Superyacht operational and safety manuals

Jonathan Lee looks at the need for specialised easy to use technical operational and safety manuals for the superyacht industry

With today’s increasingly complex and automated vessels, yacht crew and yacht management are finding it necessary to have clear, concise and up-to-date operating instructions. Bespoke operating procedures create the optimum working environment which will, in turn, prevent accidents and incidents during operations, whilst maximising efficiency and vessel availability to the owners and charterers.

Sentini Marine’s Technical Operating Manuals cover every machine, system and operation on board. They provide a maintainable ‘one- stop’ source of information, comprising of user-friendly levels of information, reinforced by bespoke illustrations and drawings.

Looking to the future of the vessel
The accurate technical documentation provided in digital format (along with the full colour binders and handbooks), aid preparations for work to be carried out in refit periods, as well as ensure continued smooth operation and maintenance of the vessel. This is achieved by having the capacity to mark up, commented on and easily forward jobs to the shipyard before repair or refit, and then update manuals to reflect changes to the vessel and its systems. Documentation updated in a diligent manner will ensure that your vessel always has a unified set of up-to-date instructions, illustrations and drawings on board.

Quality and experience
Sentini Marine has been supplying technical services to the large yacht sector for several years. We realised there was a large difference in the standard of documentation supplied commercially to that delivered with a new build yacht. We found that time after time, yachts were delivered with poor ‘as-built’ drawings and very few had any form of technical operations manual. Having experienced both the commercial and yacht industries, we noticed that, unusually, yachting is way behind in standards and quality. We formed a partnership with WMT to bridge that gap.

For 25 years, WMT Marine has been developing operating procedures for the marine industry and their manuals are used by all the major players worldwide (Carnival, RCCL, NCL, BP, Maersk, and most recently, Lürssen). The client list includes nearly all the major shipping companies and shipyards worldwide.

Clients rely on these manuals because our combined expertise is focused on quality, yacht-specific and fit-for-purpose documentation,

providing in-depth knowledge to crew as well as management ashore, resulting in increased safety, efficiency and reliability on board their vessels.

The technical manuals Sentini Marine is supplying into the yacht market are the result of highly trained and experienced professionals. These authors include Master Mariners, Chief Engineers, Chief Officers, Deck Officers and ETOs, so between Sentini and WMT, we not only understand the operator’s requirements for the best manuals but will also offer technical and professional support throughout the project’s lifetime. The operating procedures also include input from the system designers to ensure that the vessel is operated as it was designed to operate.

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