SEAmagine Subs

SEAmagine submersibles offer the yachting industry the ultimate underwater experience

What’s it like diving a SEAmagine sub? When you step off the yacht onto the solid teak deck of the submersible, you are not only walking toward its large entry hatch and into its luxurious cabin; you’re also being invited into a vibrant universe of underwater life, teeming with vivid scenes of awe-inspiring creatures existing deep within the sea.

You are entering a portal to a world of adventure and excitement you haven’t even begun to imagine, complete with the peace of mind that your entire experience is blanketed in the safety of the most innovative, rigorously tested, and proven submersible available to the yachting industry.

A smooth steel handrail guides you safely into the spacious cabin of the SEAmagine sub where, upon entry, you are immediately captivated by the beauty of the deep blue ocean surrounding you. As you take a few steps and recline into the plush interior seating, you are enraptured by beams of light sparkling across the gently moving ocean currents and the panoramic view from inside the remarkably expansive viewing bubble.

As the sub quietly moves away from the yacht and submerges deeper into the aquamarine waters, the transparent bubble by which you are encapsulated becomes seemingly non-existent and the barrier between you and the underwater world disappears as you effortlessly enter a whole new universe. Your excitement builds as the waves wash above your head and the light from the surface dims into the dark blue. Your attention is commanded by the sprawling view ahead and you peer into the ocean knowing you are about to come face to face with the undiscovered mysteries of the deep.

Whether your passion is sea-life or shipwrecks, you are no longer restricted by dive tables, tight wetsuits, flight schedules, and decompression times. You can sit and watch the underwater world for hours, go deeper than ever before, or simply have a quick dive and be back just in time for dinner.

As the sub smoothly ascends back toward the yacht, you begin to see the familiar sight of light beaming through the water. Slowly rising back to the surface, you hear the excited chatter of the other passengers in the background. You exit your seat, climb the steps, grab the rails, and step back onto the yacht.

Imagine the excitement of everyone from grandparents to grandchildren who have never before been on an underwater dive; being able to share those moments together and bond over your mutual understanding of unbelievable deep-sea sightings and your endless passion for exploring. Dinner is served accompanied by the stories of today’s dive which become intermingled with endearing memories of the past and plans of future possible adventures at new locations.

Submersibles did not start as sleek underwater vehicles such as the Aurora models SEAmagine offers today. In the past, manned submersibles were purely industrial machines limited to research ships, the oil sector, and the defense industries. A traditional sub required that the passengers board it while it was still sitting on the ship’s deck and it was then hoisted overboard with the occupants inside of it. This industrial approach required ships to have large man- rated cranes and significant infrastructure to operate any submersible.

When SEAmagine came along in 1995, all of this changed. The company revolutionised the world of submersibles by changing the infrastructure required to operate a small sub from a ship. SEAmagine conceptualised and patented submersibles capable of being launched without passengers on board, giving yacht owners and passengers the capability to safely and easily board the sub after it had already been launched in the water. This original design and operational aspect had never before been thought of and has become SEAmagine’s legacy as well as the industry standard.

Not all submersibles on the market are the same. Incorporating elegance, style, and attention to detail, SEAmagine’s Aurora designs take a quantum leap in elevating the underwater experience for owners. Our vessels have unmatched maneuvering agilities allowing for extremely close-up viewing of the underwater scenery as it unfolds before each passenger’s eyes.

Because it is unencumbered by the typical overhead entry hatch and other bulky, vision-obstructing structures commonly seen on other submersible concepts, the Aurora’s large, spherical cabin window offers a superior, unobstructed field of view to the occupants. Another advantage is the Aurora’s entry and exit arrangement for passengers.

It is much more comfortable for everyone as the top deck is safeguarded by built-in hand rails and a staircase which leads passengers through the large entry hatch to a spacious seating area. This design alleviates the need for passengers to perform an awkwardly uncomfortable set of manoeuvres simply to get seated inside their sub.

There has been far greater usage of and activity surrounding personal submersibles over the past five years than in the twenty years prior. The submersibles of today, SEAmagine’s Aurora models being at the forefront, are designed and built with the yachting sector in mind.

As a result, owners and captains have a much greater choice especially with SEAmagine’s subs that can be conveniently streamlined and specially designed to be seamlessly compatible with the specifications of any given yacht.

The Aurora submersibles are a culmination of SEAmagine’s long standing engineering expertise gained from an unsurpassed legacy of over 12,000 dives accumulated on the company’s fleet with a perfect safety record. SEAmagine has a solid reputation for providing dependable, worldwide support and assistance to captains and crews in delivering exceptional submersible experiences to the yacht owners.

SEAmagine Hydrospace Corporation produces 2 to 7 person models of its personal submarines for depths from 100 metres to 2500 metres deep. All personal submarines and private submersibles are based on the company’s patented technology that provides excellent surface stability as well as superior underwater performance.

All of the company’s submersibles are classed by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and approved by the Cayman Islands Shipping Registry (CISR).

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