) system in the vessel’s means of escape. This unique system allows escape routes, including stairways and exits, to be illuminated at deck level (up to 300mm from the finished floor surface), providing clear, continuous and unambiguous guidance to a safe location.

Excellence by Everlux The safety signage system is also effective in identifying the location of firefighting and emergency equipment, reducing the potential for confusion and panic during an emergency.

As required by the Red Ensign Group Yacht Code for systems installed onboard yachts with a capacity of up to 36 passengers, the Everlux Low-location Lighting (LLL) system complies with IMO Resolution A.752(18), ISO 15370, the SOLAS Convention, and other applicable International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards.

The components of the Everlux Low- location Lighting (LLL) system are certified to the Marine Equipment Directive (MED) and the UK Conformity Assessment Scheme (UK-MER) and therefore carry the Wheelmark and the Red Ensign marks of conformity.

Everlux is also an Approved Service Supplier by DNV and can provide on-board Low-location Lighting (LLL) luminance measurement services.

This service is part of a complete solution for the superyacht industry, that includes several other services such as remote and on-board surveys, LLL project development, installation, and commissioning.

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