Refit essentials

ONBOARD looks at the wide range of companies offering dedicated refit products and services
for the ever expanding global superyacht fleet

Atlas Carbon Products pioneered the first carbon fibre davit in 2002, and since then, they’ve expanded their range of lifting equipment to address a variety of onboard lifting challenges. Their original Atlas Davit effortlessly lifts up to 500kg, and can be upgraded to handle up to 1000kg. The compact yet powerful Baby Davit can lift up to 250kg, while the Twin Davit system can lift 500kg across the pair, providing convenient stowage for your tender. Atlas were the first manufacturer to offer a Rescue/Man- Riding certified davit, meeting the requirements of the REG A Yacht code. This certification can be applied to most of their Atlas carbon davits.
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Atlas Carbon ProductsAtlas Carbon Products
JJ Covers

Scaffolding and covers for boats are key to their repair and maintenance, offering a safe, effective and comfortable work space so that neither external agents nor weather conditions interfere with the work to be done. JJ COVERS provides high quality scaffolding and coverage solutions that protect vessels during such maintenance tasks. They are specialised in the assembly of structures and covers for the nautical sector. A specialised service that requires professionalism, seriousness and commitment for a demanding sector that in turn requires planning, compliance with deadlines and commitment to each project. They have completed more than 250 projects ranging from small boats to yachts up to 90 metres. JJ Covers is based in Palma de Mallorca but thanks to their flexibility, location is not a problem for the team as they work both in Mallorca and in the rest of the Balearic Islands, for Europe.
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world leading designer and manufacturer of high quality performance propellers and shaftlines for 50 years. Their bespoke approach ensures a quiet, smooth and efficient propulsion system to guarantee reliable comfortable yachting. Numerical ship simulation and Star CCM+ CFD is used to optimise appendage and propeller designs, including Velocity Aligned Rudders (VAR) and brackets (VAB) to increase performance and efficiency. In trials, yacht speeds have increased by between 1 to 2+ knots with the addition of this technology. With a modern CNC focussed UK manufacturing facility Teignbridge is one of the few global companies that genuinely possess the capabilities to design and manufacture high quality and high performance propellers, shaftlines and rudders. Superyacht owners demand both performance and smooth delivery of the power resulting in quietness in all operating conditions. Teignbridge have the necessary experience to optimise the propeller and shaftline to meet these criteria.
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For supreme comfort – have you thought about stabilising local spots onboard. Ship movements caused by the sea have its charm for some, but it may be a challenge leading to discomfort, seasickness and fatigue. The STABLE exceptional technology allows local spot stabilising onboard, neutralising roll and pitch movements and sideway forces. Bespoke, easy refit, low power, completely silent and fully electric. What about the billiards and pool tables? From the world’s first stabilized billiard table delivered in 2002, STABLE have delivered numerous billiards and pool tables for the cruise and yachting segment. The systems can also be installed on the tables on the deck outside. However, the ultimate comfort starts with a stabilized bed. Integration with your interior designer’s unique design, or with suppliers of bespoke luxury beds and handmade mattresses is possible.
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Edson marine

Rudder feel and feedback are the grail of a high-performance sailing yacht steering system, and the compelling advantage of mechanical steering systems over hydraulics. While hydraulic steering provides power, it does so at the cost of eliminating feedback to the helm. This conundrum of providing power with feel is the issue that Edson’s EPAS solves. Combining ultra-sensitive torque sensors, powerful and responsive servo motors, and sophisticated software, EPAS allows the largest sailing yachts to be steered with an ease and efficiency that was previously unimaginable. EPAS allows owners and crew to get back to basics and to enjoy steering their yachts, which is what brings so many of them to the exhilarating world of sailing in the first place.
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The Belgium family owned Timber importer was proud to launch their certified teak products at METSTRADE, Amsterdam in November 2023. With the ongoing issues surrounding traditional teak from Myanmar, the new build and refit markets were calling out for a trusted source of high quality sustainable teak. The journey to find the best products has taken a prolonged period, with product tests and trials with some being more successful than others. This combined with purchasing trips far and wide over the past three years has resulted in today’s new stock offering. Now they are proud to show a number of perfect alternatives sourced from around the world, teak from Latin America, Indonesia and India all fit the criteria. As well as being ethically sourced all are certified, either FSC or FSC controlled wood. Thus the warehouse in Belgium has been slowly growing with the certified teak. The company co-operated with a number of loyal customers on this journey, and now the certified teak is here to stay. Marine teak in FEQ (First European Quality), quarter sawn and deck strips are available for projects large or small.
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C.A.B.B.S was established in 2007 and has steadily grown into being one of the most respected yacht joinery companies in Mallorca. Their reputation is built on the understanding that C.A.B.B.S prioritises quality workmanship coupled with great customer service. Modern woodworking techniques and machinery all combined in a six hundred square metre workshop located only ten minutes from the local marinas, means C.A.B.B.S is ideally located and well equipped to service the local and international marine industry. Their highly skilled team is willing and able to complete whatever job that is required, be it a full interior refit, bespoke furniture, a new bathroom or maybe only minor alterations. The end result from their unwavering dedication to quality and attention to detail means the final product will be something that you will be proud of. With an emphasis on quality and customer service, that is based in the centre of Mediterranean yachting world, C.A.B.B.S is the logical choice.
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CLAPOT Design Services stands as a beacon of excellence in the realms of refit, conversion, and new build design, seamlessly blending creativity with technical prowess. From refits that breathe fresh life into existing vessels to conversions that reimagine the purpose of marine assets, CLAPOT Design ensures a harmonious fusion of aesthetics and functionality. Their new build services are a testament to forward-thinking design, where each vessel is meticulously crafted to exceed industry standards. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, CLAPOT Design navigates the intricate waters of marine design, ensuring every project sails beyond expectations. The comprehensive project management ensures efficiency from concept to sea trials, minimising downtime. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, including 3D modelling and virtual reality, they provide a detailed preview of your yacht’s future.
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Clapot DesignClapot Design

Mobility, adaptability, competence, optimisation, and reactivity are their values. With 37 years of experience, MACOR is recognised in the industry as experts in ship repair and maintenance covering the naval and yachting industry. MACOR represents a chosen solution by the most important shipyards in the south of France with more than 500 projects completed. Skills cover hydraulics, mechanical, lifesaving appliances, spare parts, electrical and load tests. Their technical team is Class certified which allows them to provide a strong technical support to shipyards, vessel owners and management companies. With 150 active customers, 35 collaborators, Macor is based in the Marseille port and in La Ciotat and mobile in the Mediterranean basin and northern Europe. From 2004, Macor joined the AMARIX Group along with YACHTELEC & ETI Services offering a broader solution.
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Dean & Waters

Dean & Waters are superyacht refit experts. From rejuvenation to revision, they seamlessly handle every aspect, providing a successful route to complete superyacht personalisation. With an outstanding reputation, the team encompass a wealth of knowledge and experience in managing the entire refit process and are established professionals at minimising costs and delays. Dedication to perfection is evident from the first consultation to the final walkthrough. Commencing with a comprehensive brief from the owner, they develop a well- informed cost timeline to ensure complete transparency. This forward-thinking approach often enables the seamless integration of a refit with other essential tasks, such as major Class Surveys, minimising yacht downtime.
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After 33 years of completing the install and servicing of HID underwater lights on the largest and most high profile yachts in the world, the time has come to upgrade to LED. Ballast have been discontinued and only an Osram lamp is now available, which has a different colour temperature to the original Philips lamp supplied. The LED upgrade can be completed with the yacht in the water using existing weldins or through hull fitting as long as they are in good condition. With an upgrade necessary, the team can still supply all their manufactured parts such as projectors, glass, o-ring, gaskets if you wish to continue with HID until time comes it no longer works. They keep all thread sizes and internal diameters the same so that upgrades can continue to be completed with ease. UWL runs its own machine shop with 2000KG of 3.2 Lloyd’s certificated material available at any one time so delivery times are never an issue. Machining, production and assembly are all completed in house for the highest levels of quality control, with the team able retro-fit Lumishore, Seavision, DeepSea and OceanLED.
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Underwater LightsUnderwater Lights

An unparalleled team of marine engineering, fabrication and outfitting specialists. With well established relationships with both ‘New Build’ and refit facilities internationally, providing a fully mobile team of technicians onsite, wherever required. The team are approved installers for leading brands such as Harken, offering full certification for both deck hardware and electromechanical equipment. Priding themselves on transparent and quality-assured relationships with clients, captains and crew, they operate globally. The refit- international team work as a cohesive yet autonomous sub-contractor for large finishing companies, shipyards and captains. They maximise the time efficiency on site, offering you fully transferable engineering skills and vessel knowledge for all aspects of your project.
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Refit InternationalRefit International

The extraordinary world of superyachts asks for exceptional expertise. The Dutch company MCK- Suppliers has an experienced, ambitious team of experts that knows their way around refit, new build and operational yachts very well. Engineering, Deck, Galley, Essentials, Interior, Spa, IT, Office & more, no department is left untouched. MCK assists the entire crew with sourcing and supplying their products for a fair price. MCK’s engineering team assists with custom orders, aluminum – steel – ST/ST. The latest techniques for visualising assignments. Honest about delivery times and a well-known service. Over 35 years of experience just can’t be beaten.
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MCK SuppliersMCK Suppliers

Blokland Cooling & Propulsion provides cutting- edge propulsion solutions for superyachts up to 70 metres. With an unwavering commitment to delivering bespoke solutions that align seamlessly with each individual yacht’s unique desires and requirements, Blokland is at the forefront of high-tech propulsion systems. At the core of Blokland’s success are its in-house engineering and production capabilities, boasting over 40 years of invaluable experience. Blokland approaches every project with a wealth of expertise and a customised perspective. What sets Blokland apart is their commitment to innovation and their dedication to sustainability, by delivering eco-friendly systems that align with environmental standards. Their advanced production facility, equipped with machines and welding robots capable of handling systems up to 20 metres in length, ensures efficiency in producing propeller and rudder shafts.
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Established within La Ciotat Shipyards, YACHTELEC specialises in electricity, electronics and electromechanics for the yachting industry. Always chasing the latest innovations, they have been involved in repairs, refits, and new builds. With more than 15 years of experience, 450 yachts handled, 185 suppliers and partners and 25 collaborators, they can proudly offer you the best turnkey solution for superyachts in the south of France. Whether it’s for a complete refit, repair or new build, every project is handled by their projects managers, validated by the engineering office, and monitored by a quality control department.
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At Grupo Barco, they continue to successfully develop their professional activity and offerings to cover engineering, metalworks, hydraulics, supply, and fabrication needs together with project support and management. The mission is to deliver advanced, tailored solutions to clients with full dedication and complete transparency. They provide functional solutions to yachts, ranging from mechanical engineering services (rudders, shafts, valves, propellers, stabilizers, anchor windlasses, engine room elements, bow thrusters, gearboxes, etc.) to all the necessary services for metalworks solutions (Class certified welding, structural modifications, stainless and fabrication). Supported by the Hydraulics engineers and team they cover all needs related to cranes, gangways, windlasses, hydraulic system flushing, steering, platforms, Pto, valve blocks, cylinders, and power packs. To complete in house services the new high- speed 3 axis CNC lathe is programmed with the latest software and operated skilled engineers and CNC operators. Using 3 axis CNC lathe, they can produce complex prototypes, shapes and end- use parts with detail-oriented precision in a single setup, which would reduce manufacturing time.
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Grupo BarcoGrupo Barco

LiVault has been created in partnership with the leading manufacturer of safety solutions for charging and storing Lithium-ion batteries. They aim to provide technical advice and solutions for yachts of all sizes to manage the risk presented by LI-Ion battery fires. The only certified solution on the market to protect against thermal runaway fires is the RACLAN active box rated to 1.75kWh. 2024 will see the launch of the larger marine RAMBSS modular system which is rated up to 6kWh. LiVault is the dedicated installer of RAMBSS system for the marine industry. Their technicians with backgrounds in yacht/ship builds and refits will take care of all aspects of RAMBSS installation for your safety and security. The service team will make regular visits on-board for maintenance and service of RAMBSS systems. Contact the team to determine the right system to ensure the safety of your vessel.
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Engineered Yacht Solutions stands as the epitome of excellence in the maritime realm, offering an extensive suite of services tailored to the exacting standards of discerning yacht owners and managers. The dedicated teams boast certifications from prestigious organisations such as Lloyd’s, ABS, RINA, and the U.S. Coast Guard, underscoring an unwavering commitment to the highest echelons of quality and safety in metalwork and repairs. The welding team excels in all class regulated yacht repairs and modifications, showcasing expertise across a spectrum of metal alloys including aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and copper-nickel (CuNi). The amazing plumbing team is responsible for the installation, repair, and replacement of marine plumbing systems, encompassing a mastery of techniques such as pipe welding, class-witnessed valve testing, black water systems, etc. Strategically positioned in Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, FL, and Savannah, GA, they have orchestrated the locations to seamlessly cater to the needs of the global yachting fleet.
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Introducing the Maptuner Nano-series. Get ready to experience tuning like never before with the Maptuner Nano-series – the latest innovation in automotive and powersports technology from Maptun. The Maptuner Nano effortlessly plugs into your vehicle and opens up endless possibilities for tuning, monitoring and improving your ride to your liking. The Maptuner Nano-series is a true wireless wonder, making installation a breeze. Whether you’re seeking improved fuel efficiency, smoother acceleration or a boost in horsepower, the cutting- edge technology delivers results. An extensive library of tunes that keeps on growing!
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Synergy is the independent HVAC consultancy for superyachts and forms part of the Bond Support and Services Group. HVAC is not only about cooling and heating but should also involve air quality and energy consumption. The HVAC system is the largest energy consuming installation onboard of a modern yacht. Big efficiency steps and air quality improvements are possible within the system without compromising on performance and comfort. Synergy can write your technical and functional specifications, take care of the tender review process, manage the build up till commissioning and sea trials, validate existing systems and advise in energy savings & air quality improvement. The team boosts more than 25 years of experience in technical knowledge and has to date been involved in over 65 new build and refit yacht projects. Synergy cares about the environment, a clean world outside and a healthy environment inside your yacht. The Synergy consultants work with owners’ teams, designers and shipyards. Synergy’s independent position means they are not tied to any particular supplier, enabling them to take care of your specific needs and demands and guide you through the whole process without prejudice. Building a bespoke yacht needs an HVAC system tailored to your needs.
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Geo Therm Ltd is an independent, third-party professional inspection company with a global reach. For the past 20 years Geo Therm Ltd has continued to grow aligned to customer needs, conducting inspections in 40 countries covering annualised superyacht PMs, warranty survey requests and the ISM at the request of the chief engineer or managing company. Based in the United Kingdom, Geo Therm Ltd’s IIMS surveyors are available for rapid mobilisation to meet the owners’ global operational requirements. Geo Therm Ltd are a Lloyds Registered and American Bureau of Shipping approved specialist service supplier for thermography and ultrasonic hatch inspections. Offering electrical thermographic and enclosure water tightness testing using ultrasound to maintain yacht uptime and regulatory compliance. The company’s’ services are reliable, responsive and cost-effective, with availability at short notice to support your superyacht.
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