SEAmagine’s Aurora Submersibles

Where the family meets for adventure in the magical world beneath the waves

SEAmagine’s newest Aurora-90 and Aurora-100 series, tailored for 5 to 7 individuals, depth-rated between 100m (328 ft.) to 1,000m (3,280 ft.), boast state-of-the-art technology, including an extra-large spherical cabin that provides exceptional personal space and comfort, as well as optics that deliver an unparalleled underwater viewing experience.

Entering SEAmagine’s latest Aurora submersible consistently evokes awe as one takes in the vast interior space of the transparent cabin, resulting in a surreal and almost unbelievable experience. Numerous features of the Aurora-90 and Aurora-100 series immediately catch the eye when boarding these submersibles. From the elegant teak on the top deck and the sturdy fold-up handrails that lead guests to an exceptionally large entry hatch, to the spacious staircase boarding arrangement that guides guests directly to their seats in the transparent bubble – every aspect of these SEAmagine submersible models exudes an abundance of space, comfort, and an enhanced experience.

Submersible designs over the years have offered multi-passenger seating, but never with such a bold, large, singular interior space as SEAmagine offers. Multi-passenger submersibles typically feature either two smaller spheres linked together or adopt cylindrical or oval shapes. However, these designs often come with more limitations compared to a single large sphere. Having multiple spheres separates groups into different smaller viewing areas, disrupts the shared experience passengers could have together, and reduces the personal comfort space in each bubble. Submersibles with cylindrical or oval cabin shapes don’t provide optimal optics in all directions, as the human eye perceives best through acrylic at a 90-degree angle, which is difficult to achieve in all directions within cylindrical and oval geometries. Consequently, more distortion is observed through these shapes when underwater. These distortions can be partially corrected by adjusting the thickness of the window, but they will never achieve the level of perfection that a large single sphere provides like in an Aurora.

SEAmagine’s Aurora SubmersiblesThe SEAmagine Aurora-90 or Aurora-100 series not only features an extra- large sphere but is also built with an extra rear metal hull hemisphere to further increase the interior space for occupants and separate the pilot area from the passenger area. This enhances privacy and personal space for passengers seated in the front window while ensuring the pilot remains comfortable and unhindered in the rear section. The Aurora’s rear hull section houses the entry hatch, which also integrates a window. SEAmagine’s submersibles are the only subs on the market that have windows integrated into their hatch, and the combination of the large front spherical window and the upper-rear hatch window provides the pilot with excellent viewing throughout the dive, eliminating the reliance on cameras for navigation.

The true magic of SEAmagine’s latest Aurora submersibles unfolds as the dive commences. As the clear blue water envelops everyone, the window appears to vanish completely once submerged. Passengers extend their arms and hands, attempting to discern the invisible boundary between the cabin and the water. With such a spacious window in the Aurora model, individuals can fully extend their arms in front of them without touching anything. In fact, most passengers can stand upright in the cabin without their heads touching the window.

Another remarkable feature is the beautifully serene and quiet interior of the cabin, even as the pilot guides the sub’s propulsion system to deeper waters. The Auroras boast powerful propulsion thrusters that operate without gearboxes, ensuring there is no loud pitching noise from the motors that could startle sea life or create an annoying hum inside the sub. To further enhance the peaceful atmosphere within the cabin, SEAmagine’s interior design prioritised a quiet air conditioning system and fans, contributing to the tranquil environment. SEAmagine considers this quietness an essential feature of its submersible designs, allowing passengers to discuss and hear each other undisturbed. They can even enjoy music from the interior sound system while exploring the underwater world.

SEAmagine’s Aurora submersibles not only offer exceptional experiences to its passengers they are also designed and built to the highest industry safety standards.

For SEAmagine, quality and safety are always top priorities. “Our dedication extends to all aspects involved in the fabrication of our submersibles. Starting with effective designs, we use superior materials ideal for the harsh marine environment, and we apply detailed workmanship on the fabrication of each submersible,” said SEAmagine’s Ian Sheard, a co-founder and director of engineering.


All SEAmagine submersibles are purpose-built for simplicity and with redundancies in place. Each sub features independently operated manual systems, including the ballasts, batteries and propulsion. This means no central “brain” controlling everything on board – an intentional design decision that reduces risk of systemic failure. Double monitoring systems, such as the one controlling the cabin’s oxygen levels, ensure the wellbeing of guests.

From the grade of stainless steel to the acrylic viewing windows, thrusters, batteries and cables, all parts and equipment on board are carefully selected and many are third-party tested. “When selecting materials, we don’t just consider their immediate use,” explained Sheard. “We consider how each piece helps the long-term maintenance, performance and life cycle of the sub, as well as how they will stand up to regular inspections.”

When it comes to certifications for quality and safety, SEAmagine leads the industry. The American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) performs a design review of each sub and approves all materials used, including batteries, which are certified to 6,000msw (19,685 fsw). It provides approval for the submersible testing plans and analysis, and inspects the final product, approves the pressure tests and oversees sea trials. “We put so much effort into quality and safety because we care about our customers like family, and because we have pride in the experiences we make possible,” said Sheard.

The latest Aurora-90 and Aurora-100 series from SEAmagine represent the culmination of the company’s unparalleled experience in designing and constructing submersibles. These SEAmagine subs have a dry weight between 9,000 kg and 12,000Kg, respectively, and can be semi-customised with unique interior configurations, different depth ratings, or with single or multiple hoist points depending the yacht’s requirements. Alongside delivering exceptional underwater experiences to passengers, these models are engineered to be practical, robust, and reliable – ready for action anytime, anywhere.

SEAmagine has a proven history of providing outstanding international technical support to yacht owners and captains for its submersibles.

The company has a dedicated team of skilled engineers and technicians available to promptly address any issues, regardless of the yacht’s location. Moreover, SEAmagine offers a comprehensive training programme for submersible pilots and support crews, ensuring that all clients have a world-class submersible operation established aboard their yacht. In fact, SEAmagine is the first to have created a professional submersible pilot training programme, in 1999 in conjunction with the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG). The programme expanded over the years into today’s extremely well-structured and proven training process, with more than 100 pilots now licensed. The company’s pioneering effort is now industry standard and represents the top training programme available for submersible pilots.

The objective of SEAmagine’s training programme is not only to have trained pilots, but also to ensure that the full crew of the ship is familiar with the overall operation and the contingencies. The training is typically performed on the client’s ship with the delivered submersible. “The extensive usage of SEAmagine subs in the leisure, commercial and defense sectors equips us with invaluable experience and firsthand know-how that can only be gained at sea,” said SEAmagine’s Chairman Charles Kohnen. “Our goal is to pass this knowledge on to our customers through a robust, hands-on training program that starts in the classroom and ends in the water.”

SEAmagine is a leading manufacturer of personal and professional submarines, with over 12,000 dives accumulated with a perfect safety record. The company produces two- to seven-person models for depths from 100 to 2,300 metres deep.

SEAmagine’s submersibles have been used on many superyacht, scientific and professional projects and have also been used in National Geographic, BBC and numerous other film documentaries. The company’s long history and innovative designs have been achieved through a total commitment to safety, high-quality standards and elegant engineering.