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RAD Propulsion introduces its first electric drive system, the RAD 40, a radically different outboard for ribs and powerboats designed from the ground up by a team of expert engineers. The stylish and lightweight drive with intuitive operating features stands out from the crowd.

The RAD 40 has a super compact and lightweight form factor. This maximises space onboard and ensures seamless integration for boat builders. The low profile and attractive styling means there are no protrusions into the vessel over the transom, even when fully tilted upwards.

It comes complete with a drive-by-wire control system for easy installation. With the option of adding RAD batteries in different sizes to suit usage requirements, customers have the full turnkey solution from purchase.


  • Compact – smaller than its conventional equivalent and designed so that the motor doesn’t intrude onto the vessel’s deck space. The outboard remains behind the transom when tilted up.
  • Accurate – exceptional control and manoeuvrability with full drive-by-wire controls and 180 degrees of steering available. Forget worrying about a tight berth on a windy day.
  • Quiet – less noisy than internal combustion engines enabling you to immerse yourself in the environment around you.
  • Reliable – works every time and requires minimal maintenance, making dodgy fuel gauges and clogged filters a thing of the past.
  • Efficient – reduced running costs when compared to fossil fuel powered systems and ready for use wherever and whenever you need it.
  • Ease of installation – its lightweight and neat form makes installation a breeze. No requirement for external steering gear and connections.


At RAD, our product engineering goes above and beyond the standard when it comes to testing. We are constantly putting the RAD 40 through its paces checking out performance at extreme temperatures and undertaking 50 times gravity drop tests. This coupled with due diligence around the most up-to-date and rigorous safety standards makes the RAD 40 the superior choice for both commercial and leisure users.

In terms of safety the RAD proprietary throttle lever has a mechanical lock that prevents the drive being accidentally engaged when stationary which is a common concern among boat users where the silence of an electric motor doesn’t act as a natural warning.

The highly responsive fully digital RAD throttle provides precise control in every situation. It features a neutral safety mechanism, illuminated tilt and trim buttons and is included as standard.

The RAD 40 has our drive-by-wire steering wheel with force feedback with variable resistance – this helps mimic the feel of a traditional mechanical steering system.

RAD’s customers include RS Electric Boats, Valkama in Finland, Hyrex in Norway and Stephens Waring Boat Design in the US.

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